StudyFinds.org survey shows Americans feel 48 is the ideal age for a presidential candidate.

BALTIMORE — Many polls have pointed to a general election featuring President Trump facing off against Joe Biden in 2020, but would the country be better off with a younger president? According to a survey conducted by StudyFinds.org, 72 years old is the average age at which Americans think a presidential candidate is too old to run for office.

This means that Americans may believe that the top candidates for presidency, including Donald Trump, who is 73, are simply too old to lead the nation. In fact, the top three Democratic candidates for president according to most poll — Joe Biden (76), Bernie Sanders (77), and Elizabeth Warren (70) — would all take the record for oldest president at the time of inauguration, which was set by Trump. At the time of his inauguration, Donald Trump was 70.6 years old.

Of the 300 adult Americans surveyed, 20% thought that by the retirement age of 65, candidates should hang up the political hat. And half believed that presidential candidates over 72 were too old.

So, what’s the ideal age for a presidential candidate?
When respondents were asked what they thought the ideal age for a presidential candidate was, results found the average was just 48 years old.

Ideal Age for a Presidential Candidate

Nine in ten respondents agreed that the ideal age for a presidential candidate was between 35 and 55 years old. Nearly half (46%) would prefer a presidential candidate between 35 and 45 years old. Conversely, just one percent of respondents felt a president is best when at least 65 years old.

These numbers are consistent with the typical president voted into office. Over the nation’s history, the median age for a president at inauguration was 55 years old.

How old is my candidate?
Below is a list of the Democratic presidential candidates sorted by age appears below should you consider factoring age into your presidential vote.

Presidential Candidates by Age
Presidential Candidates by Age

Bernie Sanders, 77
Joe Biden, 76
Donald Trump, 73
Elizabeth Warren, 70
Joe Sestak, 67
Marianne Williamson, 67
Tom Steyer, 62
Amy Klobuchar, 59
Joe Walsh, 58
Bill Deblasio, 58
John Delaney, 56
Michael Bennet, 54
Kamala Harris, 54
Steve Bullock, 53
Kirsten Gillibrand, 52
Cory Booker, 50
Beto O’Rourke, 46
Tim Ryan, 46
Wayne Messam , 45
Julián Castro, 44
Andrew Yang, 44
Tulsi Gabbard, 38
Pete Buttigieg, 37

Do you agree with the findings? Is America better off with a younger leader?

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