Electric cars charging at night could make America’s power grids unstable, study warns

STANFORD, Calif. — Leaving your electric car charging overnight to have it ready in the morning seems like a good idea in theory. But in reality, research suggests doing so does more harm in the long run. Stanford scientists say that it’s more costly to charge your electric car at night and it could stress out your local electric grid.

Instead, researchers suggest drivers should switch to charging their vehicle at work or in public charging stations. Another added benefit to charging in the daytime at a public station is that it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

With the effects of climate change more apparent than ever—frequent forest fires, widespread flooding, and stronger hurricanes—car companies are expecting people to start investing in electric-powered cars in the future. For example, California residents are expected to buy more electric cars as the state is planning to ban sales of gasoline-powered cars and light trucks in 2035.

“We encourage policymakers to consider utility rates that encourage day charging and incentivize investment in charging infrastructure to shift drivers from home to work for charging,” says study’s co-senior author, Ram Rajagopal, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University, in a statement.

So far, electric cars make up one million or 6% of automobile sales in California. The state’s goal is to increase that number to five million electric vehicles by 2030. However, the study authors say that the change from gas to electric will cause a strain in the electric grid when there’s 30% to 40% of cars on the road.

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“We were able to show that with less home charging and more daytime charging, the Western U.S. would need less generating capacity and storage, and it would not waste as much solar and wind power,” explains Siobhan Powell, a doctor of mechanical engineering and lead study author. “And it’s not just California and Western states. All states may need to rethink electricity pricing structures as their EV charging needs increase and their grid changes.”

If half of vehicles in the western United States are electric, the team estimates it would take over 5.4 gigawatts of energy storage—equivalent to five large nuclear power reactors—to charge the cars. However, if people charged their electric cars at work instead of home, the electric demand is expected to go down to 4.2 gigawatts.

California currently uses time-of-use rates to encourage people to use electricity at night such as running the dishwasher and charging cars. However, the authors argue that with growing demand of electric cars, this strategy is outdated and will soon incur high demand with low supply. More specifically, the teams says if a third of homes were to charge their electric cars at 11 PM or whenever electricity rates go down, the local grid would become unstable.

“The findings from this paper have two profound implications: the first is that the price signals are not aligned with what would be best for the grid – and for ratepayers. The second is that it calls for considering investments in a charging infrastructure for where people work,” says Ines Azevedo, associate professor of energy science and engineering and co-senior author.

“We need to move quickly toward decarbonizing the transportation sector, which accounts for the bulk of emissions in California,” Azevedo adds. “This work provides insight on how to get there. Let’s ensure that we pursue policies and investment strategies that allow us to do so in a way that is sustainable.”

The study is published in Nature Energy.

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  1. Co2 at 385ppm today is nothing compared to 2250 when dinosaurs lived and thrived on Earth.
    Earth still went into an ice age that ended 11,000 years ago but had lasted at least 70,000 years with glaciers 2 miles high in where NYC is today and created the Hudson river basin .

    The weather and climate is dictated by far more horrific events than man can induce .
    Extraction of lithium is the most polluting act on Earth today as we use millions of gallons of acid on acres of Earth to leech the mineral out of the soil that is left toxic for thousands of years !

    Going green with Electric battery cars is fiction for feel good programs sold to those who do not understand as the media has been controlled and not telling the truth of things including Corona virus.

    We live in the 21st century yet knowledge has been replaced with fiction and now is the age of deception !
    Do not pollute the Earth , that much can be fixed !

      1. You will pay around $7 dollars a KW hour when they get rid of fossil fuels. An EV holds around 25KW hours. The 2 cents is to get the uneducated to buy into the dumb idea that EV’s are clean.

      2. Lucky. I rented a Tesla model 3 standard range for a two week trip I took earlier this year.

        I added up all the miles I drove and divided that into what I paid for charging. Then I compared that to what I would have spent in gasoline for a similar car.

        The Tesla 3 was about 40% cheaper. Somewhere around $0.20 per mile.

        To be fair, this was in Miami traffic and I was using fast chargers, not home charging. Range from 100% to 20% was only around 70 miles. Usable range was 45-50 if you subtract the distance traveled to and from the chargers, which were rarely available near my destinations.

        It was a fun experience, but I’ll definitely never rent another electric car if I know most of my driving will be in a dense urban area.

        1. We just did a trip from ND to CO, 1620 miles, with all charging at superchargers. I figured the cost was 9 1/2 cents per mile. When I charge at home my cost is 3 cents per mile.
          The trip to CO would have been about 16 cents per mile based on $3.69 per gallon gas.

      3. This has no factual basis whatsoever. Industry and offices works during the day. The grid typically goes to less than 30% of peak rate at night. Essentially, charging at home, at night, is the equivalent of running ones air conditioner at home. None of us have our power so strained that we couldn’t run a 2nd 240v unit at night – otherwise we would be out of code.

        I think she sat at her desk and dreamed this up. Not an engineer, not a person who understands power distribution. Just a pawn in the game of public opinion. For shame!

        1. Either it was her or the study authors, but the article was very naive about how electric utility grids operate. You are absolutely correct about the demand being significantly lower at night compared to day. Charging EVs overnight is actually an opportunity for utilities to better utilize their excess capacity at night. This article just mystifies me????

    1. How much does the petroleum industry pays for this propaganda? It’s always the non-ev driver who doesn’t want anyone to have one. Pay for gas and don’t complain about prices.
      I charge with solar whenever I want to. No gas, No Electric bill, No pollution. There are a lot of studies and then there is the truth!

    2. People will continue to believe the “manmade warming” myth until they are found frozen to death in their homes due to forced energy rationing. The same people who do not know 90% of our grid power comes from natural gas, nuclear, and other non-renewable sources. No additional nuclear plants are planned, and there is no possibility of wind and solar filling a much greater demand once drivers are forced into an EV. Which means driving one’s own car will become a pastime of the wealthy and well-connected. Everyone else will walk, bike or take public transport.

      1. You are just dead wrong. 43% of our power in the U.S. comes from non-carbon emitting sources.
        19% Nuclear (stagnant growth)
        12% Wind (growing rapidly)
        8% Hydro (stagnant growth)
        3% Solar PV Utility (growing rapidly)
        1% Biomass (stagnant growth) >1% Geothermal (growing, but very small)

    3. Agree with you as your data is correct. These Glow Bull warming leftards are insane and being used by the greedy leftwing elites.

    4. CO2 is now ,at least 415 ppm, up from less than 300 ppm 200 years ago. The increase is almost entirely attributable to human activity, primarily from combustion of fossil fuels. Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, humanity has been around for about 200,000 years, so the relevance of your comments is dubious.

      1. Made up data. There could’ve been no sensors back then or they could’ve been calibrated differently, if scientists had any, and other factors. Secondly, CO² ppm changes during the day and overnight. During pandemic when we barely had cars on the road you would think the CO² value would go down drastically, right? Wrong. Find sensors around big cities like San Jose or SF and check & compare the values during 2015-2021.

    5. 🤦‍♂️ I stopped at “Extraction of lithium is the most polluting act on Earth”.
      Wow what a load of BS. Guess you are hoping no one will look up the facts… on the internet… that is at their fingertips… that they are reading that on. 😂🤣

      It’s ok, you can hate EVs. Just stop spreading bullsh!t. Unless you want to look ignorant and or stupid. 🙄

    6. How does charging at work or in a charging station reduce the risk to the power stations? The power in the local area comes from the same power station.

      1. I think it’s because there’s plenty of solar and wind energy available during the day (or will be), and it actually gets wasted if demand is lower than the supply. But during the night, if demand keeps going up, there won’t be enough power (unless they increase the amount of natural gas used). Currently, with fairly low demand during the night, the power companies like being able to just keep their gas turbines running longer to meet that demand – I think it’s troublesome to shut some of them down at night and start them back up later – but at some point when the nightly demand is high enough, they won’t be able to meet it that way, or it won’t be cost effective. For the planet, the best approach is to get more and more energy from wind/solar/hydro (even nuclear), less from fossil fuels, and have the cars utilize the excess wind/solar energy that apparently is or will be available during the day.

    7. “Going green with Electric battery cars is fiction for feel good programs sold to those who do not understand as the media has been controlled and not telling the truth of things including Corona virus.”

      Why couldn’t you start with that? Then I wouldn’t have had to waste any time reading the rest of your comment.

    8. This article goes against everything we hear about electric grids being overloaded during business workdays. In the summer, we are asked to scale back our daytime use of air conditioning and other electricity hogs. Many electric plans also offer cheaper electricity at night. So this article smells of misinformation.

    9. Ha!!!! That is NOT how lithium is produced.
      Technologies used for producing lithium chemicals and lithium metal from mineral sources, salt lake, salar brines, saline water, etc., are reviewed in this chapter. Processes treating lithium-bearing hard rocks normally involve first thermal treatment of these rocks at high temperature, followed by water leaching to release lithium values into solution. When salt lake or salar brines are used to recover lithium, solar evaporation is commonly used to concentrate lithium and precipitate salts of major elements such as K, Na, Mg, Ca, etc. Leach liquors or concentrated brines are then further treated using precipitation, ion exchange, etc., to remove residual contaminants. Carbonation using soda ash or carbon dioxide is preferred to precipitate lithium carbonate as the final product whereas lithium hydroxide is frequently recovered via electrodialysis and crystallization. These products usually are of battery grade (99.5% purity) and could be further processed to produce high purity compounds (>99.9%) by redissolution, ion exchange, and reprecipitation steps. Salar brines are currently used as dominant feedstock for the production of lithium compounds around the world principally due to low operation cost and high reserves as compared to those from mineral sources.

    10. Now electric cars are causing global warming so can’t charge at night during the day Maybe gas cars are not so bad you don’t need a wind turbinmade with 100 tons of coal to charge your battery

      1. You’re only reinforcing his point. Less than 1% of the population has a pilot license. Even fewer own an airplane. Commercial air travel is still a luxury for most.

      1. Electric cars are bad for the environment ultimately…one still needs to use fossil fuels to make and charge the batteries. Wind turbines kill thousands of eagles and other birds, and then need to be repaired often and polute the ground when they need to be buried after a few years. Plus, they are not reliable, they need constant wind, and solar panels need sun. I am all for clean air, clean water, and conserving . But we need a sensible, balanced plan to provide power, which includes fossil fuels. Prove man made climate change please. Science is not a consensus. Thank you.

    1. Why would a $20,000 car that gets around at 2 cents mile and has almost zero maintenence costs be “a rich man’s toy?”

      1. Zero maintenance cost until you have to change the battery which costs more to replace than the value of the car. Or replace the engine with a used or rebuilt engine and save yourself tens of thousands of dollars…

        1. Apparently you haven’t priced batteries, you just read the fake articles that are anti EV. 3 or 4k buys a replacement battery aftermarket, new in the box. Hopefully your car isn’t valued less than that.

        2. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are being sold and deployed with estimated 300k to over 1 million miles of life expectancy. Over 50% of Tesla ship with Lithium Iron Phosphate. Look up CATL Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

      2. $10000 is the max most families can handle, which means they can only afford to buy cars that are 7-10 years old. The batteries die after 7 years and cost $20k to replace, so there will be no one able to buy a used electric car. Until the battery replacement cost drops below 50% of the value of a 10 year old car, there’s no way the average family will be able to buy a working electric car. Ever. A year of daily uber will be cheaper than spending $20k on a battery.

        1. It’s only a matter of time till rebuilt batteries will be on the market st substantially lower cost. Tesla model 3 will likely be first as more are on the road. Not much demand as of yet.

      3. Have you by any chance checked in the cost of batteries for ev …last I heard between 29, to 39 000.. so how can you say zero maintainable, it’s a battery, ya never know how long they will last , could be brand new and next day they are shit

    2. California must have a lot of rich people. Tesla’s model Y and model 3 were the top two vehicles sold there in the first half of 2022. Not the top two EVs – top two vehicles. More than any other car or pickup truck.

    3. This is another leftist stupid ass lie. Hurricane were strong in past when we had less combustible engine on road. It’s all about controlling the masses with fear. What difference does it make if you charge on road or at home. Article is a joke

  2. So if everyone switched to daytime charging. They’d have an even bigger problem. That’s when industry uses the most power and when the weather is the hottest and air conditioners run in offices and factories! So foolish!! Green is puke.

    1. 200% wright California hasn’t build a power Source for decades thank could use water generated generated generators but they don’t want to ruin their coastline they could use wind and water They don’t do decialization make they could use these things the better they’re people but what they choose to do is nothing nothing a binatural gas from other States that lmother’s dates the look green for their few fireplaces

    2. Won’t work no Infrastructure employers are going to pay for charging your car at work as well that’s the highest demand for energy And most expensive time

      1. Exactly! No that existing commercial buildings or apartments have chargers anyway. And if new build commercial and apartments installs them, have to secure it somehow, by pin login, something, so non-employees don’t use them and others don’t roll to apartments n use your charger.

    3. Yes, and I doubt companies will be happy to be responsible for the higher electric bill so employees can charge their cars at work. Who thinks this is the reality most of us face? And charge at the gas station? Don’t some of these cars take up to six hours to charge?

    4. Yeah, this take is a bit on it’s head. Yes, it would be silly to insist that solar generated during the day needs enough stationary battery to time shift until nighttime for car charging.

      But until charging capacity is installed to directly consume solar, overnight charging at home is the only thing that makes sense. Existing generating capacity would also love nothing better than nighttime load levelling

  3. Mass formation psychosis anyone? EV(s) Study Finds just a ruse. However, if you wish to park a lithium ion battery in your garage, be my guest! You can’t fix stupid. Why doesn’t the media pimp CNG? 97% clean burning, abundant and cheap.

      1. Not true, many landfills, dairys, sewage plants, etc all can pull methane for RNG. Able to be compressed on site for fuel, or pumped into the pipeline. Also the absolute cleanest currently available technology.

        1. 100% correct. These EV shills make no sense. Hurts environment to charge at home, but not anywhere else. Rofl. Oh and all they hype you will save money. Watch them increase all electric rates 24/7, plus charge you a per mile road tax. They need to track you for that last one. So many lies, so frequently and liberals still believe it. Poor things.

      1. I wish you eco terrorists would stop. You are morons, you cant think, you offer only objections and can not be reasoned with. Go away now.

    1. CNG has several problems one of which is energy density meaning you lose about 20% of your HP and the second problem is it has a shorter run window than even electric meaning you have to refill more often.

      What this study doesn’t take into account is both batteries and large scale energy storage will be drastically improved over the next decade while things like Internal Combustion Engines and their fuel sources have already reached their peak and will not get any better. The single biggest factor is efficiency, and Internal Combustion Engine is only 20-25% efficient and that’s not going to get any better while it’s child’s play to make a 95+% efficient electric motor because all you need is two good bearings

    2. Too many bought into the man made climate change lie. Climate change has been happening since the beginning of time. There’s proof going back 5000 years just by what crops were grown where by the decade. It’s always been about control, not the environment. And for all those bragging about low cost per mile just wait until they start taxing per mile to recover lost gas tax revenue. You’re tying your own noose.

  4. Charging them at work presupposes that your employer is willing to front the costs of installing charging stations for each of its (EV owning) employees. It also ignores that typically, such ‘public’ stations are usually put in and managed by third party providers, who typically charge an upcharge amount per kwh for the convenience of using their stations. So it is most certainly not cheaper to the consumer to charge at a public station versus their home level 2 charger. Maybe its cheaper from a power company standpoint, but that is somewhat irrelevant to the consumer who is ultimately paying for it.

  5. This is turning into a boondogle. Before setting an arbitrary date to ban the sale of gasoline powered cars, it would be wise to upgrade the grid. This is going to take decades. We are headed for a monumental disaster.

  6. This article is trash and is poorly sourced.

    There is not an over abundance or power being generated during the day, which is why the Time Of Use rates are set as they are. There is not more wind and solar energy being used than what is being consumed during the day.
    So, everyone should be charging at work? So we will have entire parking structures and parking lots reworked to have charging stations at each spot? I cannot even fathom the amount of power that would require at a single source, let alone the logistics to have that wired.
    The other idea was to charge during the day at public chargers? So just take a 4 hour lunch to charge your EV?

    I cannot believe that anyone took the time to produce this report without addressing the MASSIVE holes in how any of this would actually be executed.

    1. Yes the writer of this article was a real lightweight I love it when she says when global warm is becoming more apparent and then she lists The usual suspects hurricanes forest fires drought but if you look into it all of it’s based on b*******.

      1. Seems this article had a verb tense problem. You take a study on how much electricity cars well use in ten years, then conclude that the grid isn’t working correctly today. Pricing is currently higher during the day because demand is higher during the day. If and when peak demand hours change in the future, that will be the time to change when prices are highest.

    2. 100% agree. I’ve reached these topics and she is reporting the exact opposite of the facts. Read her background, it isn’t this.

  7. This whole e car thing is a bad joke or a nightmare in the making. I know the goal is to eliminate private cars in the hands of the public and make us like North Korea.

  8. When Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) sales, including fleet & used vehicles, reach about 25% of the California market, owners of leased commercial property like large apartment buildings, neighborhood shopping centers & business parks will finally begin responding to market demand (& incentives?) to install vehicle-to-grid (V2G) chargers with integrated parking lot canopy solar & stationary battery storage. These relatively high power demand properties will become the hubs of 1 to 2 mile radius micro-grids networked across typical suburban neighborhoods. Good used PHEV & BEV vehicles will cost under $10k. Electrical consumers, including lots of hard working lower income folks, will become “Prosumers” instead of just passive consumers of power, and reap grid stabilizing service fees from their connected EV vehicles from 3pm to 10pm, at home &/or work. That’s how we get grid reliability & price stability with social equity to replace autocratic petro-states, BigOil & utility company monopolies. Think about how much reducing & stabilizing utility bills and transportation costs will benefit young families & everyone living on modest incomes. For a peek into the direction we’re headed, see:
    https://www.pearlx.com/ and

    1. What type of happy seeds have you been ingesting? The direction were heading is going to be a disastrous dead end if this green energy foolishness does not cease. There are always those who try to tell the masses what they should do even though they have no idea of the consequences. Utopia in search of nirvana never sees the downside of the idiocy that is being proposed.

      1. Happy seeds is an understatement. Forcing EV’s and all these climate policies will be a disaster to Mother Earth. First off batteries, motors etc require massive amounts of metals which when extracted will poison the water. As an example sulfuric acid used to process metals is an oil byproduct. Without oil it will be pumped out of the ground along with toxic metals. Of course this will be in 3rd world or dictatorship nations. I can go on and on here. The EV elite of course will ignore all this, drink their latte, and pat themselves on the shoulder how wonderful and smart they are.

      2. Democrats do this each and every time. Push their agenda no matter what. Then when it all turns to 💩 , they’re like ” Gee, what happened?”

    2. Under no other circumstances has humanity given up something essential (fossil fuels) prior to having a reliable replacement but that is what we are trying to do now with alternative fuels. It’s insanity.
      Also, no one discusses all the other items we depend on that are manufactured using hydrocarbons from fossil fuels such as tires, just to name one.

      1. Exactly-feedstocks for manufacturing chemicals is overlooked in most discussions – drives me nuts! The class of folks all in on BEV’s and are always knocking petroleum would probably contend we can make stuff from soybean oil or ear wax, but playing around with molecules to try to make them do what petroleum can do by nature will not go as smoothly as the green pack imagines. Or do they want to give up their plastics? I doubt it.

      2. Exactly! Plastics from oil products are in everything. Parts for cars including EV, fashion people overfill their closets with, iPhone and all phones, take away food n beverage, on and on. Oil cannot be fully eliminated. Unless everyone is ready to go back to 1880s.

  9. So off-peak no longer means more generating capacity and lower costs, but instead less renewable capacity and higher costs. Rather hilarious, half the draw of an electric vehicle is the convenience of home charging; ripping that benefit out from under consumers, or even raising rates will leave quite the bad taste.

    1. It might be cheaper for folks to charge their cars at night at home .find out what rate you pay for one thousand watts an hour. And if the rate is cheaper some where else near by your home.

  10. A significant aspect of the forced shift to electric vehicles is the control over people that will shift to bureaucrats and government. Nobody wants to talk about or acknowledge that fact.

    1. the government can tax gas so high that no one but them and the rich will have use of it and they can do the same with electric. It’s harder to tax walking though.

  11. I love it when every left wing journalist slips in global warming as the cause of everything. Oh wait, they lost that argument and after going through global cooling, global warming and falling on their faces , they noe call it climate change. The problem is not due to the planets weather, it that there is not enough electricity to charge 10% of the number of cars now if they were electric. On top of that California will not approve any new power plants to be built.

    1. Not have they built a single desalination plant to solve their ever worsening water problems. Not a single water collection and storage facility while millions of gallons of water to to waste. They’d rather spend billions of dollars on trains that no one will use.
      There will never be enough sun our wind to power our needs. Not to mention all the mining of toxic materials required for solar panels and batteries.

  12. Wait, so now you can’t charge your EV at night, and you’re supposed to charge it during the day, to reduce greenhouse gases, when that was the whole point of the stupid thing in the first place, AND it takes 5 nuclear power plants worth of power to just be able to charge these machines at night, when electric demand should be at its minimum, despite the fact that wind and solar will never be able to produce energy at 1:1 rates with nuclear? Does anyone else see this massive con job for what it is?

  13. Almost every statement in this article is false… This person has obviously never owned or charged an electric vehicle, and the study cited is (even though it technically supports the EV industry) is wrong on almost every point it makes. Most EV’s charge during “Super Off Peak” times, usually 11pm to 5am, when charging at home. Most superchargers (Tesla, at least) have solar panels and batteries. This article us just fear/uncertainty/doubt meant to make people wary of BEVs. Never forget the oil industry makes $20 billion per day right now. Every day they delay the inevitable is worth lying to you for. Think about that.

  14. If it costs more for me to charge during the day, that is a no go.
    And why are the utilities not trying to optimize for charging at home at night? Sounds like another PG&E scam to me.

  15. This is not accurate math. The used electricity and demand during that period will be higher.
    I was a chief engineer for a textile company in Virginia and was in charge of the utility bills/ demand/ consumption where I worked in Virginia. We would routinely get curtailment notices for electric usage during peak (working) hours. Our choices were either cut usage or pay a higher bill during those peak hours. We also experienced several outages due to blown transformers and inline fuses due to business use, which took down power to an entire business block for hours at a time. To give you an idea of our use; the electric bill we paid Dominion Power was $15,000 per month average, after our incentives. Some months were as low as $12,000 some as high as $20,000
    My point being, most business use all the power the grid can supply during working hours. Plugging in several thousand cars will only exacerbate the situation.

  16. How is it possible to save 20% electricity by charging in day time? The kw electric use for charging a given number of cars will remain the same no matter when charged, however the current electric grid is being used close to its limit in the day and electric capacity is not there to charge all those proposed electric vehicles in the day time. For example, California threatened blackouts in the daytime if people did not reduce usage this summer. And that is with a lot of electric car night charging and only 6% electric cars in California now, what will happen at 50% electric cars on the road (BTW the electric cars still need to pay usage milage road tax, and the electric car tax incentives need to go away if they are such a good idea, gas cars are paying at the pump with the gas tax). Without a TOTAL electric grid overhaul and upgrade, the convert to electric car mandate is not feasible. There is no way this can happen in 12 years since the current grid took over 100 years to make.

    Generating capacity will have to increase and windmills and solar will not do it.

    Any place that is decommissioning power plants without building new ones is only transferring their pollution somewhere else (yes, solar and wind pollute, there are different kinds of pollution , and kill wildlife, don’t believe me? do some research)

    Everyone ready for HUGE electric rate hike to pay for the stupid politician mandates?

  17. Time of use plans are good. It’s just the plan needs to be updated based upon where your supply is. For example, I live in Kansas. We produce a lot of wind power. At night, the wholesale price of electricity is often times below. A quarter of a penny per kilowatt hour. Therefore, it makes sense that we have low nighttime rates and use those to charge our electric cars. In California with an abundance of solar, it makes sense that they would have a lower rate in the time when there is a surplus of solar power available.

    1. Nathan, in California on peak rates (highest cost) is from 4PM to 9PM. This is because solar output is maximum at about 3PM. At night the majority of power is generated by natural gas.

  18. The study literally is about the future and if millions of people owned electric cars in one area. Of course the cars will need to be charged an a cycle rather than all at the same time. Right now the cars are fine to charge overnight because that is the lowest demand currently. Keep charging over night until it tips the scale. Many people already charge their cars at work or random times of the day. This article is very misleading. If everyone charges at work… the usage will be high during work hours and will also stress out the system.

  19. “electric grid when there’s 30% too 40% of cars on the road.”
    I always take environmental advice from illiterate writers as well as dietary advice from disbarred attorneys and medical advice from large breasted TV personalities

  20. This study is bogus clickbait. Why do California electric companies charge much less for electricity after 9 pm? Because the grid is less stressed and they can use only the least costly of their power plants.

  21. ” …stronger hurricanes…”

    Link says: “Recent tropical cyclone seasons—which have yielded stronger, more active, and longer-lasting tropical cyclones than previously recorded”

    Hurricanes are not stronger the link is not true

  22. Cali wants to setup v2g so cars act as a battery for the grid but then you shouldn’t charge at night. Pick one most cars are at home at night. As to charge during the day it is not free for the employer to cover the electricity and not free to install chargers,would this not be a bonus from your employer and thus taxable? And if the employer is selling back to the grid via v2g no way I would plug my car in for them to profit from, significance of impact in life of batter matters little extra cycles will never be better then not having the cycles. Charge at public chargers, the thing we have all been told is that electric vehicles are cheap as you can charge at home.

  23. I love how you need to explain “climate change” after saying its more evident than ever. Then everything you mention has literally been happening a long as we’ve been on the planet and/or isn’t true. Back in 2015 we had the strongest most devastating hurricane ever recorded, Katrina. It’s close to a decade later and we have not had a hurricane match her fury, or even close. Strong spends happen. Forest fires can be attributed to poor forest management and there is no evidence flooding is happening at an increased rate. Go visit emrald Island in North Carolina and you would be able to tell instantly if the sea level had risen an inch, been going there for decades and the same islets and shoreline property are all just fine.

    1. FYI, Katrina was in 2005, and it was where I live. While there was a powerful storm surge, it was not the strongest hurricane ever recorded. Hurricane Camille, 1969, was stronger, and I was there for it, too. There was Andrew, Michael and I think two others that were also stronger. The economic cost of Katrina was high, and some of that was due to increasing value of property over time. The problem in New Orleans was due to the failure of the levees. This year, hurricane activity has been minimal, and those on the Gulf Coast are thankful, but still watching. I prepare for hurricanes every year, with the target date of August 17, the anniversary of Hurricane Camille, to be fully prepared. Those of us on the Gulf Coast are not under water yet, so all this global warming and rising sea levels is being taken with a grain of salt.

    2. Whaaaa?? If you honestly think KATRINA was the strongest, most devastating hurricane ever recorded, you’re out of your mind.
      I know from experience- She hit where I live, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
      I was right here for it.
      Terrible storm — but certainly not the “worst”.
      And it was 2005, not 2015. 🙄
      Do some research before you write crazy stuff.

    3. And if comments didn’t have to be approved, I would’ve seen the 2 above me & not looked stupid for repeating what was already said. LOL

  24. There is a good way to solve this problem. Don’t force the move to electric cars. Let the market decide the transition. Our grid would be better able to support a slow steady move to ev than a forced one. Every year they say the coral reef is bleached and dying, followed by a miraculous comeback…we have time to figure this out.

  25. Ah yes, the joy of unintended consequences. The timing of electric car charging will be seasonal. Air conditioning stresses the grid during the day, heating stresses the grid at night. Apparently the scientists involved in this study didn’t bother to think of this.

    1. Science is about facts and facts that are right in from of them. Unfortunately they tend to not pull all the strings of what it leads to because they are either arrogant and don’t really care OR the end justifies the means and focus on getting immediate cash flow from grants, etc. all said and done it is all of the above sometimes.

  26. I am wary of the assertion and alarmism of the assertion of “Climate Change, ever increasing fires, floods, and hurricanes”.
    I am more alarmed by the mandatory largesse be stored on politicians and behavior mandates imposed on the citizens in the name of assertions they cannot and do not support with irrefutable data. (Specifically, historical and current satellite data does not support the assertions.)
    The end effect is to silence,disarm, and immobilize the people. The power grid is simply collateral damage that helps achieve those objectives.

    1. Well said. This lack of long range planning in California (and other progressive states) is only just beginning to see the effects of their radical agenda in the flurry of a “climate change” driven ideology.

    2. If EVs were so great people would, without government interference, be buying them.
      The fact that the gov is pushing this as clean and the way to control a problem that we, as humans, don’t possess the capability of fixing, tells me this is all a money making scheme for politicians.
      I thought libs were all about the science. No more. It’s the dollar.

      1. Humans most definitely have the capability of fixing the issue because its our behavior and use of specific technologies that caused the issue. I suggest self-education from a variety of sources for you.

    3. For 33 years America has asserted that climate change is real, man made, a serious threat, and happening now.


    4. “…to silence,disarm, and immobilize the people.”

      Preciselomundo !

      You must go back to knowing what you are. A slave to satanhood. The gloves are coming off and the globalists (satanslave masters) are letting you know; you will own nothing and you will be happy.

    5. It looks like you need to do some reading, with regard to the irrefutable data assertion. Here’s a start: “97% of the scientists surveyed agree that global temperatures had increased during the past 100 years; 84% said they personally believe human-induced warming was occurring, and 74% agree that “currently available scientific evidence” substantiated its occurrence. Since there are few absolutes in life, I’d recommend that to have more successes than failures that you pay attention to the percentages in it, rather than stubbornly ignore them based on childish irrational feelings.

      1. And 99.9% agree that multiple times in the past the climate warmed to a far greater degree than now, before we burned any fossil fuels. Research the ends of the Elder and Younger Dryas.
        And of those 84%, there was great disagreement over how significant a portion of the total warming is human induced.
        And this was a sample cherry picked from relatively small responses. Do your research on the actually very broad and nonspecific questions asked of a relatively narrow group of scientists.
        This has been debunked do many times, yet still trotted out by the ignorant, the brainwashed, and those vested in the near religious pseudo-science of anthropocentric climate change.
        A sign of this is the strenuous efforts to marginalize and silence those who disagree.

  27. They’re putting the cart before the horse with this entire ‘go green’ strategy.
    We’ve all been hearing about problems with the electrical grid for quite a few years, especially in California, so what are they doing?.. only making things worse.
    Let’s upgrade our electrical capabilities before demonizing fossil fuels in this big push toward zero carbon emissions.
    It’s an impossible goal anyway.

  28. This article starts off with a lie and just digs deeper the longer it goes on.
    Costs more to charge at night?
    Was ANY research done? Rates are lower are night when the demand on the grid is lower.
    Look at ANY power company with flexible rates.

  29. EV chargers require a 60 amp 2 pole breaker. My 5 ton ac compressor only needs a 30. The air handler also needs a 30. The ac is not on all the time and once the compressor and air handler get up to speed they only use about 10 amps and they cycle. EV chargers suck down about 35 amps for hours uninterrupted. They use massive amounts of fossil fuels

    1. They most certainly do not “require” a 60 amp circuit. My Tesla will not take more than 32 amp charge @ 240V. Hence a 40 amp circuit. I can get a full charge overnight (10 hours) on as little 24 amps.

      And less that 30% of this countries electricity is produced by coal. Educate yourself before you comment. Are you in the pocket of the oil industry? Is that why you are spreading this FUD?

      1. The oil industry you demonize is why we have the technology and things we have today. Including the plastics in most everything we use on a day to day basis, even in EV cars. 🙄

        1. You are very correct about that their is plastic in just a out everything built or made a d with out the oil a d gas industry america would be in a hell of a bind just think all those wind mill being built has plastic in them and anthers ev,s that are built has plastic in them but let’s think a out this for a minute it started out years ago that it was the earth’s ozone layer being destroyed by cars trucks and sending rockets to outer space now its power plants oil &,natural gas drilling that’s polluting the air now lol where are they going to get all the power from to power up all these charging stations that Biden says he going to have installed all over the united states it will have to get it from a utility company power grid texas will never stop drilling for oil and gas and texas owns it’s own power grid so all I have to say is if California or any other state wants to fully depend upon wind power engery then let them decide not the goverment
          Think a out it

  30. LIE………..Charging at nite is cheaper at nite for MOST Folks because rates are lower at nite…….Let’s try a little truth here…………..Paul

  31. That should be an easy fix, since the government spend billion of dollars in useless war, and… wait, the didn’t even have enough toilet paper to clean their a**$ with.

  32. People, we are inside of satan body. This, free-range humans experiment is coming to an end. Now the ball and chain is coming back on, to let you know exactly what you are; slaves of satans. It is why EVERY THING is a problem. No matter how good the idea, it all turns to dog shet. Name anything, its dogshet. Everything should be like a walk in the park, but no, our slave masters want you to be frustrated, angry, and constantly in fear. Monsters Inc. explained this. Ies, its cartoon movie, but its how they let out the truth, hidden in plain sight, like magic, misdirection, and deception.

    Pray for your flesh, cus satans are devouring your flesh…….

  33. The article doesn’t even make sense. Like it is all backwards. At night there is surplus energy that would otherwise go to waste. And the rates are substantially cheaper at night. I pay less than $0.09 per kWh. I can operate my car for about 2.2 cents per mile.

    Who wrote this FUD?

  34. Who is suppose to pay for all the at work charging stations and the parking /real estate necessary. The companies will not. That is for sure. At home the owner will pay. This seems like another pipe dream.

  35. You must have inside knowledge.
    You are absolutely correct. Less power demand during night allows electric utilities to run cheapest generating units.
    This equates to less stress on power lines and less cost for consumers.

  36. Sounds like a great idea, not. Do they really think that people will want to stand at a public charging station paying $0.35 or more per kilowatt instead of charging at 12 cents per kilowatt while they sleep? And for all of us who are retired or don’t go to an office, public charging and daytime charging in general just aren’t going to work

  37. I work in the electric utility industry, and everything in this article is not just wrong, it is absurd. Don’t waste time reading it.

  38. “With the effects of climate change more apparent than ever—frequent forest fires, widespread flooding, and stronger hurricanes—”

    What blathering nonsense.

  39. First came the problem with usage of gasoline and now even the battery charge is becoming a problem. There is the Hybrid / Plug In which uses gasoline and electricity but most important is that the battery is charged by the gasoline engine when the battery goes low. It is a matter of the onboard computer switching from one to the other. Yes the car uses gasoline but not all the time. On a long road trip once the battery is low the gasoline engine kicks in and charges the battery.
    Toyota has this system.

    1. Yes. Toyota is wisely not going full EV direction only for many good reasons. They have the foresight to see it won’t fully work at this time for sure. And there is no infrastructure and people would not be able tovtravel distances among other things.

  40. As a long time employee of a Transmission Company where my responsibility was the stability of the power grid I have two comments:
    1. I am 62 years old and in my short time on this earth I have seen alternating “studies” that claim to be hard science, tell me that Coffee will kill me or make me healthier. Not sure what the current “study” says but I drink coffee. “Studies” are not science.
    2. I can say with certainty that today, charging electrical vehicles at night makes the power grid MORE stable. It is ironic that wind blows more at night and at night the grid actually has way too much generation capacity and way to little load. Charging vehicles at night will increase the load and stabilise the generation load balance. I cannot predict what will happen 20 years from now but it is my observation and non scientific opinion that the build out of a stable transmission system will happen along side of the increase use of electric cars.

    1. Salt was bad for you and a decade later slat was a necessity.

      Science is fact, scientific studies only deal with a limited amount of data to come up with a position usually influence by the agenda of the researchers. Thus, the research is NOT necessarily fact.

  41. “…to silence,disarm, and immobilize the people.”

    Preciselomundo !

    You must go back to knowing what you are. A slave to satanhood. The gloves are coming off and the globalists (satanslave masters) are letting you know; you will own nothing and you will be happy.

  42. So the dateline on this article is the Stanford suburb of Cali, Colombia? Or is this some newfangled code in search of breaking standards of journalism?

  43. This article is ridiculous. Our provider even discounts the electricity if we restrict our charging to off-peak times of 10pm to 6am. The concept is called “flattening” not “exasperating” the consumption curve.

  44. EVs have a greenhouse emissions issue? who would have guessed, any intelligent individual not consumed by an agenda not full thought out.

    And they blow up. And recycle issues with batteries. And, and, and,

    Unintended consequences as usual.

  45. We need to rethink how humans work. Driving to an office and then driving back driving to the grocery store and then driving back. All these activities Drive the need for transportation. We need Central hub walking communities with no driving. I have not driven since the pandemic started and I’m a car guy. But my pollution contribution dropped drastically. Conversion from gas to electric isn’t fixing the problem of needing energy. We need to use less of it.

  46. The UN climate report is that there is not worse or more intense weather. What there is is people live in places they never lived in the past like on barrier islands and reclaimed seashore which people avoided in the past. The developed world uses massive amounts of water that depletes reservoirs. 10 million people now live in the US desert. Global warming is 12, 000 years old and is real . The climate scam is where governments and insiders use the weather to gain power just like old Aztec kings . The Holocene heat period we are in is the basis for the scam. So, developers build where no one should live using permits from government then government uses the destruction of those buildings to justify more government power. What a scam. And, electric cars that use masses of rare minerals and need huge electricity to run are the latest part of the scam where government pushes citizens to go buy more new cars where there is no electricity to charge .

  47. Why are all you talking about EV’s?
    Californians have a more pressing issue at hand & I’ll bet they won’t make it to 2035…why?
    They water their grass once a week and fill pools while draining and drying up every water source tapped into over the past 100 years & there simply isn’t enough water to get them to 2035.
    Richy Rich’s spend their money to make it to space but should use their resources to help humanity today on earth by developing a more cost effective desalination process on a grand scale to support citizens in that region.
    Blah blah, back to the EV grid problem and how stupid this article is….

    1. This article is horseshit. I worked in the electric utility industry for 30 years. Night time charging is safe, more economic and more pro environment. I’ll tell you. People just write anything today. A true fact free society.

  48. Just wait until there’s 5 million electric commercial trucks charging on the grid EVERY NIGHT to transport and deliver EVERYTHING EVERYBODY uses in their daily lives. Keep in mind those trucks average 500 miles a day. 🤔

  49. It takes 10 kWh in a battery to give the same amount of driving as 1 gallon of gasoline. If all cars are electric and charged at night there is no longer any off peak time. In places with a lot of solar electricity storage is needed and electric car batteries need energy. The obvious solution is to plug cars in daytime parking lots in. It would be easy and not very expensive to put level 2 charging cords at parking places that are usually occupied in daytime.

    1. Exactly! Charging at night is a red herring in the article- the problem is that Cali and the rest of the country have been paying for poorly maintained and managed centralized utilities that can’t adapt to new lifestyles. We need to phase them out

  50. The link the author provided as evidence that hurricanes are stronger due to climate change presents no such evidence, while multiple studies in the past 2 decades have found otherwise

  51. Today, a typical EV battery weighs one thousand pounds. It contains twenty-five pounds of lithium, sixty pounds of nickel, 44 pounds of manganese, 30 pounds of cobalt, 200 pounds of copper, and 400 pounds of aluminum, steel, and plastic. Inside are over 6,000 individual lithium-ion cells.

    It should concern you that all those toxic components come from mining. For instance, to manufacture each EV auto battery, you must process 25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium, 30,000 pounds of ore for the cobalt, 5,000 pounds of ore for the nickel, and 25,000 pounds of ore for copper. All told, you dig up 500,000 pounds of the earth’s crust for just ONE battery.

    So, the next time you are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle or driving your EV, before congratulating yourself on saving the environment, remember that it came at a cost of entire mountains in poor developing countries, with documented human rights abuses, thousands of square miles of land, and billions of gallons of oil and fuel.

  52. Today, a typical EV battery weighs one thousand pounds. It contains twenty-five pounds of lithium, sixty pounds of nickel, 44 pounds of manganese, 30 pounds of cobalt, 200 pounds of copper, and 400 pounds of aluminum, steel, and plastic. Inside are over 6,000 individual lithium-ion cells.

    It should concern you that all those toxic components come from mining. For instance, to manufacture each EV auto battery, you must process 25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium, 30,000 pounds of ore for the cobalt, 5,000 pounds of ore for the nickel, and 25,000 pounds of ore for copper. All told, you dig up 500,000 pounds of the earth’s crust for just ONE battery.

    So, the next time you are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle or driving your EV, before congratulating yourself on saving the environment, remember that it came at a cost of entire mountains in poor developing countries, with documented human rights abuses, thousands of square miles of land, and billions of gallons of oil and fuel.

  53. The solution to all this problem is, follow the advice of our Australian Prime Minister ..
    Have Solar Panels installed on the roof of your house to produce electric power for recharging your Tesla car overnight ..

  54. A simple back of the envelope calculation indicates that even if the entire personal automobile market consisted 100% of EVs and all of those EVs charged at night, night-time electricity demand would only increase by 16%. This is far below today’s daytime peak. This article is complete nonsense and the authors lack even rudimentary math skills.

    The only way you can come remotely close to the bogus conclusions of this “study” is if you assume that every car is an electric vehicle and every electric vehicle starts every night at 0% battery and needs to charge to 100%.

  55. These ‘if this goes on’ fear mongering articles have one flaw. This doesn’t go on. The Y2k did not destroy the computer networks. The depletion of oil did not extinguish the lamps of USA. etc.

    Two factors to consider. One is grid scale storage which allows energy flows to be ‘evened out’ to compensate for time of use, not matter how that goes.

    The other is the rise in solar (with maximum power in the daytime). This will drive the ‘storage’ concept as much as anything. This is where the driving force to ‘grid stabilization’ will come from as the lower costs of power generation and the rising falling profile of the power output will necessitate power storage anyway (and it saves enough to cover the cost). Best practices is to oversize the solar array so that more of the day meets demand (which also has a daytime peak, so nice bonus) while storing the excess for the ‘tail’s where generation is lower than demand. This makes for ‘dispactable power’ with guaranteed levels.

  56. One way to start find a way to turn our oldschool cars to an eco friendly way for gas. Electric cars though are deffiantly not for everyone right now. Ev’s are the thing of the future not a right now thing just my opinion. If you care about the planet and your work force something should be done in that manner to help us reach to getting an EV. But I do not see anything wrong with making an eco friendly gas for people that want to drive that and let others have electric cars. A middle ground right now would be nice because a lot of us dont wanna go in debt being forced to go to EVs right now and also most work places dont have that. It’s a lot more expensive to pay at a public charger and most people dont even know how to work on EVs where I live. So good luck to ya forcing all America to do it because we all know how to make homecooked meals, grow gardens down in the country and make things work in our favor tell the time comes.

  57. Something for all the greenies to think about. Stars eventually become super novas. Then they collapse on themselves becoming black holes from which no light can escape. Before becoming a supernova there is a period of enhanced solar activity. Our sun is a star. Everything has a life span. How old is our sun? How much time does it have left? There could be a solar eruption tomorrow and we would cease to exist. In the context of a universe that has no boundaries (no beginning or end) we are soooooo insignificant. Put your faith in God and enjoy the time He has allowed us.

  58. With all this heat in the summer you need all the power for A/C during the day. Maybe during the cooler months this could work most charging during the day. However, A/C has always been the big user of electricity that is where peak power usage came from

  59. When the article starts off with the unproven statement that hurricanes are worse, and flooding and wildfires are more numerous because of climate change/global warming, I really can’t read anymore. Stick to the facts, these statements can’t be backed up by.

  60. I worked at a utility optimizing and leveling costs some time ago – and I find this rather difficult to swallow. Electricity prices at night are lower than the day for a reason.

    Baseload power is cheaper and the distribution system is infrastructure that doesn’t care.

    Now California, in their stupidity of getting rid of baseload power might be straining their gas turbines to keep up, but blame the morons that got rid of baseload capacity.

    And I also once had a commercial size windmill on my farm and I can assure you they turn at night.

    Academics, politicians, and journalists are not problem solvers.

  61. I have completely different take away from that study- you can go to Stanford’s site and read the original- The solution isn’t to continue to accommodate an old unreliable centralized utility. If we are saying that we want to get off fossil fuels then we have to skip these half measures. Certainly public charging stations are built to handle more use- but homes can handle personal use if they get off the grid and make use of house battery tech. In fact, in sunny Cali, a house battery neighborhood can send an immense amount of energy back to the grid cutting everyone’s costs (of course, we know the folks at the energy company aren’t about to give anyone a cost break). I love how these articles slant everything to keep us thinking we need fossil fuels…

  62. The study makes no sense whatever. There can’t be a decline in the energy required to charge EV’s regardless of the time of day or night.

  63. So the difference is 5 to 4 nuclear plants. That CA for one won’t build.
    But you can’t charge when there are conditions for forest fires.
    You can’t charge when it’s hot because grid is overloaded with 5 % of sales per year electric cars. What % of total cars are electric in CA ? 1%
    Good luck you will need it when it’s closer to 20% never mind 50 or 100 %

  64. Charging ev vehicles during the night when the majority of people are in bed sleeping so the only real electrical power draw is the ev vehicles charging and that’s causing problems with the power grid yet in CA which gets the majority of it’s electricity from Arizona has had the governor Gavin Newsom issue an executive order for the production of new vehicles to be 💯% electric by 2035 and within the last week he has pushed through something that bans natural gas water heaters and ocen/range stove’s. And that’s not even including the fact that he made an executive order/law that bans the production and sales of small gas engine equipment

  65. It is unthinkable how we are in a society of a majority of experts who offer no constructive solutions, just criticism and occasionally insults.
    Much of the cited content is based on science that has a foundation on data.
    When tribal factions emerge to support whatever the narrative is that they support much gets lost.

    To support the solution keep a mind open to the possibilities.
    I am an electrical contractor and I have an EV for commuting, as well as ICE equipment for work, I am building out an RE system with storage with expansion capability on my property. I must concede the possibility that all the pollution has been contributing to the damage to the Ozone, as well as the CO2
    Levels, but there are also many cyclical changes that have occurred on our planet through the millennium as core samples in ice dating back through at least 2 ice ages confirm this as well.

    There is no need to get hysterical, or abuse others who don’t read all the studies, as it is not possible.
    Some people approach this as a religion, when we have enough data to understand or indicate scientific theories that are supported by evidence.

    To discredit both of those obvious points is being irrational and irresponsible.

    Ignorance is far more dangerous that anything what is being ranted about.

    Take the time to read all points of the science, don’t read one person’s opinion and climb on a soap box and then presume to be such an expert as to insult another American who shares a possibly uniform or partially informed opinion on such things.

    I admittedly am not an expert on Rewable Energy though I am licensed to install it. I have experience and there are many segments of the industry that I am familiar with, but I think it is is Hubris to read or watch something for a few minutes, and adopt it as my “expert” opinion. Having experience may qualify me to install it safely, but I am certainly not going to develop my identity around such things, Nor am I a better person for having read about things or done things on a certain subject. That is simply acting out on insecurity.

  66. It’s actually generated by the earth, ongoing. So is oil. Oil is not dead dinosaurs, and natural gas isn’t dead dinosaur farts. These are facts that the greenies don’t want to get out. Hell, even big oil wants us to believe there is only so much out there, like the diamond industry.

    There has been a natural gas fire burning constantly in a desert for over 50 years. Yes, I do think it should be put out, yes, I do think we should cap and pipe that gas to be used elsewhere. But the earth just keeps on supplying that gas…

  67. Anybody that has an electronic car in my area be warned! I will blow that piece of shit up! Fuck you stupid green global warming believers! It’s a fucking hoax n your my target! As well as anyone that pushes this fake news on global warming from the Globalist Federal government! That includes obiden n his cronies! Gasoline cars will never be replaced n climate change happens naturally! Fuck all Woke stupid idiots!

  68. Wejo and Palantir have a partnership and have developed a EV Operating System that is designed to be used nationwide to regulate charging station usage to the most optimal times of the day based on power grid demand. Google search “Wejo” and you can read about it. It is very interesting and they have daily data on over 18 million vehicles and are already working with cities on projects such as this.

  69. This is the biggest BS I ever heard, charging car during daytime reduces greenhouse gas. How is charging at day any different than charging at night. Its using the same means to produce energy. Especially during night time there is less stress on the grid when most of the industries are shut down at night. Except if you charge during daytime u ll be hiking your bill 3 folds. And office and public places do not have enough port to cover the the charging need for how many cars are out there, also most places its not free. You will be paying a lot more if you are not charging at home. Especially if you have solar, your bills will be significantly less. The only way to reduce this grid stress is make the renewable energy requirement to 70% instead of 30, and place solar on the top of every roof possible where sunlight is available year round, like FL and CA. That is the only solution. Not some stupid theory when and where to charge, focus on not the consumption of energy but the production of energy by increasing twice than it is now, if you want to reduce dependencies on fossil fuel and make most cars EV by 2050.

  70. Everybody, read “One Second After” by Willam Forstchen. Its only fiction for now. Won’t matter EV or ICG, we are all gonna be screwed! LOL

  71. You have to be seriously low information and completely uninterested in truth and facts to believe an alternative energy / ev vehicle solution is viable and is required to “save the planet”. Cone on people, wake the fuck up!

  72. My uncle invited a car to run off of water. The oil companies hired someone to shoot at him. So he didn’t go on and get it going. So now they have electric cars and they still have problems. Mankind will kill mankind lucky for me I’ll be dead soon and I have no children

  73. stating the results of climate change are more hurricanes, flooding and fires or that they are more extreme is false. Temps have risen about 1 degree in 100 years and deaths from climate or weather related events has dropped by over 90% in that same time. There is no data to show we have more events than we had 100 years ago, so please stop stating incorrect facts.
    The US has reduced its [email protected] emissions by over a billion tons since 2005, while China, India, Africa and the Middle East have all increased dramatically over that same time; BUT we are supposed to pay higher utility rates and endure brown outs so we can feel good about our impact on the climate.

  74. In south Ontario where I live 92% of the electricity comes from hydro and nuclear during night time. I charge my Leaf at night. Intermittent few seconds outages all happen during daytime. (I know that because then I have internet outage.) The problem with mass charging can be easily alleviated by dividing urban areas into zones that have lower price at different times of the day to flatten the demand curve. All EVs can be programmed when to charge, no issue there. Plus Leaf has chargers available to upload electricity back to grid when the demand is high.
    Mining minerals for batteries is polluting, but unlike fossil fuels that once burnt are gone forever, batteries can be recycled. It is surely easier to melt and separate metals than to mine.
    CO2 levels can disrupt life if change too rapidly because the evolution takes time to adapt organisms to new conditions. Nowadays organisms would not thrive in dinosaurs’ times and vice versa. Plants cannot use too much more CO2 as food, because they are adapted to current concentration. If the concertation was higher for long enough then most likely the plants would be able to use it and grow faster. And so our lungs and blood would be different.

  75. This article is dead wrong if you don’t live in California. California has a surplus of power during the day and imports 35% of its power from neighboring states at night. The author did not state that his comments only pertain to California. The opposite is true in all the other states.

  76. It seems that the match up of production of renewable energy to the charging of electric cars. Different geographic locations of the country will have different power production times. With excess solar, daytime would work very well. If wind production overproduces at night then night time would be a good working time. I don’t see transmission issues at night, it would be time of transmission. Should we still want to charge cars at night, battery storage could be increased to be used for car charging.

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