People who exercise at least 4 times per week happier, more successful

NEW YORK — Most people spend their entire lives chasing both happiness and success, but a recent survey of 2,000 Americans finds the path to both those goals may have always led through the gym. In comparison to those who only work out one to three times per week, survey respondents working out four to seven times each week report much higher levels of happiness (75% vs. 25%) and success (74% vs. 26%).

The survey, commissioned by OXIGEN, separates respondents according to that criteria (number of weekly exercise sessions), and the differences among the two groups are striking. Similar to the above stats, Americans who work out often report being much more ambitious than their more sedentary counterparts (74% vs. 26%).

Interestingly, many respondents also say they’re working out more often since the coronavirus pandemic began. In March of this year, 47% said they exercised more often at that point than they did two years prior. Since then, 64% say they’ve started exercising even more due to the coronavirus. Also, before COVID-19 appeared, 78% say they usually felt less accomplished if they missed a workout.

On average, Americans work out for for 45 minutes, either at home (42%) or at the gym (38%).

Most respondents say they like working out in the morning (33%). When asked why, most feel like a good workout gets them ready for the rest of the day (64%), 63% feel more energized, and 47% feel better mentally.

Self-care during coronavirus pandemic involves more than just working out

What about post-workout? Many stretch (48%), drink water (46%), and perform cool-down exercises (42%). Others go for a walk (40%), take a shower (37%), drink a recovery beverage (31%), and change clothes (28%).

All in all, 75% say they make on-going choices in their lives that allow them to prioritize exercise and fitness.

Beyond just exercise, 79% of surveyed Americans feel as though the pandemic has helped them become more aware of their overall health and wellness. Another 76% are taking actionable steps to improve their wellness on a daily basis.

What are some of those steps? The top response to that question was eating healthy food (64%), followed by drinking more water (58%), a better sleep schedule (57%), keeping in touch with friends and family (50%), and finding a new exercise regimen (46%).

Battling pandemic stress

Meanwhile, other Americans are finding new ways to cope with stress (45%), finding new creative outlets (37%), working on brainteasers and puzzles (33%), enrolling in educational classes (28%), and taking community workshops (24%).

No matter what approach you choose, all that matters is you’re taking care of yourself and your health. On the bright side of a troubling 2020, 74% of surveyed Americans believe they are going to emerge from this pandemic healthier and stronger than ever before.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

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