Forgot Mother’s Day? 1 in 6 Americans haven’t sent their mom a gift in over a year!

DENVER — Did you drop the ball this Mother’s Day and forget to pick up a gift for your mom? You’re not alone. A new survey has found that one in six Americans hasn’t sent their mother a single present in over a year!

A survey of 1,000 people around the U.S. whose mothers are still alive found that 67 percent know their mom’s favorite flower. However, 37 percent admit they haven’t bought their mother flowers of any kind over the last year.

Another 57 percent know exactly what movie their mom would love to watch, but one in three people haven’t sat down to watch a movie with her in more than a year! With Mother’s Day being a day to do whatever our mother’s love to do, you would think this day in May allows many kids a chance to play “catch-up.”

Unfortunately, even though researchers found four in five Americans (81%) know their mom’s favorite way to pamper herself, over half the poll (51%) haven’t treated their mom in the last month.

Moms are working harder than ever

The survey, commissioned by digital payments company WorldRemit, also discovered that the average mother spent over 30 hours a week performing childcare duties during the pandemic. A recent study found that mothers spend a staggering 97 hours a week doing something related to parenting — the same amount of time most people with a six-figure salary spend on their job!

Celebrating Mother’s Day is an easy way to show appreciation to the hard work, dedication and care moms provide,” says Jorge Godinez Reyes, Head of the Americas, in a statement.

They may not be sending flowers or taking mom out to dinner, but at least Americans are picking up the phone. More than 80 percent of the poll say they speak to their mother at least once a month. Another 81 percent know their mom’s favorite hobby, but only half the poll say they’ve joined their mother to do that activity within the last six months.

So, if there’s a lesson coming out of this survey, maybe it’s that Americans need to spend a little quality time with their mom in 2022! After all, everyday can be Mother’s Day if you try.

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  1. but hey, shouldn’t moms send us a deepfelt sorry-gift every so often, as none of us asked to be born and considering all the suffering, we have to go through?

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