French revolution? Half of Americans think life in France is better than in the U.S.

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NEW YORK — Is the “American dream” really the “French dream?” Apparently so for millions of Americans. According to a survey, half of Americans dream of living the French lifestyle because of the landmarks, restaurants, and (of course) the pastries!

The recent study of 2,000 adults reveals that 55 percent believe the French way of life seems better than the American, and 50 percent fantasize about living it. Almost a third (31%) would consider moving to the country, with 23 percent saying they have lived in the country in the past.

For those who previously moved to the country – or who would consider doing so – the reasons include the city life (36 %), the food (35 %), and a better lifestyle (35%). Paris is the most popular location to relocate to for 27 percent of respondents, followed by The French Riviera (20%), and Lyon (18%).

Respondents also note the top reasons they want to live in France are to visit the landmarks, dining out, and visiting cafes and coffee shops.

Sacré bleu!

Commissioned by brioche experts St Pierre Bakery and conducted by OnePoll, the study finds other reasons people would like to relocate include the architecture, castles, and shopping, as well as immersing themselves in art galleries, eating brioche, and learning the language.

It also emerged that Americans consider the French lifestyle to be more fashionable (41%), cultured (39%), and relaxed (37%).

Furthermore, 37 percent think France is a “foodie country,” with croissants (24%), champagne (23%), and brioche (16%) among the best items to come out of the country.

“It’s clear that whatever the American perception of the French lifestyle is, we certainly dream of living it,” says Paul Baker, founder of St Pierre Bakery, in a statement. “We automatically think of pastries, coffee, wine and cheese, and that’s just the food and drink. France is also recognized for its art galleries, unique landmarks and mixture of cityscapes and beaches.”

French influence in American culture

Nearly six in 10 adults (56%) have taken inspiration from the French lifestyle when it comes to their sense of fashion (43%), interest in artwork (43%), and cooking skills (42%).

More than half the poll (59%) believe pop culture, including shows like “Emily in Paris” has given them an idea of what living in France would be like. When it comes to the language, 17 percent already speak it, and another 28 percent are currently learning.

Many are already enjoying the foods that originated across the channel, with croissants (30%), Dijon mustard (25%), and brioche (24%) being the most popular staples. Steak frites (22%) and soufflé (19%) are also top choices.

It’s not just food people have taken inspiration from: U.S. respondents believe 30 percent of our daily vocabulary originates from France. Among the words and phrases the nation believes come from the French are “déjà vu” (25%), “fiancé” (23%), and “rendezvous” (32%).