French revolution? Half of Americans think life in France is better than in the U.S.

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NEW YORK — Is the “American dream” really the “French dream?” Apparently so for millions of Americans. According to a survey, half of Americans dream of living the French lifestyle because of the landmarks, restaurants, and (of course) the pastries!

The recent study of 2,000 adults reveals that 55 percent believe the French way of life seems better than the American, and 50 percent fantasize about living it. Almost a third (31%) would consider moving to the country, with 23 percent saying they have lived in the country in the past.

For those who previously moved to the country – or who would consider doing so – the reasons include the city life (36 %), the food (35 %), and a better lifestyle (35%). Paris is the most popular location to relocate to for 27 percent of respondents, followed by The French Riviera (20%), and Lyon (18%).

Respondents also note the top reasons they want to live in France are to visit the landmarks, dining out, and visiting cafes and coffee shops.

Sacré bleu!

Commissioned by brioche experts St Pierre Bakery and conducted by OnePoll, the study finds other reasons people would like to relocate include the architecture, castles, and shopping, as well as immersing themselves in art galleries, eating brioche, and learning the language.

It also emerged that Americans consider the French lifestyle to be more fashionable (41%), cultured (39%), and relaxed (37%).

Furthermore, 37 percent think France is a “foodie country,” with croissants (24%), champagne (23%), and brioche (16%) among the best items to come out of the country.

“It’s clear that whatever the American perception of the French lifestyle is, we certainly dream of living it,” says Paul Baker, founder of St Pierre Bakery, in a statement. “We automatically think of pastries, coffee, wine and cheese, and that’s just the food and drink. France is also recognized for its art galleries, unique landmarks and mixture of cityscapes and beaches.”

French influence in American culture

Nearly six in 10 adults (56%) have taken inspiration from the French lifestyle when it comes to their sense of fashion (43%), interest in artwork (43%), and cooking skills (42%).

More than half the poll (59%) believe pop culture, including shows like “Emily in Paris” has given them an idea of what living in France would be like. When it comes to the language, 17 percent already speak it, and another 28 percent are currently learning.

Many are already enjoying the foods that originated across the channel, with croissants (30%), Dijon mustard (25%), and brioche (24%) being the most popular staples. Steak frites (22%) and soufflé (19%) are also top choices.

It’s not just food people have taken inspiration from: U.S. respondents believe 30 percent of our daily vocabulary originates from France. Among the words and phrases the nation believes come from the French are “déjà vu” (25%), “fiancé” (23%), and “rendezvous” (32%).


  1. It is my hope that every one of those who think life is better in France leaves the USA and goes to France. You are not wanted here.

    1. I do and I did. Also: Sorry to bruise your inflated ego, but you don’t speak for Americans, nor are you the arbiter of who is or is not “wanted.”

    2. That is a little harsh but if you like having ice in your lemonade or drink of choice you may want to reconsider!?

    3. Well, France IS the most beautiful country in the world for sure. But, the people there don’t work as hard, so when you go to get a license or anything permits for a home, the paperwork is impossible. No one works fast. Americans are the hardest working people on earth, but move there if you want it easier.

    4. the author of this BS piece is a moron and a liar. I/2 of America knows very little about european countries anyhow.

    5. Yeah America, what a great place. Colored people running wild, robbing, carjacking, drugging. Uncontrolled Southern border, super inflation, lack of goods on the shelves, the most criminal dishonest government in the civilized world. I have lived in France since 2005; I would never return to America

      1. Their 27.5% VAT is ON TOP if their income tax which can range to to 45%. Tax Rate for US$ 27,000 to US$ 77,000 is 30%. Rate on US$ 77,000 to US$ 166,000 is 41%.

        So the difference is – compared to the French – you are probably not paying your fair share.

      2. The VAT is paid on goods and services. You still have to pay income tax – up to 45%, capital gains of 30%. If you’re renting you also have to pay taxe d’habitation.

        1. OK, I moved to France two years ago so here are some data points. First, the VAT rate is 20% and it’s baked into the prices you pay in the store. What you see is what you pay.

          Second, you pay *no* French income tax on US-based investments, rental income, social security or pensions because of the double taxation treaty between the US and France. You also pay no French capital gains on US sales as the US taxes it first. You declare it to France, but that’s all.

          On a like-for-like house my property taxes are less than 10% of what I was paying in the US. Same goes for telecoms costs. For two mobile phones with 60G data plans and free calling in Europe, a landline phone with free worldwide calling, better Internet than I had in California and 245 TV channels I pay a total of 60 Euros/month.

          The list goes on. It’s easy to move here if you meet the minimum income requirement, which is not off-putting at all, and you’re in the French medical system after three months, which is light years ahead of the US as they believe in preventative medicine.

          1. So if you have US investments you are paying US taxes? Cause the US government taxes profits and capital gains made regardless of where you live is you are a citizen and most states want their cut if income derived from property or business is in their state.

          2. When I think about the taxes I paid in the US my ears start bleeding. I’m so happy to be paying my tiny taxes here in France — starting with the annual vehicle registration tax that cost me upwards of 1400 USD/year there, and not one sous here, the property tax which was chewing 7 grand a year out of my wallet, and costs me $320/year here. And the 10 percent sales tax there which is zero here. And even with the [invisible to me] VAT, I’m paying far less for groceries and other goods here than their equivalents in the US. A 500 dollar Ikea table in the US is a 490 Euro Ikea table here – same price. But there I pay 10 percent sales tax.

            And let’s not even get into the US health insurance debacle. Holy hell, America.

    1. For that VAT rate, they also get healthcare and other benefits and protections that we do not get in the USA. Besides France, this is true in most of Europe. After living in the USA for many years, a British friend of mine said. “The taxes are very high in Europe but in the end, without the high property taxes in the US, fees, and healthcare it’s really cheaper or about the same”. No surprise, the USA is all about the cash, cash is king. My property taxes are over $10,000 for a modified cape-cod house. Trump took away all my tax deductions so I got a $5,000 increase with his tax cut.

      Healthcare alone is the reason I am working past 62, even though our family is known for not living very long. Father 55, grandfather 61. In France on our last ski trip, we had one of our group get a compound fracture of his leg, right above the boot. Six hours in surgery, a massive metal plate installed, two days in the hospital guess how much was the bill? $200,000, $100,000, no it was $5,000 (non-negotiated). My GF had a one-hour deviated septum procedure that cost $65,000 in the USA. We also get to eat the great products of Monsanto/Bayer which our food is laced with. Roundup sprayed on wheat to make it dry faster, cancer-causing pesticides. No wonder I keep going to funerals of people dying from cancer. Brain, Breast, Colon, Bladder you name it. And yes, the food is so much better over there.

        1. The US Supreme Court is about to rule on legislation that will gut the Clean Air and Water Act and allow even more rampant pollution from industry including dumping toxic waste into waterways.

          Remember one of the first acts signed by Trump in office was to allow coal companies to dump toxic waste into rivers again (banned during Obama administration).

          And Bayer (bought Roundup from Monsanto) has had to pay out BILLIONS to lymphoma cancer patients – a friend of mine got some of this money after surviving her cancer treatments.

          Great country, indeed.

  2. I am looking for an alternative to the U.S. This country is headed toward a dark theocratic future dominated by ignorance, violence, hatred, racism and intolerance. Having traveled in most of the Mediterranean countries I am considering France, Spain, Italy or Greece. All are positive alternatives to MAGA Amerika.

    1. Well, I guess one option when confronted with adversity is run away. It’s okay, you are probably not a part of the solution anyway.

    2. um, you can’t stay for more than 90 days in any of those countries. They are not handing out residency permits.

      1. Well stated. France and other European nations do not have de facto open borders.
        And, work permits are very stringently enforced.

      2. But they are handing out residency permits. That’s how I stay here in Europe. Just gotta jump through the right hoops.

    3. You don’t seriously believe that Americans are going to fall for your bullshit do you?
      You’re probably a third-rate professor contaminating the minds of your young with your infatuation with Socialism-May you be damned!

  3. LOL – another weak study with no meaning or purpose. Only 2,000 participants? And it managed to include a quarter of former France residents? How?

    And in the end, what’s the point? Other than the grass always is greener on the other side of the fence?

    1. I think this was just supposed to be a feel-good poll. No real political or religious implications, just saying there are some good things to France.

      As an American who loves America…and who has spent time living in France….I was shocked to find that the French are surprisingly less woke than many “blue” US cities. Not that France is perfect – it’s not. But I do love France and can appreciate the country as America’s oldest ally!

  4. That is because more than half of Americans have never left the country. I am proud of my country, and proud to have served that country as a United States Marine for more than 20 years. That being said, I am often embarrassed at how ignorant many Americans are when it comes to current events, and life outside the U.S.

    I have been fortunate enough to travel to more than a dozen other countries, and France is one of those countries. It has been my experience that there is no better country to live in than the United States of America, and that includes France. We have our problems, there can be no deigning that, but travel to another country, any other country, and you will soon see how much better even the poorest of this country have it, than many do in other countries.

    Next time you want to complain about how bad you have it, consider this, are you drinking out of a muddy puddle? Is your child’s stomach swollen and extended from starvation?

    The people of this country, especially the young, are so spoiled that it is ridiculous, and the worst part of it is, they simply do not give a damn. Think about it for a second. We have become so spoiled, so materialistic, so self absorbed, that our children complain that they are abused if they do not own a cell phone, or have access to the internet in their bedrooms. At the same time, we have homeless in this country, living on the street and begging for food.

    France better than the United States? Maybe in the movies, which is about as close as 90% of those that complain about the U.S. will ever get to France. But, I have been to the most expensive parts of France, and I will take the privalage of living in the poorest sections of America, over even the richest part of France…every friggin time…

    Semper Fi –
    J.M. Snyder
    GySgt. USMC Retired

    1. Are you proud of the US blowing two trillion dollars in Afghanistan for nothing, when the money could have been spent on much needed infrastructure renewal in the US? Proud that most Americans can’t afford healthcare, and that 66 percent of your population lives paycheck to paycheck?

      1. Yes, and we can thank the Dems for the majority of these problems. You forgot crime which is rampant in Dem controlled cities, NYC, SF, LA, etc.

        1. Let’s look at which Red States take a larger handout from the Federal Government. In other words, they are the least self sufficient, contribute the least to our GDP, and generally leech off all of the taxpayers. Ah, 8 of the top 10 on the US Government dole. And the Blue States? 7 of the 10 states that take the LEAST from the Federal Government, Democratic. Sorry, sounds like the majority of the problems are in Red States.

        2. Dems did not create the war in Afghanistan. The majority of people wanting to avoid that war were progressives and Democrats.

    2. More like they don’t even leave their couch. I agree with you, John, 100%. I have worked as a civilian for the DoD for 14 years now and traveled extensively across across the country and parts of the world. My perspective is that media (from both sides of the aisle) does not accurately portray what is really going on. Sure, there is a portion of the population that is racist, hateful, etc, etc… as there is anywhere in the world. I find that the US is far more tolerant and accepting and welcoming overall than most countries, especially including France. Just look at their bans on muslim head dress and burkas. They may seem to have less of a problem, but only because their population is so homogeneous and the media ignores the minority there, which only accounts for maybe 10% of their population, until things get violent. Sure, France does have some great bakeries. Thats something that has fizzled in the US over the years as larger bakeries are able to out compete the small bakeries that just can’t make a profit. But good bread is not enough to convince me to move. I’ll take anywhere in the US over anywhere in France.

      1. I watch France24 and they don’t ignore minority news or world news at all, infact they spend a very large portion of their segments on minorities. I have lived in Paris for a 1.5 years now and one of the things I enjoy the most is not being bombarded with the news every second. I watch France24 mainly or other English speaking European news and they are a lot easier on the senses. In reality it is so relaxed here as far as the news that I watch them once every week or two their about 30 min. condense news. The main thing I miss from the States are the barbecues. Customer service is either very good or very bad and they tend to get sometimes very easily insulted. The U.S. has way better customer service, here is like they are doing you a favor for shopping at their place most of the times.

      2. There are plenty of small bakeries where I live. The local Publix does excellent breads in their bakery.

    1. I lived in France from 2001-2003 and I can tell you it is much better than living in the US. I returned for work and have been regretting it ever since.

    2. I’m from Boston, and I’ve lived and worked on three continents as a Creative Director in advertising. For sure, the quality of life is higher in Europe than any place else in the world. I would say in the United States it is similar to California, but California is super expensive… France is not. We’ve had a house in France for 20 years, and we retired to France in 2014. This was the best decision of my entire life, and I have been everywhere. I won’t leave here it’s amazing. Anybody can become a resident of France you just apply for a long-term visa and in due process, you will get the healthcare and everything else. I have psoriasis and there is a cream that I buy in France for €12 a tube, here in the United States it’s $1100.
      You pay some taxes in France if you have been there long term like me and have property there… But you get a lot in return for your taxes. That is really my point.
      And for those of you who are digital nomads and you can work from anywhere, you can work in France, but have your tax base be USA. That is the best of all worlds.
      In the United States we are a country of the haves and have nots… It’s simply the way our capitalist and political systems have played out. In France it is about equality, and softening those edges btwn income classes. So everyone deserves a good glass of wine at lunchtime, and an affordable but great meal. Here in the United States a glass of good wine can cost you a fortune. Even $18. In France, maybe five euros. In Spain for a good glass of wine it’s €2.50. It’s because everybody is considered equal and they do not believe in the haves and the have nots. Every restaurant has a very affordable plat dujour… About 11 or €12 for a wonderful meal. In Florence Italy, I walked into a Chinese restaurant and ordered a basic meal with a sparkling water… It was eight euros. I thought it was a mistake so I left a very large tip. About three weeks later I went back to that restaurant and this time I ordered it with wine. It was nine euros. If you have a way to live in Southern Europe (sunshine), I encourage you to pursue it. You will not regret it, I promise you.

      1. The standard of living in the US is higher for most people but the quality of life is lower than in Europe. Europe is starting to institute wealth taxes again, which is insane. However, there is a bigger social safety net for the lower classes and poor there.

        Taxes are lower for most people in the US and customer service in the US is unsurpassed.

        But there are a lot fewer violent crimes (especially gun-related) in Europe than here.

  5. Lots of luck James Wahley, FYI it took my sister-in-law and niece 10 years to get their Italian citizenship, here in Spain there are already millions from third world countries trying to get in many of whom speak Spanish! At least these people have to vet themselves and show proof that they were who they say they are unlike The U.S.A. where every sort of criminal is allowed in with no checks at all. Taxes here are high and nearly everyone lives in small apartments, houses are mostly for the rich and super well to do!

  6. Lived in France, for 18 months, years ago. Visited before and after that. Taxes are much higher. FYI, I was tax exempt for most taxes. Its gone downhill since I left. Suggest searching for the video “How the Left Destroyed Paris.” If, one goes, look for a bakery run by ethnic Vietnamese. Their baguettes and croissants are much better quality. Keep away form the areas settled by the middle eastern immigrants, such as St Denis, as they are a tinderbox waiting for a spark. As in the USA, the small towns are safer and more pleasant. FYI, the areas I warned of are mostly in the suburbs.

  7. Holy Cow this cannot be true. Even though Ultra MASA Democrats are trying to force socialism on America, surely these 2,000 people surveyed have never worked with or for the French.

    1. Oh, the ‘Socialism Boogeyman’ is back!

      No one is advocating for socialism. Stop drinking the koolaid, bro.

  8. Well, most Republicans would rather America look more like Iran or Afghanistan, ruled by religious fanatics, so to each his own….

    1. VerilyIGo Republicans you say????
      Florida certainly doesn’t look like Iran or Afghanistan.. it’s apparent you don’t travel. Now to enlighten you… you need to look no further than LA..Seattle.. Portland… NYC.. Baltimore… Chicago now those BLUE States look exactly like a bombed out city.. country.. and Newsom (Nancy P nephew) doesn’t give a crap!!!! Not one stupid demo-rat… gives a rats behind…rats infest cities.. ya need to move away from your computer and travel. We’re booming in Florida because we have a Governor who has common sense and critical thinking skills and he cares about we the people. He’s not like the dumb guy who ran against him who was found naked on the floor of his hotel room laced up with drugs. FYI Our side actually works.. for a living… and we don’t ask for handouts or crack pipes.. we are actually moving forward in our thoughts and work.. again, Florida is booming and we’re open that’s why so many folks from criminal blue states want to move here!!!!!! Get a job save your money and travel .. or you allergic to both?

  9. Those that think France is better are probably unaware that the Laissez-faire attitude died long ago. They have been corrupted and are being strangled by forced multiculturalism.

  10. Perception, and media nostalgia is a powerful drug. I didn’t see the age breakdown of the polled people. Wait til they find out the french probably don’t want annoying americans moving there. That said I’ve never been there but would love to, and plan to in the next couple years to visit. The taxes suck, but the politics and wokeness has become so toxic and ridiculous here. I personally would never want to leave the u.s. but never say never.

    1. In my personal experience, the French don’t care much for expats unless they are longterm (aka committed to living in France, period). It makes sense in a country as highly touristed as France, with people coming and going all the time. Why waste your friendship/time on someone who’s only going to be there for a few weeks, a semester, a year?

      Agree with you that I love the US but the wokeness is getting unbearable. Hard to imagine that FRANCE could be a country less woke than the US, but it may be true.

  11. Xenophobia strikes again! Ha!

    Actually, I found life quite sweet in France and in Italy…’sweetness’ coming from my feeling that every meal is important, that life must be totally centered (without being to abstract or existential) around what you are doing each day of the year. Those Italians really enjoy life, and I suppose so do the French.

    Keep politics out of your everyday life. It is not that hard to do, despite the home-grown problems we all seem have with singular positions dominating everything we do. Rubbish.

    1. So sweet in Italy, it takes the producers in Europe to keep them solvent. I’ll bet every hard-working German loves the idea that the EU is giving their hard-earned money to Italy (and the other Club Med countries) so they can enjoy the “sweet” life.

  12. I’m begging those who think life in France is better to please go….at great speed. I have lived in Europe. Some things are nice but, I love the USA. Pay the taxes there for a few years and tell me how great it is. Of course none of these participants will put their money where their mouth is. They will just stay here and desperately try and get govt programs put in place that will “level the playing field”. Leveling the playing field actually means making everybody equally miserable. So please go. These wonderful programs are already in place and await your arrival in France.

  13. France is a great country and I’ve traveled there many times for work and vacation. That being said, there is zero chance that this is a representative poll. Of the 2000 respondents, 23% lived in France in the past? I assure you that nowhere near 23% of Americans (which would be ~75 million Americans) have previously lived in France. So, the conclusion that “55 percent believe the French way of life seems better than the American” is highly skewed.

    1. Agreed, seems like the pollsters found 2,000 folks who already loved France. It’s just a feel-good poll so I don’t mind….it’s nice to see there are other France-loving folks out there in the US. 🙂

  14. My wife and 3 of our 4 children (our oldest just graduated college in the United States) moved to Paris after the hatred and bias that was spewed by the American Media and intelligentsia accusing conservative Americans of being terrorists after 1/6 and the day of the digital long knives when everyone with a slightly controversial thought was banned from Twitter. We gave up on America after the debacle that was Covid-19 planned society implosion. While France is in the European Union it’s far more conservative than an American blue city and with Los Angeles and New York already destroyed by the globalists we were ready for a new adventure. French society is much more conservative than an American blue city, people are very focused on Men being men and women being women, and even globalists like Macron are against Me too and Woke American culture. We’ve never been happier.

    1. Interesting! Especially considering you come from Los Angeles, a true beacon of “wokeism.”

      I’m from Minnesota (a blue state) and lived in the Twin Cities for about seven years. I also had a taste of living in France while studying abroad for one semester. What you say also confirmed my experience – women dressed like women, men dressed like men, people were a lot more reserved and less self-seeking, less materialistic and less focused on marketing/selling, more living in the moment, etc.

      France is certainly not perfect, but it still entices me and I hope to live there someday. Even though my love for America – the true, constitutional America that is under God – has not died.

  15. Nowhere near half of Americans have ever been to France, or could even find it on a map. This survey means nothing.

  16. France is America’s oldest ally! Where is the hate for France coming from? Esp. considering the article itself did not tackle anything remotely controversial. (No mention of political, tax, or religious differences, etc.) Can’t we appreciate the pros of France while still loving America?

  17. Been living in France for three-plus years. Yep. It’s everything it’s cracked up to be. I’m happy here every day. Embarrassingly, though, my French still sux. Getting fluent is my summer project.

  18. I’m American. I’ve been to France several times. Here is my two cents as far as moving to France is concerned.
    You should be able to speak French. You may not be bothered too much by the language barrier during a one week trip. It will drive you mad after a few months.
    Do not expect American speed and efficiency. In this country we are very used to 24 hour and next day service. Europe is not this way. You may have to wait a month or more to get your internet installed. You may find nothing open after 7PM or on Sunday. That kind of thing is typical over there.
    It is a very different culture with different values. The French may not seem that different at first but over time you will realize how not American they are. And not always in a pleasant way.
    On the plus side the French have amazing food. They really do. This is, to me, the best part of France.
    France is a beautiful country. I mean, spectacular. They have some of the most gorgeous countryside I have ever seen as well as mountains, beaches, forests, lakes, rivers. If you love nature then you will adore France.
    While I find a lot of Paris to be ugly as hell, many of the other cities and small towns are very charming. They’re usually very walkable with plenty of cafes and restaurants. I do not care for the sterile, lifeless suburbs of America but we have to have them to get away from the over the top violence and crime of the inner city.
    France is not as violent as the US but it can be dangerous. Especially in Paris and Marseille. But if you use common sense you will be fine. Still safer than Chicago or Los Angeles.
    Even if you speak French you will never be French. Unless you live there for decades you will always be an outsider.
    If you’re American and move to France you will probably end up befriending and socializing with other expats. In particular other Americans and the Brits.
    If you are seriously considering a move to France you should do it when you are young when you will have a long time to acclimate and adapt.
    If you are thinking of retirement then you should take a long trip to France first. You should stay for at least three months to really get a feel for the place.
    I grew up overseas. I speak fluent French. I could live in France if I had to but I prefer the United States. There are some things about Europe I really miss but you can’t have it all.
    There is an amazing amount of freedom and opportunity in the US.
    But if you are the type that thinks capitalism is horrible, society stinks and the world is just an awful place in general you will find plenty of French people who think the same and will enjoy complaining with you all day long at a cafe.

  19. I have a house in France. Great place visit and enjoy all things French. Then, I want to go home after a couple months and not take up full-time residence.

  20. What is this really about? Socialized medicine and reasonable hours of work. I don’t blame anyone who wants that. Especially if you work in hell like an Amazon Warehouse and get zero healthcare for your health insurance. The U.S. economy is a battery that consumes people. It’s not for living.

  21. I have lived a1.5 years in Paris and it is very nice, specially the museums. But the same time, life is very expensive here for the most part. Medical care is surprisingly very affordable but sometimes an English speaking doctor can be difficult to find and in some cases charge a lot more like in the American Hospital here. About 33% of the population can speak some English here but you have to ask politely for the most part.

  22. I wonder if they know France is a second world country? Life is simpler there and the government is much better at its job than the US government ever could do. But the tradeoffs are steep.

  23. the thing i like best living in France are the french! Not saying they are better or worse than anywhere else… i just like the people… vive la différence

  24. Nine million Americans live overseas. The USA is an overpriced third-world country filled with ignorant and uneducated theocrats. The best thing my wife and I ever did was leave. Good riddance.

  25. I am an American who decamped for France in 2017 — remember that year, the one when we elected a game show host to run the country into the ground so he could sell it cheap to the Russians? Anyhow, I’ve never been happier than I have been living in a culture where oligarchs don’t work ordinary people to death, everyone has access to the same high level of health care and education is nearly free all the way through grad school (if you’re smart enough to get in). The playing fields has been nearly leveled and I don’t have to worry that the yahoo in the pick up truck is going to pull out an automatic weapon and use it on me because I forgot to put on my turn signal. If France paradise? Hardly, but it a damn site safe, cleaner, friendlier, more modern and more civilized that America. When I came to the US a week ago for a visit with family and friends the thing that shocked both me and my husband was how fat Americans are and how they never walk anywhere. They look unhealthy, unkempt and sad. I would be too if I lived here. I’ve lived in both countries and I can tell you without a doubt, France is a better bet — and not just for pastries. Money isn’t the most important thing there, working yourself to death isn’t a badge of honor and having to live among people who go to the doctor when they get sick can’t be underestimated. America got ruined by greed, ego, pride and vice. Americans got a criminal for president because that’s what they deserved. Now they have an honest decent guy who has to try ad clean up the mess. Very sad….

  26. I enjoyed reading the comments in this article. I myself am a 70 yr old who would love to live in a country with universal healthcare. I feel funny living in the only modern industrialized country that does not have it. I do not qualify with the income requirements to live in the European countries. I could have done better but hindsight is 20/20. In my observance A mericans will continue to fall behind the rest of the world if they continue to be rampant consumers. We will never have a true voice unr the major corporations start to feel the pinch.

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