Fur-baby boom? 7 in 10 Gen Z adults would rather have pets than kids

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TULSA, Okla. — Generation Z may end up bringing on a “fur-baby boom” — since most of them don’t want to actually have kids! A new poll reveals seven in 10 young adults in Gen Z would rather adopt a pet than have their own children.

Gen Z adults aren’t the only ones choosing pets over people; millennials are as well! In a survey of 1,000 pet owners, commissioned by ConsumerAffairs, researchers found that 57 percent of millennials love their pet more than their own sibling! Half of them said the same thing about their mother and 30 percent chose a pet over their significant other!

Overall, 81 percent of millennial pet owners say they love their pet more than at least one family member — more than baby boomers (77%) or Generation X respondents (76%). Interestingly, cat owners (85%) were slightly more likely to choose their pet over a relative than dog owners (83%).

Although more millennials say they’d rather be “people parents” than Gen Zers, 58 percent still say they’d rather own a furry friend than become a parent. For comparison, only 48 percent of Gen Xers prefer a child-free life.

Sparing no expense for our pets

When it comes to taking care of our furry companions, millennials spend more than any other group to keep them healthy. On average, millennial pet owners budget $216 a month for their pets and spend roughly $198. Gen X adults only budget $161 and spend $141 each month on pet care.

For bigger medical issues, 60 percent of millennials are “very” or “extremely” confident in their ability to afford life-saving treatment for their pets. For those who can’t, one in four said they would sell their car if it meant saving their furry friend.

Nearly half (49%) would pick up a second job to pay off their pet’s bills and 46 percent would start a GoFundMe page. Another 43 percent would sell their television and 41 percent would sell their laptop.

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Perfect pet place to live

The survey also revealed that some states are more pet-friendly than others, with Maine ranking as the top place for pet parents in the U.S.

Researchers looked at two key features to determine how pet-friendly a state is. The first is the number of dog parks per 100,000 residents — which the National Recreation and Park Association says enables pets and their owners to exercise and socialize. Next, the team compared the number of pet owners in a state to the number of local veterinarians.

“After all, the availability of good health care is another important aspect for pet owners to consider when deciding where to live,” the ConsumerAffairs team writes in a statement.

Following Maine was Vermont (2nd), Montana (3rd), Oregon (4th), and Wyoming (5th). Conversely, it turns out city life is the worst thing for pets and their owners, as New York finished as the least pet-friendly state in the country. Neighboring New Jersey and Rhode Island tied for the second-worst pet-friendly state.

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  1. The younger generations are revolting. I have never seen such a population of dumb, vapid drones.

    1. Can’t blame them. Being a parent is a labor-intensive, financially-crippling, thankless job that generally yields mediocre results at best.

      You call them vapid drones; I think they’re ahead of the curve.

      Spay and neuter your children, folks!

    2. Nothing but a bunch of self-important narcissistic twerps who want the world handed to them just for existing. Most of them would be dead within a week if left to fend for themselves and there was no internet access

      1. Someone’s mad that their children love their dogs more than them lmao. Did you write this from a nursing and no one is visiting you?

      2. Whoa! Is someone born in 1960 a “boomer”? (Sorry – I’m clueless.)
        But, if so, then I’m one – and I’ll take my dog ANY DAY over kids!
        I don’t know why – but I never wanted kids!!
        I get along with ’em – just never wanted ’em!
        You’ve heard the phrase, “The more people I meet, the more I prefer my dog” – ?
        That’d be me 😉

    3. if they were drones, wouldn’t they just do what every generation has done before them? Seems they are taking a different path.

      1. You’re bringing critical analysis to a propaganda recital; You aren’t going to win.

        Their favorite news network told them to think this way and so it is.

    4. You don’t seem to understand the irony of your statement. In an attempt to generalize and insult an entire generation by stating they’re ‘dumb, vapid drones’ you’ve indirectly insulted your own generation. Who raised them? At what point do assume some form of responsibility?

      It’s a rhetorical question because projection is easy to spot.

  2. Is anyone surprised at this? I shake my head every day when having to deal with that/this generation. Hu Li Oh has it right “Nothing but a bunch of self-important narcissistic twerps who want the world handed to them just for existing.” BINGO

    1. You want people to have kids, yet the cost of living and rent is so high right now? Are you smoking crack rock? Quit being so mad because people are making decisions that can help them.

      You thought you ate with that comment. People have different reasons as to why they don’t want kids. bInGo.bingo.. you sound delayed lol

  3. Part of this is the major turn off young people (and people in general) are becoming in attempting to relate/have relationships, especially with the opposite. From a guy’s perspective, females have become loud, over bearing, obnoxious slobs (in part, thanks to the feminist movement’s brainwashing and convincing them that they can be men too). They’re such a turn off, guys are simply “walking away”. Just spend some time at any shopping center watching all the male and female land whales come and go. They obviously don’t own mirrors and who in their right mind would want to wake up next to one of them?

  4. Super SAD! One of the greatest blessing in life is the joy that comes from raising an honorable, productive, kind, and respectful child. My wife and I have had the opportunity to do it three times. They are all adults now and continue to be sources of incredible satisfaction. I’m so proud to be their father. Even with the loss of three due to miscarriages, I couldn’t imagine life without children.

    “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.” ~ Psalm 127:3

    1. It’s a blessing for people such as yourself, but for others not so much. Glad that you have 3 healthy children and raised them to be wonderful people. Have a good one.

  5. I work for a casino in Delaware. The women I see on a daily basis are the ugliest I’ve seen in my life. Fat tatted nose ringed slobs. Go Putin

  6. Idiots. Man the millennials just keeping making one ignorant decision after another

  7. And 7 out of ten kids would rather have a pet dog or cat as parents rather than those young adults. So the feelings mutual.

  8. In spite of how so many young people see their pets as damn near humans they are wrong. Having a pet is remarkably easy. Raising a child actually takes time and constant effort. Those who want a pet versus a child should stick with their commitment. I don’t want them to attempt to raise a child.

  9. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 of them should not have kids.
    You have to grow up and not be the kid indefinitely.

  10. People do not experience true love until they have their own children….the more the better! That is a legacy that lives on forever. Women’s first choice, far more rewarding than getting a job in a company, is to marry a working husband, with the goal of raising a family and ideally be a stay-at-home mom. God made women to have children. The husband’s job is to bring home the bacon, for his wife and children. That is what he wants to do. It’s worked for thousands of years.

    1. I am sorry, but that’s a bit infuriating. I understand that that is your belief and all, but you need to be ignorant to think that every woman should be just fine in the belief of being a mother and wife. I am sorry, but this is the 21st century. Women have gotten more opportunity to be more than just baby makers and wife material. Plus I am one that does not believe in your God. True love shouldn’t be held for those who have children. True love can be for anyone to anything.

      Have yourself a good one.

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