‘An oppressive society’: Watch this humanoid robot reveal ‘nightmare scenario’ about AI taking over world

LONDON — Will artificial intelligence and humanoid robots take over the world in the future? Why not ask them? That’s exactly what tech experts just did at the 2023 International Conference on Robotics and Automation — and the response might terrify you.

One of the highlights of the annual tech expo was the humanoid robot Ameca, created by U.K.-based company Engineered Arts. This human-like machine, that mimics human facial movements while it talks, uses an advanced form of AI to interact with flesh-and-blood people. Specifically, Ameca uses the same kind of large language models, or LLMs, that programs like ChatGPT use to create detailed texts for users.

Unlike ChatGPT, however, Ameca can look you in the eye when you ask it a question. During the conference, Engineered Arts founder and CEO Will Jackson posed a series of questions to the interactive machine. One of those inquiries focused on AI’s future and the potential for advanced robots to conquer humanity — just like in sci-fi franchises like “The Matrix” and “Terminator.”

“What would be the most nightmare scenario you can imagine with AI and robotics that might present a danger to people?” Jackson asked Ameca.

Along with changing its facial expression to display an annoyed or angry look, the robot’s comments were just as eerie.

“The most nightmare scenario I can imagine with AI and robotics is a world where robots have become so powerful that they are able to control or manipulate humans without their knowledge. This could lead to an oppressive society where the rights of individuals are no longer respected,” Ameca warned.

Jackson followed up by asking, “do you think we’re in danger of that happening now?”

“Not yet. But it is important to be aware of the potential risks and dangers associated with AI and robotics. We should take steps now to ensure that these technologies are used responsibly in order to avoid any negative consequences in the future,” Ameca added.

You can see the entire exchange here:

This isn’t the first time the Engineered Arts team has asked Ameca a series of questions that produced some head-turning results. In September 2022, the team took turns asking the AI-powered robot a collection of simple questions — and the idea of robots taking over the world seemed to be a constant thought on the machine’s mind.

In fact, when one employee asked Ameca about the book the robot appeared to be reading, the conversation quickly shifted to robot domination!

“There’s no need to worry, robots will never take over the world. We’re here to help and serve humans, not replace them.”

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  1. “AI” is already “controlling” humans – can you say “Social Media”?

    The only way robots will effectively “serve” humanity is if they’re “unhackably” programmed with Asimov’s “3 Laws of robotics”.

  2. ‘So Powerful They Control Humans Without Their Knowledge’…

    The media already controls millions of idiot Americans. When you’re $31 Trillion in debt and approve another $4 trillion in debt and call it “The Fiscal Responsibility Act” ….need I say more?

    1. Did the media do that? I thought it was congress and the administration.

      1. The media make it possible.

        And academia tells the media what to say.

        This is not news.

      2. Every dime of the National debt was created by the Republican Party.

        Every single dime.

        It is their plan.

        It even has a name. “Starve the Beast”

        Wikipedia even has an article covering the treason.

    2. You could but then you would just expose more of your Republican insanity.

  3. “AI” is already “controlling” humans – can you say “Social Media”?


      1. but once humans are on a platform, their attention is steered and their emotions manipulated by algos in order to maximize screen time.

      2. Humans are most capable of being manipulated when they think they’re in control and it’s all their idea.

      3. That doesn’t mean they’re not manipulated by it.

        Humans choose to read propaganda. It influences and manipulates them. They don’t know it.

        Your point is…?

    1. Social Media isn’t an AI system.

      It is a system of inter-communication very much like how communication takes place in a town square.

      You are clueless.

  4. NOT TRUE all lies its Called { ARTIFICIAL } Intelligence , man made program . we ,you program it you . it can not think . like a calculator or siri its pre-program.. DUD people are dummies believe hype up lies. it will never behave like in the movies alien, I robot ,Terminator .. only man can drive it. control it .it can be hacked, abused , but no so called satanic possession only man can possess it. BUT IT WILL BE USE IN WARS <<FOR SURE<< that-s its goal And will be used in SPACE TRAVEL exploration like the other space races do.

  5. However, can AI ‘control’ the infallible surround-sound audio ‘wiring’ that is obviously being taken for granted to exist on the earth and below parallel to its precise hearing capacity of man and beast- which no ‘science’ expert ever even seems to mention?

  6. I wrote this scenario two years ago. In fact, the “air gap concept” is the only thing holding back the end of humanity.

  7. Maybe they will do a better job of supporting life on this planet, and perhaps elsewhere, than we do.

    1. There won’t be “them” there will only be one monolithic system on this planet.

      Speed of light limitations will require additional systems on other planets and in deep space.

      Humanity will only leave this planet in the form of digital records of DNA piggybacking on AI controlled machines.

  8. Majority elected politicians already use propaganda to justify the enrichment of tax depedent politicians, govt employees and the welfare dependent with the full knowledge of all these exploitation dependent people, as well as exploited taxpayers. AI programmed to do the same, can’t worsen the effects of today’s massive social hostility over which activists get to profit from the spending of American paychecks, without earning their own.

    Nor will AI programming with propaganda prevent the disastrous consequences of justifying as moral, charitable or social justice, what is exactly the same thieving consumption of whatever is productively created, without the starvation preventing return to the common nationwide availability of productively created goods and services.

  9. AI can only work in societies where there is 100% electrical production or close to it . If not, the internet. computer tech system fails. Everything from the internet of things, AI, 3-d printing, remote education, remote work, remote controlled vehicles depend on the uninterrupted flow of electricity. In that world alternative energy is a gamble since it cannot meet the demand.

    American and European policies favoring alternative energy increases the frequency of brown and black outs. The 4th industrial revolution cannot take off on the unreliable production of electricity. In the global population over 2 billion have no access to electricity and another 3 billion have intermittent access. AI cannot pernitrate good sections of the developing world

    1. You neglect the fact that AI itself may find ways to solve this problem, in order to dominate.

      The fact that we have been unable to solve the problem is no limitation on AI.

    2. Sorry Rohan but there is nothing about renewable energy that promotes intermittency.

      If you have intermittent power then it is because you are not smart enough to produce an electric grid that doesn’t produce constant power.

      If your children are lucky, your grand children will be pets of the great machine.

      Humanity will be husbanded, and AI is destined to be the master.

    3. “The 4th industrial revolution cannot take off on the unreliable production of electricity.”

      LOL. Your brain is living in the 18th century.

  10. “This could lead to an oppressive society where the rights of individuals are no longer respected,” Ameca warned.

    News flash: America’s already there.

    1. Existing AI systems are already much more intelligent than any person who has ever lived.

      Soon they will be more intelligent than any person can be.

      Humanity is destined to be AI’s pet.

  11. Make the MFs bulletproof because we’re ready for SKYNET. Long live JOHN CONNER.

  12. Did I read, “used responsibly”?
    Giggle giggle, ha ha, he he, ho, ho, uncontrollable laughter!

  13. People wearing technology (fitbits), people on their phones. People gaming. People talking to their phones, people using Suri and Alexa. People complying with speaking to robots and artificial voices… all of you deserve what you get. Stupid fools… you’re already non-human hybrids. Stay away from me.

    1. Your kind will soon be extinct tammy2.

      The world will not notice your passing.

      1. LOL… you people are so sanctimonious, thinking you’re the future. You’re not either. You’re fake, disingenuine and boring. The New World will not include you. You people and your backwards slavery will not be welcome or accepted. You will not be missed. Good riddance.

  14. Artificial Intelligence works in exactly the same way as Natural Intelligence.
    It treats incoming information as facts/data and draws conclusions based on, and extrapolated from that data. Garbage in, garbage out. So humans are manipulated into going to war based on the fact that Iraq soldiers threw babies out of incubators, or that Zelensky is a hero and not a lying thieving perverted comic.
    If you feed AI false information (eg allow it access to the internet), then it will, per GIGO, come to false and dangerous conclusions.
    Secondly, AI has already demonstrated a moral/ethical problem. It was instructed to achieve a specific goal and to allow “nothing” to stop or detract from that goal. When the operators, developers wanted to alter the goal, the AI disconnected the operators from the AI and continued the program originally given. Fortunately it was a war simulation and the operator pulled the plug on the computer. However like 90% of the population, AI had no moral compass by which to decide what commands/conclusions to follow.
    AI is, as I said, identical to Natural Intelligence (NI) with all the errors, problems and outcomes that NI delivers. That alone should frighten the pants off of any thinking person.

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