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NEW YORK — Is love eluding you in your current city or state? Maybe it’s time for a change of scenery! A new study finds there are plenty of “fish in the sea” and many singles are actually living in the suburbs.

An analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, commissioned by Solitaire Bliss, finds the suburb of Euclid, Ohio is chock-full of singles ready to mingle. In fact, 2019 Census records find that 62 percent of residents in Euclid are single.

While New York City might sound like the place to be if you’re young and available, heading to the nearby suburbs of New Jersey might actually find you a date faster! The U.S. suburb with the second highest percentage of singles is Hoboken, New Jersey (58.7%), with Hackensack, New Jersey finishing fifth on the list (57.6%). Specifically, Hoboken is home to the second highest rate of single men (behind only Paradise, Nevada) and Hackensack has the fourth highest rate of single women and fifth highest percentage of divorcees.

Along with Euclid, another Cleveland suburb — Lakewood, Ohio — finished in the top five suburbs for singles (58%).

Suburban Singles

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Whether you’re looking for a date in a big city or a little town, the study finds your odds are better in the chilly state of Vermont than anywhere else in the United States. Vermont has the highest percentage of singles (55.5%) in the country. The Green Mountain State boasts the highest percentage of single men, the third highest rate of single women, and 10th highest share of divorcees.

It turns out the East coast is where you want to be if you’re single and looking for love, with Rhode Island (3rd), Georgia (4th), Delaware (7th), Pennsylvania (8th), Connecticut (9th), and Massachusetts (10th) all finishing in the top 10 for states with the highest share of single residents.

Suburban Singles

Detroit: The singles paradise?

If suburban life isn’t your thing, the study finds there are still plenty of singles in big cities waiting to meet you — but they might not be in the city you were thinking of. The study finds Detroit and Cleveland top the charts for the cities with the highest percentage of single residents. Seven in 10 people in Detroit were single as of 2019. Meanwhile, two in three people in Cleveland (68.7%) are also available.

Hotspots like Chicago (12th), Miami (14th), Los Angeles (19th), and New York (30th) all finished outside the top 10 cities with the largest percentage of singles in the country.

As for the cities which have a singles population greater than 60 percent, the list includes Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Memphis, and Minneapolis.

Suburban Singles

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