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LONDON — Men seem to be stuck in a rut when it comes to clothing, according to new research. A poll of 1,000 men who work in an office found 52 percent repeat outfits each week and only have an average of five different looks in their rotation.

They may not be taking the “walk of shame,” but 21 percent wear the same shirt three times a week. One in 10 choose the same clothing to wear four days a week. With that in mind, respondents admit they only wear an average of 41 percent of their entire wardrobe.

Overall, researchers found four in 10 men don’t feel good in their current clothes. Another 29 percent believe a style overhaul would make them feel more confident, as 40 percent feel more self-assured when they are wearing their favorite item of clothing.

Men want ‘one-size-fits-all’ outfits

Just over half the poll (53%) have noticed male business attire trends shifting in recent years, from a plain suit and tie to more stylish outfits that fit multiple occasions. When shopping for new clothes, 48 percent look for items that can be worn for various events and can see them through from day to night.

This comes as 28 percent admit they struggle to dress appropriately for different occasions and a third believe they need just two or three “go-to” shirts in their wardrobe. Another 23 percent look for airy and comfortable fits for their wardrobe, while 22 percent want pieces that are easy to keep clean.

“In the past, men could rely on a simple shirt and tie uniform for most of life’s occasions,” says a spokesperson for clothing company Charles Tyrwhitt, who commissioned the survey, in a statement.

“However, today there are new style territories from the ‘smart’ business meeting, to a ‘regular’ day in the office to ‘working from home.’ So, it’s no wonder men feel stuck in a rut in their current wardrobe – new codes of dressing create new challenges,” the spokesperson continues.

Looking good means feeling good

The research, carried out by OnePoll, also found 51 percent of men who work in an office like feeling smart at work. Of those, 41 percent feel they are taken more seriously when they are wearing an outfit that has been well executed, while 47 percent feel more productive.

Nearly half (45%) like using their personal style as a way to express themselves. Smart pants, a t-shirt, and a simple shirt are the top three pieces of clothing that men in offices feel most “put together” in.

Furthermore, 38 percent own a “lucky shirt” to wear to special events such as a job interview, meeting a partner’s family for the first time, or a big business pitch at work.

“Feeling smart at work can really differentiate work life and home life, so it’s no wonder men like to dress differently when they in their workplace,” the spokesperson for Charles Tyrwhitt adds.

“You can’t go wrong with having a collection of staple basics in your wardrobe to mix up depending on the occasion. Having smart trousers and simple shirts are a perfect place to start.”

72Point writer Charlotte Minett contributed to this report.

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