Survey: Fitness fanatics have higher incomes, more sex than couch potatoes

Research reveals people who work out frequently earn $25,000 more than those who don’t work out at all

NEW YORK — Regular exercise may keep our waistlines trimmer, but can it help our bank accounts gain weight? A new study shows that people who work out frequently tend to have higher incomes than those who rarely hit the gym.

If that isn’t enticing enough, the results also find that working out often was also linked to a more active sex life.

One thousand American adults who routinely exercise and another thousand who don’t were surveyed on behalf of the fitness app Freeletics about their income, exercise habits, and other aspects of the home lives. Among the more significant findings, the survey showed that exercise fanatics are not only happier than couch potatoes, but make about $25,000 more per year, too.

Women working out
A new study shows that people who work out frequently tend to have higher incomes than those who rarely hit the gym.

More specifically, those in the regular fitness group earned an average income of $74,000, compared to just $49,000 for the less active group.

“The survey findings are a strong indicator that people now feel the holistic effects that fitness can have on their lives and not just their bodies,” says Daniel Sobhani, CEO at Freeletics, in a statement. “It goes a long way beyond perfect abs and gym selfies – fitness has the power to unleash people’s true potential and help them in all aspects of life, giving them the confidence and willpower to achieve what they’ve always wanted to and to get more out of life.”

Interestingly, intensity levels of workouts seemed to matter when it came to income levels, too. Those in the exercise group who typically worked out at a high intensity earned an average of $83,000 per year, while gym rats who usually performed low-intensity regimens made just $54,000. Folks in the middle averaged about $67,000 for their annual salary.

It might have something to with the self-esteem levels of fit folks. Regularly working out was associated with feeling happier, more confident, optimistic, goal-oriented, and willing to take risks.  In fact, just 7 percent of those who never work out felt they led a fulfilling life, versus 30 percent of the fit group.

“If we look more closely at the mental effects that fitness has, we can even see that those who exercise regularly were also more likely to rate their own happiness level a 10 out of 10 than those who don’t exercise. This truly underlines the fact that the positive effects of exercise go far beyond the purely physical aspects many focus on,” says Sobhani.

People who work out often also seem to enjoy more action in the bedroom, too. The survey found that 34 percent of those who get regular exercise indicated they have sex several times a week. Just 15 percent of the non-fitness group could boast the same. Meanwhile, 1 in 4 people who never exercise also say they never have sex, compared to only1 in 20 exercise fanatics.

The Freeletics team concluded their study by compiling a list of the top twenty things that participants said indicated people have their lives together. Owning a house topped the list, while regular exercise and having a high income tied for third.

Here’s a full look at the full list:

Top 20 Signs Someone Has Their Life Together:

Owns a house 50%
Follows through on plans 43%
Regular exercise routine 38%
High paying job 38%
Married 37%
Eats healthy 37%
Owns a car 33%
Wears nice clothes 33%
Maintains eye contact 31%
Smells good 27%
Has a nice hair cut 26%
Regularly travels 24%
They’re early to work 23%
Nice shoes 23%
Reads books 23%
Up to date on politics/news 21%
Drinks a lot of water 21%
Wakes up before 7am 19%
Doesn’t drink heavily 19%
Owns a pet 17%


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