Poor Wi-Fi connection, unknown callers top list of biggest modern inconveniences

LONDON — A new survey that reveals the 40 modern inconveniences for adults in the United Kingdom shows just how much digital technology dominates our daily lives. After all, a spotty Wi-Fi connection, calls from unknown numbers, and forgetting passwords top the list of what drives many of us crazy these days.

Rounding out the top five are running out of cellphone power and a late train or bus, according to the survey of 2,000 British adults. The survey was commissioned by O2, a service provider in the U.K, ahead of its launch of unlimited data — seeing as a third of those surveyed use up their data once every four months on average. (That modern inconvenience was #9 on the top 40 list.)

In fact, nearly half of those polled admit they’d feel lost if they ran out of data, and 40% wished they had more each month.

“Modern life is frustrating and it’s usually the small, seemingly insignificant things which, over time, all add up to an even bigger frustration,” notes an O2 spokesperson in a media release. “These small things tend to have a knock-on effect for the day ahead – another reason why they can be so annoying.”

Among other modern inconveniences, researchers found having a YouTube video ad without the option to skip was the 11th most stressful problem; a cracked mobile phone screen was 13th; and not being able to fast-forward live TV was the 18th worst inconvenience.

The survey also polled respondents on their propensity to complain, with adults whining about something or another an average of three times each day. But three-quarters of those surveyed feel that complaining is a pretty common trait among Brits.

So let’s get to it — what made the list of the top 40 modern inconveniences for U.K. citizens per the survey? Take a look below and let us know if you agree and if you believe anything is missing.

Top 40 modern inconveniences:

1. Intermittent Wi-Fi connection
2. Calls from unknown numbers
3. Forgetting passwords
4. Running out of phone battery
5. Late trains/buses
6. Paying extra for luggage on a flight
7. When your computer needs to ‘update’ seemingly every morning
8. Not being able to find the end of the sticky tape
9. Running out of mobile phone data
10. Not having enough leg room on a journey
11. Ads with no ‘skip’ button on YouTube videos
12. Videos you’re watching via a streaming service (such as Netflix) on TV that are buffering
13. When you crack your mobile phone screen
14. Autocorrect on your phone
15. When your phone runs out of space
16. Bars or shops that no longer accept cash payments
17. Websites with no email address
18. Not being able to fast forward live TV
19. No space on the tube/train
20. Tangled earphones
21. Mobile phone updates
22. Your food delivery taking more than 30 minutes to arrive
23. Getting the wrong order with your supermarket online shop
24. ‘Average speed’ speed cameras
25. Someone already taking the username you want for a social media account
26. Apps that almost, but not quite, do what you need
27. People who call you, when you asked for a text or vice versa
28. When you straighten your hair and it rains
29. Voicemail messages
30. Having a dietary requirement like being gluten free or vegan
31. When the air conditioning takes too long to cool or heat your car
32. Not being able to pay-at-pump when you’re in a rush
33. Forgetting to charge your wireless headphones
34. Never knowing if you can trust your car reversing sensors
35. People who don’t pick up to withheld numbers
36. Living outside the delivery radius of the nearest Chinese restaurant
37. Getting photo prints which don’t fit in the frame
38. Switching from iOS to Android, or vice versa
39. When you cancel your Spotify Premium so you have to sit through ads
40. Your story not uploading to Instagram or Facebook