Rapamycin, drug typically used in cancer therapy, emerges as powerful anti-aging remedy

Scientists say medication also used after undergoing an organ transplant is capable of extending life with only brief use

COLOGNE, Germany — A drug that patients normally take during cancer therapy may have the power to increase the human lifespan, a new study reveals. Researchers in Germany say rapamycin can cause side-effects when patients take it as a lifelong anti-aging treatment. However, their new report finds even brief usage can have a dramatic impact on longevity while cutting down on side-effects.

Rapamycin is a cell growth inhibitor and immunosuppressant that people normally take while undergoing cancer treatment or after receiving an organ transplant. A team from the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, however, notes that the drug is also a promising anti-aging formula. Studies involving animals have found that low doses of rapamycin can extend life by preventing age-related changes in the intestines. Until now, however, scientists have looked at this drug as something patients would need to take for the rest of their lives.

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“At the doses used clinically, rapamycin can have undesirable side-effects, but for the use of the drug in the prevention of age-related decline, these need to be absent or minimal. Therefore, we wanted to find out when and how long we need to give rapamycin in order to achieve the same effects as lifelong treatment,” explains study lead investigator Dr. Paula Juricic in a university release.

Rapamycin treatment most effective when taken earlier in life?

The new study tested rapamycin in two short-term experiments using fruit flies and lab mice. The first treated young, adult flies for two weeks. The second treated young, adult mice (3 months-old) for a three-month period. In both experiments, the team found that rapamycin had a beneficial effect on the health of each animal’s intestines during middle age.

“These brief drug treatments in early adulthood produced just as strong protection as continuous treatment started at the same time. We also found that the rapamycin treatment had the strongest and best effects when given in early life as compared to middle age. When the flies were treated with rapamycin in late life, on the other hand, it had no effects at all. So, the rapamycin memory is activated primarily in early adulthood,” explains Dr. Thomas Leech, co-author of the paper.

“We have found a way to circumvent the need for chronic, long-term rapamycin intake, so it could be more practical to apply in humans,” adds co-author Dr. Yu-Xuan Lu.

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“It will be important to discover whether it is possible to achieve the geroprotective effects of rapamycin in mice and in humans with treatment starting later in life, since ideally the period of treatment should be minimized. It may be possible also to use intermittent dosing. This study has opened new doors, but also raised many new questions,” concludes senior author Prof. Linda Partridge.

More research is needed to confirm the results of the study while proving that rapamycin can be safely used as an anti-aging drug.

The study is published in the journal Nature Aging.


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  3. I call bullshit. No way a cell growth inhibitor/immunosuppressant is going to drastically increase lifespan. I have my doubts it could even slightly increased lifespan. The intestinal benefits are nearly irrelevant, welcome to a single component of the aging process out of an infinite number of variables. Let me know when we see a significantly lengthened telomeres or cancellation of free radicals. We’re not on the brink of immortality, we aren’t even close. Not even the bourgeoisie will see immortality in this lifetime, and God willing humanity will wipe itself out before it’s even a possibility.

    1. Have you seen the research papers on telomeres and hyperbaric chambers that came out of the University of Tel Aviv earlier this year?

      No one wants to live forever on earth, but living longer, healthier, adn more youthfully? Sign me up.

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  6. I found the article way behind what we know on Rapamycin. I have been taking intermittent doses of it for 4.5 years, no side effects other than it eliminated my gout and reduced my arthritis by about 60%. It also in a study has shown it improves the immune systems response to flu vaccines….wonder why older people die of the flu and vaccines have limited benefit? As we age our immune system slows down dramatically, so taking this makes any vaccine you get (flu, CV19, pneumonia, shingles) much more effective. No way to know if it will let me live alot longer, but it does have a good effect on inflamaging problems faced as we age. NO, its not over the counter, go see Dr. Alan Green look him up on http://www.rapamycintherapy.com. Alot to learn!

  7. Even more amazing is the discovery of Rapamycin. Named after the Rapanui of Easter Island and discovered in the soil there. I think there should be more to the story. It has been used for years to help regenerate new tissue and shouldn’t be ridiculously use for anyone’s political agenda.

  8. Were these studies done on “American” labrats & fruitflies..or an other nationality?? Cuz, there is a difference. America generally ages at much earlier stage! 😫

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