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NEW YORK — Americans are packing their bags and gearing up for a summer of reunions. A poll of 2,000 adults who plan on traveling this summer revealed that 57 percent are planning to attend a family or friend reunion this summer. This may be because almost two-thirds (65%) indicated that family and friend reunions bring them more joy during the summer than other vacations.

Seeing as the average respondent (32%) has waited about four years to reconnect with their extended family, it’s no surprise that over half the poll (58%) are willing to travel further this summer to reunite with family and friends than ever before.

According to those surveyed, the perfect reunion lasts about three days.

Family reunions by the numbers

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Motel 6, the survey shows that the average respondent is willing to travel nearly 80 miles, but about one-third (32%) would venture more than 100 miles to see their loved ones. This year, 70 percent of travelers will be making the commute to their reunion by car, whether it’s a rental (30%) or their own vehicle (40%).

When it comes to accommodations, over a third (36%) opt for a hotel. More than half (51%) believe family reunions look different now than they did a few years ago.

Americans are expanding their guest lists to now include friends (42%), significant others (39%), neighbors (34%), and pets (36%). In addition to loved ones, respondents are most looking forward to returning to their favorite spot on the beach (42%) and going back to their favorite restaurants at their destinations (40%).

“There’s nothing quite like a big family or friend gathering and the opportunity to connect with the people and places you love,” says Rob Palleschi, CEO of Motel 6, in a statement.

The survey also aimed to highlight how people are reuniting with their families and traditions. A majority (55%) of those attending reunions are looking forward to a mixture of celebrating old traditions and creating new ones. Almost two-thirds (64%) say they are interested in becoming more connected to their family traditions. The average respondent anticipated feeling high levels of joy and excitement when they reunite with loved ones and favorite places.

Reunion activities such as making matching t-shirts (35%), catching up with family and friends (24%), and having a family BBQ (20%) are at the top of the reunion to-do lists this summer.

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