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New study also shows that highly educated people have sex less frequently, are more likely to be dissatisfied in the romance department.

EXETER, United Kingdom — People who go to church are more likely to have a very satisfying sex life, a new study reveals. Researchers in the United Kingdom found that strongly religious individuals are typically more content with their bedroom activities than those who are not religious or engage in casual sex.

A team from the University of Exeter adds that there really is some truth in the saying “quality over quantity.” While religious people in the study typically had less sex than others, the sex they are having is leaving them more fulfilled than those engaging in casual encounters with multiple people.

According to the results of the third British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, men and women with a higher approval of casual sex or sex without love reported having less sexual satisfaction.

“The relationship between sex frequency and sexual satisfaction is neither simple nor straightforward; across all relationship types, too little or too much sex is associated with lower sexual satisfaction, suggesting that an optimum exists in terms of frequency related to higher satisfaction levels,” says Dr. Nitzan Peri-Rotem in a university release.

“As religious individuals are less likely to engage in casual sex and are more likely to limit sexual activity to a relationship based on love this can lead to lower expectations of sexual activity outside a formal union, as well as increased satisfaction from sex life in general. However, it is possible that religious sentiments about the sanctity of marital sex, as well as disapproval of sex outside marriage, matter more for women’s than for men’s sexual satisfaction,” adds Dr. Vegard Skirbekk from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and Columbia University.

Even religious men still want more sex

While the survey found that religious married women reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction than their single peers, married men did not share that same satisfaction.

Single religious men said they had a very satisfying love life, but the relationship disappeared after researchers factored in their attitudes about casual sex and sex without love, or when the team only examined sexually active respondents.

Overall, 11 percent of men and 16 percent of women said their religious beliefs were very important to them. More than two in three people told researchers they rarely or never attend religious services. Half of the poll were married, and another 17 percent were living with a romantic partner. One in five respondents did not have a significant other.

Results also show that men were more likely to say they had sex multiple times over the past month — on average, 4.4 times compared to 4.0 for women. Men were also nearly twice as likely to say they’ve had over 10 sex partners in their lifetime.

Regardless of how many times they get it on, one in four people said they strongly agree with the statement “I feel satisfied with my sex life.” Conversely, 14 percent of women and 17 percent of men are not happy with the state of their bedroom activities.

Being highly educated can ruin your sex life?

The study authors also discovered a link between educational achievement and how much sex people have. According to the survey, highly educated individuals had sex less frequently than others. They also reported having more dissatisfaction with their sex life than those with less academic success.

“Our research suggests that changes in sexual behavior need to be understood in a context of changes in religious norms and beliefs and other societal level trends. The postponement of union formation is related to less frequent sex, while also increasing the exposure to casual sex among those with weaker religious orientation,” Dr. Peri-Rotem explains.

“For women, it is found that having no sexual partners, as well as having ten or more lifetime sexual partners is associated with lower satisfaction from sex life. Among men on the other hand, no relationship is found between the number of lifetime sexual partners and sexual satisfaction.”

“However, disapproval of sex without love and of casual sex is linked with higher satisfaction from sex life among both men and women. While sexual satisfaction initially increases with sex frequency, it declines again at a higher number of sex occasions. Therefore, having ‘too much’ sex may lead to lower level of satisfaction from sex life,” the researcher concludes.

The study is published in The Journal of Sex Research.

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  1. jack says:

    Crazy women are the best in bed. You know what I’m talking about.

  2. DAVID SONNER says:

    And that is so because being of strong faith, God blesses their union, for God says, for this cause shall man leave his parents and be united with his wife, and the two will become one flesh, so they are no longer two, but one flesh. Thats why a lot of older married couples of strong faith will pass quickly after one of them dies. They are one. God will not seperate them. Relations between a Christian married man and his wife is fulfilling to them, and sacred to God.

    1. Mhart says:

      LOL! Sorry to hear about your boring sex life.

      1. Steve Studley says:

        LOL You atheists are the true incels.

    2. Tim Bushong says:

      David – Couldn’t agree more. I’m a pastor, coming up on 40 years of marriage, and it’s just the best, all-’round.

    3. JFC says:

      call us when your shuttle lands lolz.

  3. SuzanneL says:

    This study is a rerun of one that came out about 5 years ago with the same result. What, they wanted a different one? Nooo. To people married in the church, sex with one true lifelong love is a blessed sacrament, invented by and encouraged by God Himself, whereas one night stands for mere sport, are just two people using and degrading each other, as well as the surrounding culture of disposing of any children they might conceive, like so much garbage. Of course acting like animals ends in human suffering, worthlessness and depression.

  4. Between the Pews says:

    Of course religious people have “a more satisfying love life”. Who do you think came up with “Oh God! Oh God! Oh Goooodddddd!” in the first place?

  5. Amy says:

    I saw another study back in the 1990’s that said almost the same thing. In that study, they concluded that conservative Christian woman were the most likely to consistently reach orgasm during sex.
    I don’t think it’s as simple as God rewarding the faithful (or ALL Christian women would be so blessed, and NONE of the godless people).
    More likely, those women are typically going to be in a long-term, stable, loving relationship. They feel safe, and their partner loves them and is as concerned with her pleasure as his own.

  6. Mhart says:

    If you read a lot of what “Study Finds” website publishes, you find studies that do not qualify as scientific studies. This website literally is the National Enquirer of faulty science. Most of what you will read here is utter BS created as propaganda to support bad ideas.
    For instance, where’s the atheist control group in this experience? No atheist control group? This study’s control group was “those engaging in casual encounters with multiple people” which could include an unknown number of Christians. That’s not a proper dichotomy for a scientific experiment. Not only that, why aren’t they testing ALL religions across the board? It’s because the study was funded by a Christian organization who wanted a specific “gotcha!” headline to produce so the experiment was poorly designed to give the answer they wanted. So many of what “Study Finds” is really faulty science produced for propaganda.

  7. August J says:

    We know the priests do.

  8. Don says:

    Blessed is he who comes in the name of theLord…….

  9. Mark Breza says:

    Priests already know this.