New survey reveals the top 20 reasons dog owners get into arguments with a significant other.

NEW YORK — Do you ever feel your significant other loves their more than you? A survey of dog owners shows that you might not be imagining it.

A poll of 2,000 British adults who have dogs discovered that one in three would choose to keep their beloved pet over their partner if they were forced to choose. Four in 10 admitted to showing Fido more affection than they show their loved one.

“It’s no secret that Brits love their dogs, but we were surprised to find out just how far that love extended,” says Heather Moore, a brand manager with dog-friendly pub chain Chef & Brewer, which commissioned the survey, in a statement. “Our research shows that for some couples, the four-legged friend can take the starring role in the relationship.”

The dog decides

For many people, their pet acts as a dating screener. Thirty-eight percent of dog owners say if their furry friend doesn’t like a new partner, they believe the relationship won’t last. Another 42 percent claims their furry protector actually breaks up hugs between them and their less popular partner.

Over 40 percent of dog owners who let their pup sleep in the bedroom with them admit it’s had a negative effect on their love life.

The relationship tug-of-war works both ways. Researchers say one in eight couples have hit the point in their relationship where someone has said, “It’s me or the dog.” One in four people agree they would break up with someone who was too obsessed with their pooch.

Doggie debates

There are a lot of responsibilities that go along with owning a dog and researchers say that can lead to many disagreements. The survey shows British couples have three arguments a week about dog-related chores.

The most common argument for pet owners was who takes the dog for a walk. Logically, the second-biggest argument was who gets to pick up the mess their dog makes.


  1. Who has to walk them
  2. Who cleans up their mess
  3. One partner says their partner gives the dog too many treats
  4. The dog gets the car seats or house muddy
  5. A partner doesn’t want to join their partner and dog on a walk
  6. Deciding who wakes up to let the dog out in the morning
  7. The dog takes your seat on the sofa or bed
  8. Should the dog be allowed on the couch
  9. Disagreements over training techniques
  10. One partner is accused of playing too roughly with the dog
  11. Feeding the dog at the table
  12. Who has to feed them
  13. Should they be allowed to sleep in the bedroom
  14. Should they be allowed upstairs in the house
  15. A partner gives the dog a warmer welcome when they get home
  16. One partner thinks the other spends too much money on the dog
  17. Should they be put in a kennel when you go away
  18. Who has to give them their medication
  19. One partner thinks the dog gets fed before them
  20. Disagreements over pet-friendly holiday destination

The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

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