Everyone’s an entrepreneur: 3 in 5 people think they’ve got the next ‘Shark Tank’ money maker

NEW YORK — Do you have a golden ticket to fame and fortune you don’t even know about? More than half of Americans say they have a business idea they think would impress investors on “Shark Tank.”

A survey of 2,000 adults studied the increasing shift towards entrepreneurship and found that 59 percent have considered quitting their current job to launch their own business. Many are looking to take more control of their future, as nearly half of respondents admit they feel unmotivated at their current job (48%). Three in four are constantly looking for ways to feel more inspired by what they do every day (74%).

Three in five Americans are ahead of the game by having a side hustle or putting serious thought into launching one.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll in collaboration with Thinkific ahead of Amplify 2022, a virtual summit for digital entrepreneurs, reveals unique insights on people’s self-confidence when launching a business. It found that two-thirds of respondents think they would be successful entrepreneurs. When asked what keeps them from taking the leap, a third (32%) point to their fear of failure, while 37 percent say they lack the financial means.

Everyone wants their own podcast!

starting a businessOnline content creation is the most popular type of business that people aspire to launch (51%), beating selling products online (49%), providing services virtually (49%), or in-person (46%), and opening a brick-and-mortar store (39%). The internet also played an integral role in the way people access and pursue education. More than half of those surveyed claim they’ve learned most of what they know online (54%).

One in five Americans add they learned their top skill from online learning/courses (18%), versus only 14 percent who learned it in school.

“These unique survey findings point towards a new era in the Creator Economy. They paint a clear picture of the next wave of digital entrepreneurship that centers around creating online content,” says Thinkific Co-Founder and CEO Greg Smith in a statement.

“More specifically, it reveals an unprecedented demand in the market for online learning and skill-building opportunities. This represents a critical moment for entrepreneurs to monetize their own expertise by launching an online learning business.”

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Opportunities to teach in the pandemic era

starting a businessTwo-thirds of respondents have been motivated to seek online learning opportunities since the pandemic began because it offers more flexibility (43%), accessibility (38%), and the ability to go at their own pace (37%).

While the appetite for learning online has drastically increased, so has the desire to teach. Most Americans believe they have a skill they can monetize (71%) and that people would pay them to teach (70%). Three in five Americans (60%) have considered teaching others their skill to make money since 65 percent say they don’t use their greatest skill at their current job.

“These insights show that entrepreneurs see the opportunity in sharing their knowledge and skills through online learning,” Smith adds. “We are all about helping people to build businesses around their own expertise or passion to create impactful learning experiences. It is such a fulfilling feeling for anyone who both creates a positive impact by teaching what they know, while also building their own financial freedom.”

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