1 in 5 single adults more hesitant to have sex since Supreme Court flipped abortion ruling

National survey reveals 4 in 5 singles say they’ve changed their ‘dating behavior’ since the end of Roe v. Wade

DALLAS — What’s it like to be single in 2022? A new survey finds more and more people seeking a relationship are “swiping left” when it comes to prioritizing looks over personality.

In a poll of 5,000 Americans singles, commissioned by Match.com, researchers found that many singles are focusing on “conscious dating,” or looking beyond physical attraction to use dating as a way to learn more about themselves. This includes finding a partner that helps someone learn who they are, what they need, and their behavioral patterns throughout that process.

Moreover, recent events have played a major role in how singles across America are approaching the dating scene. Specifically, the pandemic, inflation, and the overturning of Roe v. Wade have many singles rethinking how they go on dates — and who they jump into bed with.

More than half the poll (53%) are now willing to start a relationship with someone who lives over three hours away. Just 35 percent said the same last year. This may have something to do with the 33 percent who say they changed their mind on long-distance relationships during the pandemic.

Despite that, most singles still want to take a more personal approach to getting to know their partner. Forty-eight percent say they prefer to talk to them on the phone, while 43 percent are comfortable texting. Only 29 percent like conversing over social media and just 11 percent chose the metaverse.

Sex and politics don’t mix

Although seven in 10 singles say sex improves their mental health and 71 percent feel better after a bedroom romp, many respondents are actively shying away from making love because of America’s changing stance on abortion. In fact, one in five singles say the end of Roe v. Wade makes them hesitant to have sex. Nearly four in five claim they’ve changed their dating behavior since the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Regardless of what side of the debate they’re on, two in three single women in the poll say they won’t even date someone if they hold an opposing view on abortion. Overall, singles say the ruling is causing them to use condoms more often and have a greater fear of getting pregnant.

Although many singles are fearful of the repercussions of having sex, few people are opting for the digital alternatives. Just three percent say they’ve tried sex using some form of virtual reality.

Not vaxxed? No problem

Interestingly, the pandemic is no longer a major issue for many single Americans. In 2021, 47 percent said they want their date to be vaccinated. However, that number is down to just 40 percent in 2022. Additionally, 36 percent say they don’t care anyone and would date someone who did not get the COVID vaccine.

Despite the fading concern about coronavirus, one in three believe the pandemic is still affecting their dating life.

With that in mind, plenty of singles are searching for someone to give them advice on their next relationship. Nearly half the poll (48%) turn to their friends, while one in three ask their family for dating help.

One in five look for dating advice on YouTube and social media and 16 percent ask their therapist for input. Another 14 percent look for help in the same place they look for dates — a dating app.

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Inflation making for more ‘creative’ date nights

With everything costing more this year, singles are looking to make every dollar count as they look for love. As for their budgets, the poll finds the average single American spends $130 a month while exploring the dating scene. That money takes care of dating app subscriptions ($12), cash for dates ($39), appearance and grooming expenses ($40), and some stylish clothes to impress their partner ($39).

Overall, the survey finds that the cost of dating has increased by 40 percent over the last decade. That may be why a staggering 84 percent say they’re fine if the first date keeps things casual. Three in 10 add that they’re perfectly fine finding date activities which are completely free. Another 29 percent are now more open to finding date night spots which are close to home to save on gas.

If you’re great in the kitchen, here’s your chance to impress! One in four say they’re more open to enjoying a home-cooked meal instead of going to a fancy restaurant. Twenty-four percent are fine finding cheaper eateries around town and 25 percent are really cheap dates and would be happy just meeting for coffee or drinks.

In these stressful financial times, the poll also finds that stability is the new sexy. Three in 10 singles want to find a partner who is financially stable, and 23 percent say they’re more appreciative of people who are “frugal.”


The 2022 study is based on the attitudes and behaviors taken from a demographically representative sample of 5,000 U.S. singles between the ages of 18 to 98. Generations are defined as: Gen Z (18-25), Millennials (26-41), Gen X (42-57), and Boomers (58-76).

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  1. How about stop using abortion as birth control?

    Buy condoms.

    It’s cheaper, faster and doesnt require a medical procedure.

    1. At face value it would seem so, but considering the declining birth rates and fertility in almost all developed nations, this could very well contribute to a worsening labor shortage in the next 20 years as the rate of human reproduction continues to plummet.

      1. Well, I have seen the latest generation in action in the workplace and I can tell you that if half of them were never even born, it wouldn’t exactly be a great loss in labor productivity.

    2. As they should! Wow! Sex is never free.. emotionally or physically.. sex is extremely emotional.. be it a one night stand or a long standing partner – it is foolish to think that we can just have sex with whoever we want, like animals, without emotional consequences. And it’s even more ignorant to think that with an abortion we can just “take care of it”. These poor women pay the piper emotionally and physically. I’m convinced that anxiety and depression is closely related to the consequences of sex outside the confines of marriage. I guess I’m a bigot, especially since I’m a “cis-gender” male.

  2. They should be hesitant to have sex as a personal health choice. Promiscuity is the basest of human behaviors and should never be thought of as a healthy, or moral, lifestyle choice. But children these days are besieged with sexualization from the cradle as if the sex act were the end all be all of life. I think it is a perversion of life propagated by perverts. Better you stimulate your mind. It will bring you more happiness and self-worth and less chance of disease.

  3. Well, think about it….. People are being more thoughtful before participating in unmarried sex; seems like a good thing. Maybe love relationships, especially sex, will regain the value it once had….

        1. Loretta is the typical easily triggered woke snowflake who hates one of the two genders, and only likes the second if she is also a left wing nut job.

    1. Well said, Ed. I am older. I remember the 1970s when “male chauvinist pigs” were all the rage. In the past fifty years, I swear, women in power, women celebrities have too frequently seem to have done an “inside out” on the subject of sex and sexuality, where so many celebrity women flaunt their sexuality. Now, I don’t hope for, envision nor want to see women resort to hiding, covering-up and downplaying sexuality….and obviously men must look at themselves and their behavior far more critically than they now seem to do. The Pill has “liberated” sexuality, and combine its availability (along with abortion) with a so-called “liberation” from responsibility and (gasp!) common sense, self-control by both sexes, and we’ve got the mess we now face.

      Marriage can be a stabilizing, regulating factor when it comes to sexual expression for both men and women. People–men and women–who assume contraception is one of the keys to happiness and self-fulfillment are mistaken. The freedom to and the willpower to exercise this tremendous power of generating human life must be confined and controlled by both men and women. Failure to do so has led our world and our civilization into the morass we find ourselves in.

    2. “Overall, singles say the ruling is causing them to use condoms more often and have a greater fear of getting pregnant.”

      Doesn’t this just serve to prove that the Supreme Court’s decision was a good thing? It simply put the decision to allow abortions in the “hands” of the voters of each state–the way it always should’ve been. There is no constitutional right to an abortion. There is, however, a right to keep and bear arms, freedom of speech and freedom of (not from) religion. It’s funny (in a pathetic sort of way) that libs and their political arm, corrupt-to-the-core democrats, are always complaining about people forcing their opinions or religion down their throats when, in fact, it is they who believe in censorship and forcing their beliefs on the rest of us.

  4. Cause it’s just “so hard”… cough… to practice safe sex lol.
    Good. Hopefully couples start wising up, practice safe sex, and hold themselves accountable for their actions.

      1. So open-minded are you. Problem is: everything fell out long ago. Do you then carry litmus paper to make your humping decisions?

      2. Given that Republicans are more likely to be working and employed, you should ask yourself why you think you need to have “abortion on demand”. Are you really that stupid and desperate to want to spread your legs for some guy who can’t even afford a box of condoms?

  5. Good! It is working! Part of the joy of being in a true marriage is the comfort in taking the chance that God may send a child your way. So, knowing that irresponsible and radically selfish sexual liasons might be a bit harder to deal with seems a good thing. Maybe if a couple feels this way there is something wrong with them being together.

    Somebody had to say it. So, I did.

  6. Hey clueless generation..new concept…it’s called birth control which is something abortion was never supposed to be. Dumb much?

      1. Living in Seattle, I find it quite easy to avoid most women. Obtuse is a great word for about 95% of women here. Worse yet, the “men” they attract.

    1. Much like minimum wage was never intended to be a way of life, nor was Social Security ever intended to be anything but a supplemental income.

      Our country and the attitudes of too many have no relationship with history or reality. Reminds me of Charlie’s chocolate factory…”Daddy, I want it now…” Too many in our country now display the same selfishness.

  7. The greatest power women have over men is sexual attraction. And for a woman to have a true and lasting legacy she needs to have children, that is her purpose on earth. So ladies, instead of being free wheeling sex givers, control your beauty, be ‘hard to get’ and capture a man by making him fall in love with you. Your physical attraction does it, every time. Ideally, get married to a great guy while you’re young and attractive, let him work and bring home the bread for you and your children. Thousands of years has proven this works. True love is a mom, dad, and children. And a legacy that nothing else can replace. Success for a woman is to be a stay at home mom. Men’s responsibility is to make sure your wife, children have all they need.

  8. there are three possibility’s, birth control, condoms, or the good old favorite since you where a kid masturbation.
    do not need roe versa waded ( in the case of rape is the only time abortion is allowed )

    got off every time i had sex on a date

  9. My sex talk with my kids was simple, there is no such thing as 100% birth control. So if you have sex, it better need with somone you want to have a baby with. I then told them that both of them were unplanned. The talk must have worked as neither had kids out of wedlock. And neither them or I are Christians. Their also liberals.

    So don’t tell me abortion is necessary. It was a choice to have sex and getting pregnant is sometimes the result. Deal with it like an adult instead of a spoiled child that won’t accept responsibility for their actions.

    I have no issues with abortion prior to 15 weeks. Only 5% of all abortions occur after that time, and allowances can be made for medical reasons. Many conservatives agree, and my liberal wife also agrees. Find common ground and move on.

    1. I will also add that the notion of an abortion being needed to say the life of the mother is non-existent. You would be hard pressed to find a legitimate doctor who has actually had to do this.

      1. Uncommon, even rare, but that does NOT equal non-existent. Less than 1%. But, if your relative or loved one’s life was threatened by a pregnancy, I guess you might admit that it does actually occur. Who knows, perhaps things that are rare simply don’t exist? Like having two different eye colors… it’s RARE, so it’s not real, right? Interesting logic. Winning the lottery is rare, so nope, never happens. I’ve never met a lottery winner, so it can’t be real. 15% of the world’s population is over six feet tall. Can’t be real.

  10. Wow. How pathetic. There is such a thing as birth control for both sexes. What this tells me is that abortion is thought of as a form of birth control. I don’t care if you are pro-choice or not…using abortion as BC is beyond acceptable. I’m glad that 1 in 5 aren’t having sex…means less woke snowflakes reproducing.

  11. Maybe this will slow or stop the breakdown of the family unit. A child needs a mother and a father. Our society will benefit from it for having better people. It all starts in the home. No one wants to say that. We need responsible parents to raise responsible children. Our nation can’t keep going as it is.

  12. Yet another feckless article attempting to scare us. Due to high interest rates, are these same folks also scared to use their credit cards? Due to high heating costs, are they afraid to use the furnace? This points out the fact that some are rabbits and are just not very responsible. I applaud them for finally becoming adults and thinking before humping.

  13. As it should be. People shouldn’t be getting pregnant just to abort their own children. That’s evil.

    Also, this “study” (purposely) doesn’t ask the right question regarding the covid-vaxxed. There are a LOT of non-vaxxed young people who refuse to even date someone who’s taken the gene therapy shot, as it’s pointless. They’re never going to marry them, as they never want to have freak deformed kids. But also, look at the fertility problems among the vaxxed now. Australia just announced a 63% decline in births in just one year,
    hecause men and women have both largely been sterilized by the shot. You think Bill Gates didn’t plan this? And the new combined 75% miscarriage / fetal demise rate in the U.S. of you do get pregnant and take the shot. Nooo, only the non-vaxxed paired with the non-vaxxed can save the world now.

  14. Seems the overturning of Roe had some positive effects Not only are people preventing pregnancy with comdoms, they’re also reducing their chances of getting some yucky STD.

  15. Interesting to know that so many people are willing to give up having sex altogether rather than use a condom to prevent pregnancy. Sort of like being willing to starve to death because mom says no more ice cream.

    1. Condoms are not 100 percent reliable, you know.

      And republican males are proving themselves to be not reliable, substandard partner material.

      1. Gonna need some facts to back that one up, since most studies show Republicans having much more productive and healthier relationships than liberals. “Various studies suggest measurable differences in the psychological traits of liberals and conservatives. Conservatives are more likely to report larger social networks, greater happiness and self-esteem than liberals, are more reactive to perceived threats and more likely to interpret ambiguous facial expressions as threatening. Liberals are more likely to report greater emotional distress, relationship dissatisfaction and experiential hardship than conservatives, and show more openness to experience as well as greater tolerance for uncertainty and disorder.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biology_and_political_orientation (I know it’s Wikipedia, but it’s the fastest collection of sources I could find)

      2. Interesting, you sound like an old Scout Sgt I worked with in Afghanistan. Complaining that the anti-malaria drug didn’t help against all forms of malaria. (It did for our region BTW) My response was that your body armor doesn’t stop all bullets but you wouldn’t dare head outside the wire without it. Condoms when used properly are over 95% effective. I’d say those are pretty good odds. Nothing is 100% effective except abstinence and I’m not even going to recommend that because I’d be a huge hypocrite. I’m almost 50 years old. I’ve used condoms with every new relationship. Never got anyone pregnant and never caught anything. I’m not against abortion by any means. However, looking at the risks and discomfort one takes when getting one…. speaking as medical professional, I’d think avoiding the pregnancy in the 1st place would be safer. As they say though, to each their own and your mileage may very.

    2. Exactly mine blowing with all the birth control options available for both male and female women would still prefer an abortion.
      And for the record, I’m a Democrat, however I cannot vote Democratic due to the fact that this party supports abortion and on top of wanting abortions they want everybody working to pay for it.

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