NEW YORK — Single Americans have taken sex into their own hands since the pandemic began — literally. A new survey claims that the average single is masturbating three times per day amid all the isolation from COVID quarantines and lockdowns.

The poll of 2,005 single (and unabashed) Americans finds three in 10 are masturbating more than once a day. However, only 14 percent are doing it just once a day. Self-pleasure has seen an uptick since March 2020, with nearly half of respondents (48%) admitting to doing it more frequently than ever before as a result of their isolation.

COVID masturbation

These solo sessions have reportedly led to some jaw-dropping orgasms. Incredibly, a third (34%) say they experienced their best orgasm ever during the pandemic.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of #LubeLife, the survey aimed to see how COVID has affected the sex lives for singles. Researchers discovered over a quarter (26%) say they are also watching more porn during the pandemic.

Prolonging a ‘dry spell’ on purpose?

Nearly half the poll (47%) say that they used to be embarrassed about masturbating. Since the pandemic began, however, they have become a lot more open to it. This new embrace likely stems from the fact that 39 percent of respondents have experienced a dry spell in their sex lives since March 2020.

Unfortunately, 59 percent of those singles say they don’t foresee breaking their dry spell any time soon, even if the pandemic went away. One in five say they want to experiment with masturbation even more.

One in 10 of those looking to extend their dry spell in a post-COVID world intend to do so because they prefer masturbating over sex now. On the other hand (no pun intended), 57 percent of those going through a dry spell are worried about having sex for the first time after not experiencing it with a partner for so long.

Making up for lost time in the bedroom

On average, those who are single say they haven’t had sex with someone else in 17 weeks — or over four months.

COVID masturbation“There are many lasting effects of the pandemic — and a lack of sex is one of them — especially for single Americans. With people being stuck inside, finding the right rhythm of masturbation has allowed people to finally explore what it is they like in the bedroom and the best ways to please themselves” says Tara Merkle, Senior Director, #Lubelife Marketing, in a statement.

Despite this increase in masturbation, 42 percent say their sex life wasn’t great in 2020. As a result, 55 percent plan on making the most out of 2021 because 2020 was such a dismal year.

As soon as lockdown measures end, 37 percent plan on finally having sex with someone. That also shouldn’t be as difficult as it may have been before 2020, as 31 percent of singles say their standards are now significantly lower when it comes to who they’ll have sex with post-pandemic. Surprisingly, three in 10 have already hooked up with someone that they’d normally never go for.

“Singles are desperate for ways to make 2021 smoother than 2020. Beyond their sex lives, singles are eager to tackle all aspects of their lives in 2021 and to finally say good-bye to 2020 for good” Merkle adds.

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  1. Trevor J says:

    A wonderful article and insight into a changing lifestyle. I’ve read that this trend has only continued and increased since 2021 in both the proportion of people masturbating throughout the day and the frequency. The self-pleasure toy industry has exploded also, as a result. I would love to read an update from you as of June 2023.