Staying in is the new ‘going out’ for weekends: 71% look forward to plans being canceled!

NEW YORK — The best weekend plans are no plans at all. A recent study of 2,000 Americans adults over 21 discovered that staying in is the new going out.

Three in four respondents agree there’s nothing better than having no plans for the weekend and 71 percent also look forward to plans being canceled so they can just stay in. While the large majority of Americans (69%) prefer to stay home on weeknights – 38 percent say they continue to be homebodies on Saturdays and Sundays.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the Idaho Wine Commission, the survey finds that two in five respondents say their homebody transition started in their 30s. Eight in ten Americans agree they actually prefer to have a night in with friends these days rather than go out on the town.

The perfect night in on a weeknight included either binge-watching TV (53%), hunkering down with a book start to finish (32%), and even going for a nice walk (30%). A perfect weekend also includes going for a walk (39%) and reading a good book (36%) – but naturally, more respondents are looking to catch up on some shut-eye and sleep in (35%).

Seventy-two percent consider their nights in with friends much-needed therapy sessions – of which they need an average of three per month to stay sane.

“Americans are deciding home is the best place to relax,” says Moya Dolsby, executive director of the Idaho Wine Commission, in a statement. “Instead of going out, they’re enjoying downtime or entertaining friends at home.”

staying in

The perfect weekend night in

In terms of what makes the perfect friends’ night in – respondents prefer a bottle of wine (70%) over a six-pack of beer (22%), a sports game (51%) over a rom-com (37%), and pizza (53%) over wings (35%).

When it comes to wine, however, 71 percent often bring a bottle of wine to a get-together so they can have a backup drink in case they don’t like anything else there – and red wine drinkers (74%) are more likely to do this than white wine drinkers (65%).

The survey also split respondents based on their wine preferences and found red wine drinkers are the most likely to be the friend to cancel plans so they can stay home (69% vs. 57% of white wine drinkers).

Red wine drinkers (74%) are also most likely to try new things compared to 61 percent of white wine drinkers, but white wine drinkers (37%) are actually more likely to be extroverts than red wine drinkers (25%).

“Spending time with friends at home is one way we’re coping through the pandemic,” Dolsby says. “It’s no surprise that 70 percent of Americans agree you should always bring a bottle of wine to a get-together—wine is a symbol of happiness and friendship.”

staying in

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