Study: Detroit unhealthiest city in U.S., San Francisco healthiest

WASHINGTON — Detroit has been touted as being “America’s Comeback City” by some since declaring bankruptcy in 2013, but a 2017 study does The Motor City no favors in its revitalization efforts. According to WalletHub, Detroit is the unhealthiest city in America, as opposed to San Francisco, which got the top grade in a study of the country’s 150 most populated cities.

To reach their findings, WalletHub graded each city using 34 categories as metrics along with a specific weight for each category. The categories were split among four groups that accounted for 25 points each: health care, food, fitness, and green space. The higher the score, the healthier the city.

Detroit is the unhealthiest city in America, according to a new study.

Categories considered in the study included mental health counselors per capita, cost of medical visit, and quality of public hospitals for health care; healthy restaurants per capita, share of obese residents, and produce consumption for categories under food; fitness clubs per capita, weight loss centers per capital, and share of residents who engage in any physical activity for categories in fitness; and quality of parks, bike score, and walking trails per capita among the categories for green space.

The top five healthiest cities in America were (1-5): San Francisco, Calif.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Scottsdale, Ariz.; Seattle, Wash.; Portland, Ore.

The unhealthiest cities were (146-150): Shreveport, La.; Laredo, TX; Memphis, Tenn.; Brownsville, TX; Detroit, Mich.

The full list from

Overall Rank City Total Score ‘Health Care’ Rank ‘Food’ Rank ‘Fitness’ Rank ‘Green Space’ Rank
1 San Francisco, CA 68.06 29 1 37 3
2 Salt Lake City, UT 67.50 27 3 3 17
3 Scottsdale, AZ 67.14 20 16 1 15
4 Seattle, WA 67.08 31 4 7 6
5 Portland, OR 65.16 49 2 18 10
6 Irvine, CA 63.96 5 11 12 14
7 Huntington Beach, CA 63.23 12 10 13 16
8 Honolulu, HI 62.67 8 5 53 11
9 Washington, DC 60.24 13 9 73 9
10 Santa Clarita, CA 59.67 10 38 44 1
11 Tempe, AZ 58.92 48 15 5 49
12 Fort Lauderdale, FL 58.87 45 17 14 21
13 Fremont, CA 58.82 21 14 35 18
14 Boise, ID 58.36 18 47 23 12
15 Minneapolis, MN 58.19 6 22 63 13
16 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 57.72 76 77 6 4
17 Denver, CO 57.65 38 13 22 27
18 Lincoln, NE 57.03 3 51 40 20
19 Madison, WI 56.99 16 33 38 19
20 Orlando, FL 56.44 94 8 19 55
21 Atlanta, GA 56.42 110 30 2 46
22 Glendale, CA 56.26 40 39 49 2
23 Santa Rosa, CA 56.25 92 20 50 5
24 Plano, TX 55.96 9 37 24 42
25 Overland Park, KS 55.76 1 88 16 95
26 Vancouver, WA 55.54 80 34 4 73
27 Tampa, FL 55.50 62 35 10 45
28 Sacramento, CA 54.66 67 12 66 22
29 San Diego, CA 54.61 53 23 41 25
30 Oakland, CA 54.41 82 6 81 39
31 Boston, MA 54.06 33 28 51 31
32 Austin, TX 53.82 30 21 56 33
33 San Jose, CA 53.78 4 18 75 64
34 Richmond, VA 53.56 52 41 28 43
35 Raleigh, NC 53.55 11 44 15 84
36 Peoria, AZ 53.46 64 106 25 7
37 Reno, NV 53.17 113 19 29 36
38 St. Louis, MO 53.02 108 49 20 28
39 Tallahassee, FL 53.01 56 119 34 8
40 Sioux Falls, SD 52.76 2 120 21 93
41 Springfield, MO 52.56 15 123 26 37
42 Miami, FL 52.46 105 7 84 51
43 Virginia Beach, VA 52.28 24 66 45 35
44 Pittsburgh, PA 51.71 23 45 33 72
45 Spokane, WA 51.64 78 48 47 29
46 St. Paul, MN 51.50 19 60 61 38
47 Gilbert, AZ 51.44 22 75 8 80
48 Chandler, AZ 51.27 32 63 11 100
49 Garden Grove, CA 51.23 36 25 88 67
50 Long Beach, CA 51.07 51 24 80 40
51 Pembroke Pines, FL 50.56 25 71 27 123
52 Rochester, NY 50.40 107 29 72 30
53 Durham, NC 50.32 58 58 36 62
54 Cincinnati, OH 50.28 119 26 31 68
55 Colorado Springs, CO 50.14 28 82 57 44
56 Chesapeake, VA 50.08 35 98 68 23
57 Worcester, MA 49.73 68 68 39 70
58 St. Petersburg, FL 49.72 66 65 30 66
59 Anaheim, CA 49.69 41 27 71 76
60 Aurora, CO 49.63 34 52 60 65
61 Las Vegas, NV 49.23 135 43 9 90
62 Oceanside, CA 49.13 73 93 32 83
63 Grand Rapids, MI 49.10 14 59 97 56
64 Henderson, NV 49.05 101 118 17 48
65 Tacoma, WA 48.96 109 54 42 77
66 Albuquerque, NM 48.52 42 56 69 58
67 Buffalo, NY 48.25 77 40 77 58
68 Anchorage, AK 47.82 100 55 99 26
69 Yonkers, NY 47.52 37 57 104 53
70 Omaha, NE 47.06 17 89 67 92
71 Glendale, AZ 46.79 79 87 86 41
72 Knoxville, TN 46.40 128 86 64 34
73 Little Rock, AR 46.23 57 122 52 63
74 Modesto, CA 46.20 122 104 54 50
75 Los Angeles, CA 45.95 70 32 109 78
76 Des Moines, IA 45.76 7 114 92 98
77 Mesa, AZ 45.66 71 78 46 112
78 Providence, RI 45.58 134 74 78 32
79 Chicago, IL 44.78 60 69 130 47
80 Tucson, AZ 44.68 121 70 65 81
81 Charlotte, NC 44.30 46 109 55 119
82 Norfolk, VA 44.15 98 79 110 54
83 Jersey City, NJ 44.15 55 31 136 94
84 Baltimore, MD 44.01 125 53 120 52
85 Phoenix, AZ 44.00 96 85 91 75
86 Port St. Lucie, FL 43.97 91 131 48 125
87 Newport News, VA 43.77 75 90 103 87
88 Huntsville, AL 43.72 123 117 70 60
89 Santa Ana, CA 43.63 95 50 119 91
90 Philadelphia, PA 43.42 126 46 131 57
91 New Orleans, LA 43.13 146 121 87 24
92 Aurora, IL 43.10 44 94 124 88
93 Irving, TX 42.91 103 72 111 99
94 Fontana, CA 42.90 133 95 83 86
95 Lexington-Fayette, KY 42.75 26 113 98 108
96 New York, NY 42.65 85 36 146 61
97 Riverside, CA 42.50 124 76 74 104
98 Garland, TX 42.50 81 62 106 114
99 Nashville, TN 42.42 54 105 101 96
100 Greensboro, NC 42.39 72 132 85 71
101 Fort Wayne, IN 42.11 47 135 62 101
102 Lubbock, TX 42.06 63 130 58 113
103 Chula Vista, CA 41.88 65 110 90 116
104 Milwaukee, WI 41.65 61 81 138 85
105 Oxnard, CA 41.55 111 80 135 79
106 Kansas City, MO 41.52 39 108 113 106
107 Ontario, CA 41.36 136 64 128 110
108 Akron, OH 41.05 74 99 132 89
109 Grand Prairie, TX 40.50 90 83 144 105
110 Arlington, TX 40.26 86 97 100 129
111 Dallas, TX 39.95 104 67 118 134
112 Jacksonville, FL 39.84 129 101 96 117
113 Cape Coral, FL 39.69 118 136 76 109
114 Columbus, OH 39.66 83 107 116 118
115 Louisville, KY 39.22 115 96 112 121
116 Wichita, KS 39.11 59 129 82 131
117 Fayetteville, NC 39.10 120 145 59 140
118 Moreno Valley, CA 39.03 137 100 142 74
119 Birmingham, AL 38.89 141 102 95 130
120 Stockton, CA 38.41 112 73 127 126
121 Houston, TX 38.37 87 103 114 138
122 Cleveland, OH 38.27 139 61 141 103
123 Amarillo, TX 38.15 88 138 121 82
124 Fort Worth, TX 37.88 106 91 108 146
125 Winston-Salem, NC 37.72 99 144 122 97
126 Columbus, GA 37.51 138 134 126 69
127 Jackson, MS 37.41 50 139 93 148
128 San Antonio, TX 37.34 84 112 115 142
129 Montgomery, AL 37.08 131 141 89 128
130 Tulsa, OK 36.97 89 125 102 136
131 Fresno, CA 36.92 132 111 123 122
132 Chattanooga, TN 36.91 144 147 79 102
133 Hialeah, FL 36.88 102 42 150 141
134 Indianapolis, IN 36.85 93 115 125 135
135 San Bernardino, CA 36.60 147 92 134 115
136 Bakersfield, CA 36.40 127 116 105 139
137 Oklahoma City, OK 35.78 69 126 129 137
138 Mobile, AL 35.61 149 148 43 149
139 El Paso, TX 35.29 116 137 117 124
140 Baton Rouge, LA 35.18 145 140 94 107
141 Augusta, GA 34.32 140 124 107 150
142 Toledo, OH 33.92 97 127 139 143
143 Newark, NJ 33.28 143 84 147 133
144 North Las Vegas, NV 32.69 142 133 145 111
145 Corpus Christi, TX 32.56 130 143 133 132
146 Shreveport, LA 32.44 114 149 137 147
147 Laredo, TX 30.65 43 146 149 127
148 Memphis, TN 29.77 150 128 140 144
149 Brownsville, TX 28.54 117 150 143 145
150 Detroit, MI 28.37 148 142 148 120

The list also included a breakdown of best and worst cities for several of the categories, including the cities with the highest and lowest costs of medical care, highest and lowest premature death rates, and highest and lowest costs of memberships to fitness centers. They also break down the weighted values per category to fully explain their methodology.


      1. Fecal matter in all kinds of places it is not supposed to be. Another Leftie made contest made to measure for the Lefties to win. You would think they would get tired of their own self-aggrandizing? But that artifically elevated self-esteem requires lots of maintenance.

          1. Hell is not that far from Detroit really (Less than an hour drive) It would most likely score higher than Detroit but not much.

        1. How can you ignore AIDS/HIV/STDs and drug addictions?

          Healthcare is different from health

          “Food” is at best subjective.

          Green Spaces in Portland and San Francisco are often/always homesteaded by the vagrants and addicts and are all up unusable

    1. STDs don’t cost nearly as much money as obesity and obesity related diseases. Everyone that’s overweight should be charged more money for insurance.

      1. With all the nasty old STDs that are now drug resistant that’s a stupid thing to say.
        The CDC isn’t calling the problem epidemic for no reason.

        1. Most recent CDC estimates report ~$147 billion annual spending on obesity related illness. ~$16 billion on STD. Or roughly 10.9% of obesity spending. While epidemics of STDs may exist (as epidemic is regional), a pandemic of obesity exists (nationwide) sending health care costs skyrocketing. If you’re upset about paying for other people’s healthcare costs, you should be more upset passing a heffer on a hoveround, than a poor person.

          1. The word is spelled, Heifer.
            Furthermore, the CDC, does NOT list AIDS as a STD. (thanks to the gay agenda)
            Just fact checking, your post.
            However, if you include HIV/AIDS treatments and related drugs?
            The numbers, are astronomically higher.

          1. I would have paid to see a great response to that one lobbed over the plate. For as smug as his response was, it was begging to be responded to with cold and calculating humor.

          2. “Here goes Happy from 9 feet. Uh oh! Here comes the putter throw! What’s this? A new, restrained Happy Gilmore.”

          3. I love how his response also shows how oblivious he was to such an easy setup. Ironically what you are saying is statistically correct, and as a conservative myself, I don’t understand why pointing to the much greater problem of obesity is a big deal. Who cares what your political lean is if you are giving proper facts in the proper context. It doesn’t mean STDs aren’t a problem as you even noted, but saying that one thing is 10 times the problem as the other is actually a damn good point.

            Additionally just in the realm of yo-momma jokes, you had a good dozen jokes that could have blistered as responses.

            Have a good one brother.

          4. I am a middle of the road pragmatist. So refreshing to hear from a voice of reason on the right. Thank you. I’ve been given the impression recently that all hard data contrary to one’s beliefs was disbarred from the Republican Party.

          5. Well when Trump was elected, I was sent a giant bucket and told I had to carry water for him. I kept misplacing the bucket though, so they are very very angry at me. 🙂

            As I get older, the hardness of the edges of my conservatism seem to smooth out. As I get more dedicated to my church I’m starting to understand what one of my associate pastors said about his politics. He said he was too conservative for liberals and too liberal for conservatives because he tries his best to follow what Jesus actually preached, and it’s at times anathema to a rigid left/right ideology.

            Ironically though I feel like I can be friends with everyone because what you believe is less important to me than how you treat other people and there are truly decent people on both sides, and truly indecent people on both sides. I’ve found that politics is not as much a predictor of human kindness as many would like to pretend it is. I still consider myself more right than left though because of my economics degree pushing me towards the siren’s call of Adam Smith, Bastiat and Hayek.

            I feel enriched from having made your acquaintance. Have a good one, and let me know how pragmatism works out for you. I find it not pragmatic enough. Ha!

      2. Of course you are right about the cost of being obese but in this Scared New World you are not allowed to tell someone they are FAT. It might hurt their feelings.

        1. A month supply of Odefsey costs around 3k, a 90 day supply of Complera costs about 7k. Hard facts, just check with your pharmacist.

          1. You are correct, however, it’s more than that. I work at a Children’s hospital and much of the mental health needs for Children (at least the very young ones) don’t always stem from drug use (unless it’s the effects of their parent’s drug use) and the abuse that comes from that.

          2. The toxins are coming at them via food, water and air. Then they get toxic vaccines shoved in them. They don’t stand a chance and us adults let them be abused. We do NOTHING about this assault on them. Ignorance seems to be the devil’s sandbox.

    2. Between you, “Booshcat”, and “DerRotMax”, you covered the reasons I thought that the list was BS. Thank you.

    3. Old and retired people can’t afford to live there, they retire to cities and states with lower costs of living.

    4. More importantly Fukushima Fallout was not included in the metrics of this study… Those Ocean currents do travel from from Japan to the Pacific West Coast of North America.

    5. I lived in SF for over a decade…you have no idea how accurate your statement is. I know someone that was stabbed with a used syringe by a homeless illegal while walking home through the TL. Turns out they wound up contracting HIV. I personally saw more feces, needles, dopefiends and dead bodies in SF than I care to revisit. This piece of trash article is leftist insanity.

    6. Not to mention the toxicity of the air. I left the Bay Area over 8 years ago for a place in the country. It took 3 months for the garbage my body had accumulated from the air there to exit out of my system. I will tell you how bad. My sweat literally stung my skin. Yes, that bad. People don’t know what healthy is until you get away from areas with heavy auto traffic.

    7. Once again, another progressive liberal piece full of lies and clap trap babble. This is a cesspool city without a doubt. Over the last 20-years, we have saved approximately $8,000 and used those savings to visit other locations mostly outside the state.

    8. Not to mention illegal aliens in a “sanctuary city” bringing in Tuberculosis and all kinds of diseases that were once extinct in America.

      Minneapolis – another town full of illegal aliens festering with TB.

    1. Detroit was once known as the “Paris of the West” because of its culture, art and architecture. Detroit at one time had the highest per capita income in the U.S. After 60 years of democrat control, it has been gutted and bankrupt.

        1. The downtown area is roaring back….MAJOR revival! You get out of the downtown area and NOTHING has really changed…

          1. Just hope you don’t have any car breakdown, or are purposely involved in accident on your way to or from downtown. Downtown is very safe, getting there and back to the suburbs is where the danger lies.

  1. The hell you say! You mean having insurance doesn’t guarantee good health?! I’ll be damned. Being a healthcare professional in MI, I can honestly state that there are more enrolled in ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid in Detroit than most of the rest of the state.

    1. Maybe Detroit will take a hint from Kalifonia and secede too. The rest of the State will be glad to help them pack. As long as they take Dearborn with them.

      1. Please don’t take Dearborn away. Burn it to the ground. Get rid of the filth and vermin. Make way for rebuilding for Mideast Christians!!

  2. USS Independence used in Bikini Island atomic weapons test was towed and sunk off the coast of San Francisco. Bay Area women especially in Marin County have abnormally high rates of invasive breast cancer. Being a sanctuary city, San Francisco County has the highest case rate of tuberculosis. 3.5 times the national average. Also SF has higher than average occurrence of MRSA. And new cases of Zika are on the rise.

  3. San Francisco, Portland, Seattle…They may be physically “healthy”, but mental & social FREAKS. I prefer to chow down on some yummy Memphis BBQ any day and chat with normal people. But thats just me.

  4. San Francisco….!??? I presume they’ve cleared out the stench of human sewage..!!?? Does the Kate Steinle family agree with this finding…??
    Who funded the study… the LGBQT community…???

  5. Just because SF has more mental health counselors per capita doesn’t make it a healthier city. In fact, you could argue that the fact that there is a market for so many more is indicative of the reverse.

    1. Nah, this piece is utter trash. You know for fact the “author” never walked down Ofarell, Post, 6th or any of the other grimy streets (80 percent of SF).

  6. Well, San Francisco’s stellar score is surely due to it’s population of illegals drawn there to bask in it’s “sanctuary city” glow, as well as it’s magnetic attraction to all the homeless who enjoy the freedom to defecate and urinate everywhere in public, unfettered by any city attempts to curtail it. That’ll bring good “health” grades every time.

  7. Judging by the well-thought-out responses to this word salad of a story, I think we can conclude that this is Fake News!

  8. I think I would be a little skeptical of all those California cities listed there. Probably brought to you by the same people that had Hillary +4 on election night.

  9. Another famously questionable study, full of made up, skewed and distorted metrics to support an a priori conclusion. How much taxpayer funds were used to support the derelicts who composed this fable?

  10. Spent eighteen months working in healthcare in Detroit. Forest most dangerous city in my experience. I have been in every State but three. Will never return to Detroit!!!

  11. Huh, it sure looks most of the top ranked cities in this study by WalletHub are also where most of their customer base is located, but that surely doesn’t have any impact on the study results, no way, right?

  12. No problem. All the folks in Detroit should simply illegally immigrate to Windsor Canada right across the border. They can have a better life and collect some nice benefits from the Canadian government. No problem right? right?

  13. Most of the cities at the bottom of the list are highly dependent on welfare.

    From working as a cashier I can tell you that when food is “free” people make very poor choices. When they are spending their hard earned money don’t have much of it, people tend to focus on getting the most nutrition for the buck…people on food stamps buy whatever they want. Most monthly food stamp allotments are about double what our average non-food stamp customer spends.

    There is one notable exception…American senior citizens rarely have food stamps, and when they do the amounts are so low it is hardly worth it for them to swipe the card.

    Yes, I can see how much you are getting in food stamps, along with your WIC and cash balances when you swipe your card.

  14. No mention of mental health – I have a feeling frisco and seattle would be positioned much, much lower.

        1. And “Soulman” Young is still idolized by the black residents (about 85% of the pop.) of the city even though he presided over the almost total disintegration of the city. If Young pulled the plug, Kwame slammed the coffin shut!!

          1. White trash like yourself is much worse. No racial barriers to overcome and yet you’re still completely worthless and toxic.

  15. There’s a reason why areas dominated by dark skins are dirty, dangerous areas. DIVERSITY means chasing out White people and destroying once fabulous cities.

  16. Did they consider the street bums in SanFran. What about the feces,urine and used needles. What a load of crap. Healthy restaurants who defines healthy. I bet in SF it’s the t of the meal. Why not look at the health of the serfs and peasants that serve the wealthy.

  17. SF??? I’m calling bullshit. Green space? Are you kidding me? Because of the gay population the std rate is huge. The drug addicts also raise the STD and AIDS rate. A huge homeless problem makes the sidewalks smell like urine and you have to be careful as to not step in HUMAN feces. And don’t think about leaving anything valuable in view in your car or it will be stolen. Who ever did this study needs to lay off the bong!

  18. San Francisco scores high due to vigorous cardio workouts resulting from fleeing aggressive street people. Also the prevalence of brand new running shoes necessitated by stepping in human waste with the old pair encourages more frequent trips to gym. Reasonable meal portions due to queasy internal feeling from paying $4000 for a studio apartment. And most gay dudes are flat-out ripped.

    1. Are you questioning the validity of a scientific study which has been compiled by WalletHub?

      I’ll have you know WalletHub was instrumental in the planning of campaign stops and optimizing advertising dollars for the Crooked Hillary Presidential Campaign.

      Thanks, WalletHub!

      1. Apparently the feared increase in suicides prompted the increase during the election. With all the liberal histrionics I wouldn’t think the politicians are ready to cut the staffing increase just yet.

  19. WAKE THE FORK UP PEOPLE! The study was put out by a Personal finance and investment firm WalletHub.
    Their customer base has a large percentage of silicon valley techies. The study is just corporate propaganda to make their customers feel good about themselves and where they live. It’s just part of an advertising campaign.

  20. Detroit is also one of the blackest cities in America…. I think if you analyze the list you’ll find the least healthiest cities are populated by blacks and Mexicans

  21. Whale biscuits. I live in Omaha and we are the testing grounds for restaurants so food diversity is over the top. We have bike trails, fitness clubs and the percentage of fitness to unfit in Omaha would be a zip code argument. How Lincoln Nebraska gets so much further up the list alone calls into question the entire process.

  22. “Food” and “GreenSpace” appear to be weighted disproportionately; one’s access to “fitness” and “health care” should be more important, unless you think a person is not chiefly responsible for his/her own health.

  23. “Gym memberships” may be higher in those cities, but that does not, I know this for a fact, translate into “gym use.”

  24. What a total load of BS this list is. San Fran, Portland, Seattle? Yeah, talk about shooting your credibility in the arse at first glance…………….

  25. WE’RE NUMBER ONE!!!!!
    Glad we won something.
    Congrats to the city to my south.
    Well done Detroit!

  26. My only problem with this survey is the points awarded for “green” spaces. That one is the only reason SF is above SLC when SLC clearly has better healthy outcomes. What good is rating how many green spaces you have if your fitness score is 37th.

    Woopie we have green spaces, which apparently few are utilizing. It would be like rating a city based on how much exercise equipment was bought last year, not actual time spent exercising. Yes their can be a correlation, but it can’t be assumed. This is similar to the WHO ranking on healthcare including as a heavily weighted metric: Distribution of care. So a country with shitty outcomes is ranked higher than one without universal healthcare, because even though the outcomes are worse and the quality is worse, at least everyone has access to the shitty care…

  27. “Categories considered in the study included mental health counselors per capita…”
    San Fran? Let’s see here. 5 for every resident?
    That would be, an underestimate, for those whiney, diaper wearing, freaks.
    And yes, you can see them, on every street corner.

  28. all those mental health counselors in san francisco and yet the thousands of deranged mental cases still walk the streets urinating where they will and doing their drugs also at will and in public. What a joke of a study! Was the metric which included the mentally deranged and snowflakes deliberately overlooked so as to guarantee frisco the 1st place?

  29. Just look at the catagories for how they calculated this… that green space number is pathetic. Chicago is not a “green space” of any sort. They have long crowded trail by the lake… that’s it. All they calculated here is how much BS space (weight loss centers LOL!, fitness clubs per capita, quality of parks) WTF is this? This is no measurement I take seriously. Real fitness and health is measured by the room and distance of the path you stomp or roll on. Not rat cages with exercise wheels.

  30. I work at a food bank about an hour from Detroit and what I’ve observed is that those utilizing the facility are all overweight and are only wanting fast food. Fresh frozen meat is offered and is never taken. As a nurse, I take blood pressures for those requesting to have one done, and they are all bordering on hypertension. A few have very high blood pressures, do not take their prescribed bp medication and are severely overweight.

    1. It is illegal to feed the animals in a park for the same reason it should be illegal to have government funded welfare. The beneficiaries become fat, lazy and unable to feed themselves without a helping hand.

  31. This chart sucks. Don’t you know how to lock the header while we scroll through the data so that we don’t have to remember what each column is?

  32. The study is not about health-it’s about accessibility of western medicine, parks and walking trails. Drug use is rampant in S.F. both legal and legal, so is eating disorders. Many people have to put up with the daily noise and congestion of redevelopment. Public transportation, when it comes, takes forever. Many are stressed out with the high cost of living. S.F. is a sick City.

  33. These fiction reports are always a joke. Among other factors, Cleveland has a top 5 hospital system for the entire world and yet this report ranks them 141 in healthcare. Clearly the CCF didnt buy an add in this issue like the magazine wanted them to!

  34. Born and raised in Detroit… I loved that city!

    Now when some one asks where I was raised, I simply reply, Shithole of the United States’

  35. Duh! What would you expect from a 85% black city run by blacks? Have you ever read the JAMA study on the percentage of black women and men with STDs? Disgusting, but not shocking

  36. Give me a break it either now or later. Wait until the end of the day and ask that same question as the button start to move down and the room gets warmer.

  37. I stayed out of Detroit for years when I lived in Oakland county. Once I strayed south across 8-mile road and was scared sh#tless.

  38. Yeah, San Francisco is “healthy” if you don’t count all the vagrants, street people, drug addicts, etc. Not to mention the city ranks very low with per capita children so child illnesses are a much smaller subset to drag down San Francisco’s “health index”.
    And it also looks like what the article is saying is the study emphasized health care “infra-structure” which is NOT a real metric of how healthy the population actually is because the assumption is if there are high-end healthcare facilities, food and amenities available, the local citizens would be healthier. I want to see a real independent study documenting that reality if that’s being assumed in this study case. Sounds like smoke-and-mirrors given the extremely high incidences of STDs and HIV infections in the city.

  39. This the biggest bogus study I ever heard. SF a healthy city? They have people defecating and urinating in the streets. They had street poles collapse from corrosion, from all the urine on them.

    They have IV drug users dropping syringes all over. They have one of the highest rates in the entire country for HIV.

    This study brought to you by unicorns and faeries who live in fantasyland.

  40. Your data would also be factual if you included the racial characteristics. Detroit MI is about 84% Negro and if you add this to all the cities there may be a significant dependent variable in the data.

  41. Clearly they only called those wealthy enough to afford to buy homes in over priced San Francisco. The city street signs are falling over from excess urine erosion. Sorry, but I’m not buying this conclusion.

  42. Why isn’t Detroit ranked 1st in “green space”……..there are so many abandoned neighborhoods, that
    nature has taken over whole swaths of the city….population went from 1.8 million in 1950 down to
    700,000 in 2016…..with the trees, weeds, and urban wildlife(rats,blacks,etc)..there is plenty of
    Green space.

      1. It is reprehensible, as a black over 68 years old who was raised(and still lives) in the
        South I know first hand what happened to Detroit. I have family who have lived in detroit
        since the early 1900’s…and I know scores of blacks who migrated in the 50’s and NOW have returned to OLD DIXIE(God’s country). My father was an early civil rights leader,
        who didn’t follow the communist branch of whites,blacks,and jews, that TOOK OVER
        the Civil Rights movement just before MLK’s assasination. He predicted the outcome
        that we see today and was labeled an uncle tom. We watched as liberal blacks
        destroyed the best city in the USA for BLACKS. When Coleman Young took over he
        removed conservative blacks who were business men…..these BLACKs were the first
        to leave Detroit(not the whites). I could go on..but what is the point…what’s done is

  43. These rankings are based on left-wing metrics for “health”. What is “food” and “health care”? None of this is about how long people live or how robust they are in their different stages of life. San Francisco (proper) is so rich it will naturally have the best health care and expensive food. Those who live outside but work in San Fran probably won’t score so high on this (questionable) scale. NOTE the rich Scottsdale vs the not so rich Phoenix/Mesa. A lot of the people move to Scottsdale for health reasons, mayo clinic and cleaner/drier air. But, those people are not healthy by any means.

  44. golly. No wonder the homeless go to San Francisco.

    But, what about where the really really rich are. You know, where they have their own private MRI and staff on standby and cardiac specialists on staff, and home IV clinics to receive transfusions of healthy blood from organically fed teenagers?

    Classism I say.

  45. Yep a working mans city is last and a freeloaders Paradise is #1 gotta love study’s. Just like Climate change you can make a study say whatever you want it to.

  46. Briefly lived in SF and literally saw a guy sitting on the sidewalk shooting up heroin while I was walking to the grocery store. And a guy got dismembered and stuffed into a suitcase a block away. This was only a couple blocks from the Twitter HQ. Regularly had to sidestep defecation wherever I went. And it really didn’t seem that unusual.

  47. There is no such thing as a healthy city when you consider the geo-engineering (Chemtrails) which involves the spraying of the entire globe including weather modification using HAARP. There is no place to hide from the nano particles of barium, strontium, aluminum dioxide, and other toxins in our skies. No filtration can stop the contaminates that are too small to filter. The population is being slowly poisoned by not only chem-trails but our weaponized food system (processed and fast foods) with ingredients meant to make you sick, fluoride in the city water supplies and glyphosates in wells around the country from Monsanto round up weed killer (agent orange ingredients) (people must be weeds because it’s killing us too), mercury ladened vaccines, mercury fillings in our mouths. food dyes, hair spray, plastic water bottles with BPA a estrogen mimicking chemical sterilizing men. polyester clothing and so on. Until they stop spraying us healthy is an illusion. Eugenics is a reality. This is just sales pitch propaganda for realtors wanting you to move to SF and sell you land and housing in the most expensive place to live in the US….SF.

  48. Used to love francisco It is now a dump with mental patients controlling the streets, not to mention the elite are light years ahead financially than the the working and middle class.

  49. something really skewed with this ranking system – Baltimore is a hellhole, from one end to the other. I drive thru it every month and pray i don’t get a flat tire, with all the potholes and run down sections of town. I imagined it was what Detroit looks like, from the photos i’ve seen of Detroit
    Yet Baltimore scored a 44.00????

  50. This is healthy the same way Michelle Obama’s ridiculous lunches were “healthy.” Trendy stupidity doesn’t equate to actual health.

  51. Bwahahahaha ….Riiiiiiight This is such Bravo Sierra. Sorry lefties, the gay lifestyle is the opposite of a healthy lifestyle. There’s a reason it’s known as San Fran Sicko. This is akin to the morons in Hollywood congratulating, honoring and giving awards to each other.

  52. Washington DC? really. The cost per health unit has to be by far the highest in the nation, that is the amount of money the government spends per local versus the amount actually produced by that or collected by that local. Washington DC is is a disgrace. Liberals and Conservatives alike should be disgusted by what DC has become.

  53. Completely arbitrary criteria…..some of the California cities mentioned are disgusting and full of gang members…

    1. In the words of Frank Carter. It makes me violently angry when I see you alive
      You’re a fucking mistake, you’re an embarrassment mate
      You think you’re funny and you’re clever but you’re just a disgrace

      I wanna hit you with the force of an asteroid from space
      I wanna fall out of the sky right into your stupid face
      I wanna smash you like extinction as if you life was just a waste
      I wanna be a fucking dagger right between your shoulder blades
      I fucking hate you #4

  54. The science is cystal clear as global warming, eating anus and men sticking their manhood where another man defecates is not healthy. Obviously the study avoided lifestyle habits and STD’s

  55. No one in their right mind would look at the data on STDs, drug and alcohol abuse, crime, homelessness and pollution and conclude that San Francisco is the healthiest anything, let alone at all comparable to Salt Lake City on any of those criteria.

  56. San Francisco the healthiness, huh???

    The extreme cost of living in San Francisco has made many people homeless.

    There are homeless camps everywhere and the crime rate has soared.

    Illegal aliens everywhere!

    H1Bs everywhere!

    These statistics are worthless!

    Have a nice day…

  57. Well Detroit and Memphis are near totally populated with dope smoking /Viggers, and Laredo and Brownsville are populated by fat illegal Mexicans, really would you expect anything different from dead last.

  58. The air in Detroit contains a very large amount of heavy metals. Specifically lead and copper in large chunks traveling anywhere from 900 ft./s to about 3000 ft./s. Combine that with broken crack pipes and dirty needles that litter the ground, it sure impacts the health of a city.

  59. Dear Detroit: Call Chelsea. She wrote a book “Governing Global Health: Who Runs the World and Why?”. Of course a news report says she does not answer the question in the book, so you just know she is looking for a consulting gig (fees paid in advance, If I know the Clintons), and she is a Democrat. You can thank me later.

  60. The criteria look very flawed to me: I don’t believe that the number of health clubs or number of weight loss centers correlates to overall health. In fact it could indicate the opposite; there’s a greater need for such amenities where physical fitness or weight is unhealthy. Norway might not have as many health clubs or weigh loss centers as a typical US city, but that wouldn’t make it a less healthy place to live. I think the fact that SF comes out on top by itself is an indication of errors in the studies’ premises. The criteria used over weight a consumptive society that purchases health indicators, and under values health in those communities where, say, outdoor activities that aren’t purchased aren’t counted. If every single person in a community hiked in the mountains every day, this study would weight them as being unhealthy if they don’t have a lot of fitness clubs or weight loss centers. Fail.

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