Jam on! Study finds this type of music makes dogs happiest

GLASGOW, Scotland — If a chewing treat or rubber toy isn’t getting the job done when it comes to exciting your pooch, turning on the radio just might do the trick. Just be careful as to which station you put on. A study finds dogs can be particular when it comes to the type of music they prefer.

Researchers out of the University of Glasgow in Scotland, along with folks at the Scottish SPCA, found that reggae and soft rock topped the canine charts, though certain dogs do seem to have various tastes. “We were keen to explore the effect playing different genres of music had, and it was clear that the physiological and behavioural changes observed were maintained during the trial when the dogs were exposed to a variety of music,” said PhD student Amy Bowman in a release.

The musical experimentation took place at the SPCA in Dumbarton, Scotland, where researchers studied how dogs there responded to different styles of music.

“Overall, the response to different genres was mixed highlighting the possibility that like humans, our canine friends have their own individual music preferences,” said Professor Neil Evans. “That being said, reggae music and soft rock showed the highest positive changes in behaviour.”

Back in 2015, the Scottish SPCA also released a study showing classical music had a calming effect on dogs. Researchers at Colorado State University reached the same conclusion in a 2012 study. That study also found heavy metal boosted anxiety and unrest in dogs.

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      1. No, sir. It was indeed I that let the dogs out. I intend to let them out again tomorrow as well, if it pleases me, so burger off.

      2. Mike, I have known for years that it was you who let the dogs out. In fact, everyone knows it was you. This whole pretending ignorance thing has been very awkward, and I am glad it is finally over.

        1. Dean, it was you that neglects cleaning up the dog sh!t, it was I who stepped in it. Mike, what do you feed that beast?

      1. From the same people that brought you hundred million dollars to put shrimp on treadmills comes: dogs like easy listening….

  1. Reggae music that dogs like? Or all the second hand ganja smoke the dogs inhale in the room of the PEOPLE listening to reggae music?

    Be happy…

  2. Stupidest thing I’ve read all day. Dogs…their #1 concern in life should be depending on some jackwad human for their care. Man’s best friend…Pfft!! Dear God…please, please…don’t bring me back as a dog.

    1. Sounds like you don’t like dogs so I pray you never get one because I’m sure you would not be a good parent to it..they love attention and love walks,all the things you don’t like..

        1. My dog was a best friend. Far from me being a master. He listened to me and Leah’s tried to make me happy as I also did to him. People are so stupid at times

          1. Dogs get a free pass at the Pearly Gates for having to put up with such humans as these ‘researchers” while on Earth.

    2. Wow. You really are missing out.

      “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” -Anatole France

    1. Saved? These dogs are treated better than most humans. They’re not injecting a virus into them and putting them back in a cage like rats. Plus, these recent studies as well as other valuations point out that dogs are more capable of understanding/identifying the mannerisms/emotions of the people they associate with than once thought. Or we could spend $1.2 million to assess the effects of microgravity on sheep that Obama approved in 2015.

      1. Actually, they do inject dogs with viruses, keep and torture them in cages like rats. They do horrible things to dogs in the name of science. It’s just not talked about much. Check out the Beagle Freedom Project (bfp.org). They torture many breeds of dogs in the name of science. It truly is horrific. Look up some videos of this stuff. It’s mortifying. The amount of animals this is happening to is devastating. And it’s happening everywhere in the U.S. and all over the world. Texas A&M was just caught in a massive scandal about their horrific abuse to dogs in the name of science. Disgusting.

        1. Dogs are used to train medics to treat soldiers wounded during combat. I would prefer they use something totally useless such as women wearing pink hats marching/strolling in large groups.

  3. This could be. I had a dog years ago that was very partial to Johnny Cash for some reason. She would stare at the speakers whenever he came on, and then go lay by them.

  4. Meh, dunno. I’m reluctant to accept the “physiological and behavioural changes” as proof the claims are legitimate. How can these researchers be sure said changes mirror those we think mirror those of humans? IOW, isn’t that what we’re being asked to accept? No evidence is offered here, far as I can see.

  5. No wonder college tuition is so high these days. Wasting money on this type of junk. This is why I am against funding college tuitions for anyone to any college.
    Instead of ever bringing up helping pay for tuitions, all Congress people should be investigating why colleges are so expensive. This stupid stuff is one reason and they waste lots of money like this as well as over-paying the profs.

    1. You do realize the school is in Scotland, right? Tuition for U.K. Residents is very cheap. Even for American students a great value similar in price to a state school.

  6. When on vacation, I would board our Old English Sheepdog with the breeder and owner of Canada’s #1 French Poodle. They claimed their dogs preferred country/western in
    their kennel.

  7. I thought that pink “p.ssy hats” made them happy, a lot were wearing them the other day in DC and other left wing cities.

  8. Pretty sure my dog would prefer listening to me whistle or the sound of a can opener over reggae any day, mon.

  9. Animals don’t experience music. Scientists have tested music preference before with monkeys are there is no preference. Animals prefer whatever is more quiet regardless of its beat or what key it is in or whatever emotional quality there is for a particular genre.

  10. My first thought, like many others im sure was, “who pays for this kinda of crap research”? As I read a bit further I learned it was the Kilt wearing Scott’s whose tax payer money was wasted and thought “what a bunch of maroons.” Moments later thoug, I realized that this has already been studied in the States and “hmmm….wonder how much money they got from some obscure government agency to come to the conclusion that music can affect behaviour in animals.”

  11. “Not to hurt our humble brethren [the animals] is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission: to be of service to them whenever they require it.” ~ St Francis, God’s Covenant with Animals, Lantern Books, 2000, xii

  12. I’m pretty sure the ability to lick ones own sack or cooch would be the happiest moment at that particular time. If I was licking my sack, I could listen to Katy Perry all day and not be aggravated.

  13. In Hawaii, our unofficial national flower is Marijuana. Dogs often like being around the odor or even eating it, and listening to JaWaiian or Reggae music tunes.

  14. My dogs prefer Mozart over all other music types. Rap and heavy metal causes them to go to the door and bark to be let out. The further the dogs go from the source of the music, the more I know they don’t like it. Mozart they lay right in the middle of the living room floor and kick back totally relaxed.

    In other music type studies, plants thrive best with classical type music. This is due to the mathematical vibration timing effects. Humans, dogs, plants. all thrive under, perfect order and timing, well constructed to harmonize within the positive ions in our universe.

    It’s the ‘timing and rhythm’ and four-four timing at a moderate meter which produces a vibration/peace within all living things.

  15. I could have saved them the money. My brother has found a correlation between milk quality and volume based on the music he plays in the barn. They did well with classical, country western and soft rock. The farmer did best with just the country western and soft rock so that’s what they listen to all the time.

  16. all people should strive to be the person their dog believes them to be. My rescue dog is the best and is a source of giving ( and receiving ) never ending love

  17. A smart phone and a Bluetooth speaker, how much can that cost? Okay maybe some paper and pencil. Geez I could do that study for under $10000.00.

  18. The more the music sounds like it comes from “animals”, the more animals will identify with the sounds. And Charles Darwin is smiling since some of us still look, think, and sound like apes or animals.

  19. ……AND the top song that made dogs the MOST happy …………………. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin !!!!

  20. The article neglected to mention that the dogs were significantly less happy with reggae if nobody was available to light their spliff.

  21. But what about birds? I had a yucca tree removed and in the process of getting rid of it, the workers found a nest with a baby bird in it. They brought a baby swallow to my wife in the house. My wife took care of it, feeding it cat food. No, the bird did not try to meow gratuitously. But it matured nicely in her care. When it started flying into mirrors and walls, we decided to release it to the cruel world outside. So, I got it to perch on my finger and I walked out to the backyard. Once outside, the now mature swallow left my finger perch and flew around in sheer joy. Then as we watched, it circled the house three times and headed south. We figured that our bird experience was over. However, a year went by and in the following Spring when we were outside again. We spotted a swallow circling our house. My wife said, “Look our swallow came back from Argentina!” Sure enough, when I put out my finger, it flew down to my hand and perched on my finger. We were amazed! I marched into the house with the swallow on my finger and the swallow quickly headed for the cat food. Then it flew up to my finger again, opened its beak and meowed at me. Yep, it was the same swallow. He didn’t even send a card from Argentina! Thinking of swallow and swallowing I wonder how hard it would be to swallow this one.

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