Survey: Average person washes sheets every 24 days, but single men wait more than 6 weeks!

While women change linens two days after a one-night stand, men take 18 days to lay down a new set!

RALEIGH, N.C. — How long is too long when it comes to not washing your sheets? A new survey finds that the average American waits more than three weeks before throwing their linens in the wash — though men tend to wait far longer than women.

Researchers from Mattress Advisor, a website that helps consumers shop for the right mattress, surveyed more than 1,000 Americans on their sheet-washing habits and opinions.

Person laying in bed
How often do you change your sheets? A new survey finds that the average American waits about 24 days, but single men wait more than six weeks to change theirs.

They found that the average person changes their sheets every 24 days, which may sound like a long time — but survey respondents indicated that they didn’t consider it to be “gross” until a whopping 35 days without being cleaned.

When it came to survey results by gender, it was clear that women care more about having a more sanitary sleeping arrangement than men. Women surveyed tended to wash their sheets about every 19 days, while men on average waited nearly 30 days.

The results were even more lopsided when measured by relationship status. Married couples typically change their linens every 20 days, while single respondents leave theirs on the mattress for 37 days before a much-needed cleaning. Single men were especially dirty, changing sheets every 45 days, about 10 days longer on average than single women.

Interestingly, people who were in a relationship, but not married do the chore every 21.8 days.

Women were also cleaner when it came sheets soiled from sexual activity. They usually washed their sheets about four days after having sex, while men kept them on for 11.7 days on average. But 48.6% of men who knew they were going to get busy after a night out on the town made sure to put a clean set down before heading out. Only 39.1% of women did the same.

As for habits when it comes to one night stands, women made sure to redo their beds about two days after the deed was done, while men waited 18 days to put down a new set of sheets.

Among the more bizarre findings, respondents who indicate they sleep naked and don’t shower before bed were among the cleaner folks (thankfully). They change sheets every 19.4 days. Meanwhile, those who admit they drool when they sleep don’t seem to mind the browning of their pillows. Those folks change their pillowcases every 31.8 days on average!

All that said, hopefully the findings will encourage you to be more mindful of your own habits. If not, consider this: the average human oozes 26 gallons of sweat into his or her sheets each year, and sheds 10 grams of skin every day. Break out the extra detergent, everyone!


  1. I change them every time CNN talks negatively about the president. So, right now, it’s about every half hour…..

  2. I only hire a maid once a year. Weird though, I never get the same lady, the service company always says something about death by double pneumonia.

  3. GROSS!!!! The practice is to change sheets weekly!!!! Generally, Americans use to bathe/shower at least 5 days a week! Any changes to these practices are a result of the growing cultural “diversity” that we seem to be experiencing within the past 20 yrs!!!!

  4. What’s the point of this survey and story unless that is a recommendation, pluses and minuses of specific time frames?

  5. Twice a week during the summer, once a week during the winter. I love taking shower, then going to bed with clean sheets.

    1. You said it!!!! I love taking a shower and getting under clean sheets!!! One of my personal all time treats!!!!!

    2. Me too.

      Especially if they were hung in the wash line outside, there is nothing like the smell of sun dried sheets

  6. Once a week and shower before bed, but my darling wife changes the sheets, bamboo sheets love them and always sleep naked.

    Nasty people hmmmmm.🙈

  7. I must be crazy then. I do mine every week. Strip the bed and wash sheets & P/cases! Jesus, how can U get a good shower then lay on sheets 20 days old. Especially in summer! Dirt bags must really “STANK”!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I think this is due to America’s new cultural diversity!!! We change sheets weekly!!! It even traditional to take the Saturday night bath in preparation for church on Sunday!!!!!!! That was cultural!

    2. If you shower before bed every night your sheets should stay clean longer. Also by making a bed like most people do ….that actually contributes to an unclean environment. It allows all those undesirables to proliferate from a scientifically proven point of view.

    1. Another CONSERVATARDDDD..Did you read the article about who sponsored the study, or are you just hopelessly conservatarted?

  8. I change the cardboard in my street house about as often as they deliver a refrigerator in my part of town, but I do change my newspaper sheets every time the Sunday addition comes out. The coupon section is my favorite.

  9. Wearing PJs and socks makes a big difference on how quickly sheets get dirty. Sleep naked… wash sheets weekly; wear PJs and socks, monthly is fine.

      1. Obviously you know that PJs are pajamas. They are a choice and when younger, I slept naked. But sheet took the body oils and dirt… needed washing each week. But as an older person, light PJs and thin socks keep me more comfortable in my 35 degree bedroom in Winter. They also absorb the body oils so sheets do not get dirty nearly so quickly. Makes sense, your choice.

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