Survey: 4 in 10 adult Americans still sleep with teddy bear

ST. LOUIS — Though many might never admit it publicly, a new survey finds that four in ten adult Americans still sleep with a teddy bear at night. And many of those bears are the same bears kept from childhood.

The popular custom teddy bear outlet Build-A-Bear Workshop commissioned a new survey with over 2,000 Americans to gauge their views on their furry friends, and came away with some surprising findings.

Girl with teddy bear in field
Four in ten American adults still sleep with a stuffed animal, a new survey finds.

More than half of the survey participants indicated they currently owned a stuffed animal, and 40 percent indicated the toy joins them at bedtime. Perhaps most surprisingly, most of the plush toys out there are no spring chickens — 56 percent of those polled said that they’ve held onto their favorite stuffed animal from childhood for at least two decades.

This perhaps is a reflection of the fact that 72 percent of respondents want to keep their stuffed animal forever.

As for the feelings and emotions associated with one’s stuffed animal, 30 percent said that they thought of comfort, 22 percent thought of the person who gave them the toy, and 19 percent thought about the appearance of their most dear animal.

Geography played a minor role in determining one’s likelihood of having a plush animal, with 75 percent of adults in the southern U.S. owning such a toy, compared to 72 percent of those in the midwest and 70 percent of those in  northeastern states.

“As children develop independence from their parents, they still yearn for a secure bond with something. In many cases, children turned to stuffed animals, including teddy bears, to help them through this transition,” says best-selling author Dr. Shefali Tsabary of the survey’s findings in a press release.

“As we enter adulthood and leave home for the first time, it’s not surprise that the same object re-enters our life, providing comfort while also helping us work through feelings of uncertainty as we transition into a new life stage,” adds Tsabary.

The survey, conducted in August ahead of National Teddy Bear Day (Sept. 9), was carried out by a third-party firm on behalf of Build-A-Bear.

About a quarter of respondents had children between the ages of five and 10.


  1. This is the very definition of “fake news” and an example of a paid ad masquerading as a news story. Commissioned by Build A Bear Workshop (TM), indeed.

  2. Daniel Steingold, 40% of the adults you associate with sleep with a teddy bear. Other than that, this is nothing but pure Liberal BS. Just off yourself and make all of our lives better for it.

  3. “As we enter adulthood and leave home for the first time, it’s not surprise that the same object re-enters our life, providing comfort while also helping us work through feelings of uncertainty as we transition into a new life stage,” adds Tsabary.
    The object that re-enters normal peoples’ lives for those reasons is called The Holy Bible.
    Love Trumps Hate. John 3:16. MAGA!

  4. So what if someone wants to cuddle to their stuffed animal. Please, you live your life and if I’m not causing harm to anyone let me live my life. Maybe you think we need more regulations in regards to stuffed animals? Mind your own fing business!

  5. 2,000 Americans from where, San Franscisco? 40% of adult Americans DO NOT sleep with Teddy bears. Drudge sure is starting to link to a lot of garbage sites. Breitbart is 10 times better.

  6. What in the actual phuck? Not possible. I might believe 20%. Here in the south women don’t do it because they are holding onto their man. As for single men, maybe democrats, I don’t know, I don’t have any liberal or democratic friends. Phucking pansies !!!

  7. Now, this has to be fake news.
    The truth is that 40% of liberals sleep with their Teddy Bear and 40% of Conservatives sleep with their handgun

  8. I claim BS on this article! The ‘adults’ are either young, lonely women or homos, and there are very, very few homos in the U.S., let alone the world.

  9. I’m sixty years old and i’ve yet to meet an adult that sleeps with a teddy bear.Must be talking about liberals

  10. Being an adult child is now a sign of pride in our society. “Men” posting pictures of themselves hugging their custom made plush toys. Bragging about their toy collections, when they don’t have money to pay for basic necessities. And then screaming that it is the governments job to pay for their food, housing, college, and health care. While they spend every penny on Super Space Rainbow Pony Princess toys.

  11. I’m assuming the same scientific method used by climate change types was used here. This is almost as big a crock of poop as man caused climate change.

  12. Sorry but I call BS on this story. First clue: “The popular custom teddy bear outlet Build-A-Bear Workshop commissioned a new survey…” If someone pays a firms to conduct a survey that is beneficial for their product, the results will predictably please the client. The results of a survey can be highly biased and inaccurate depending on how the questions are structured, how they are presented, and whether the person surveyed is consciously aware of the preferred response.

  13. I don’t have proof concerning my opinion that I suspect this study is rubbish. Perhaps 40% of Build-A-Bear Workshop customers do. Anyway it sure makes Build-A-Bear Workshops look good.

  14. Why is anyone surprised? This country has lost it. Trump saying hate from the left and right sent them into a frenzy. You’ve got people protesting and they don’t even know why. You have black lives matter responsible for killing cops and nobody bats an eye. You have a town in MD voting to let illegals vote. You have an anti fascist hate group called Antifa going around dressed in black beating people up who have the wrong hair cut and might not think like they do. We are taking down statues of confederate generals because they traumatize us. You had a MAN win woman of the year. You have people with debt coming out their you know what’s between cars, homes, student loans and credit cards who claim to not be able to afford health insurance preparing to drop a THOUSAND dollars on a phone. Today Bernie and the dems the day after we top $20 TRILLION in debt proposed a new entitlement – Medicaid for all. On and on folks.

    Nothing should surprise anyone.

  15. I sleep with my stuffed squid because it is a good supplement to a bad pillow…lol! My wife has an elephant. It is good for sure! Btw I’m Republican…MAGA

  16. There is no way 40% of American adults sleep with a teddy bear – unless they are in an American college or university, where pacifiers and crayons are now essential equipment.

  17. Most Teddy Bears never fully recover from a good hot sudsy washing.
    I guess some will just spray Teddy with Febreeze.

  18. WTF?? This must be some type of weird liberal thing, I’ve never known any adult that does this, but I also don’t hang around with many far left libs so that must be why.

  19. I wanted to buy a stuffed cat that reminded me of my first love, a stuffed cat. My sister kept saying just buy it. What would I do with it? She said sleep with it. I really deliberated because just looking at it made me happy. I’m 61. Pathetic but I get it.

  20. …and I’m sure goverment funded … GOD it makes me sick in my stomach, what a huge waste of my taxes by democrats, thanks obama!!

  21. The majority has been sleeping with teddy bears for “at least 2 decades”? So in other words the poll was mostly done by snowflake millennials? What a crock, no wonder I have never heard of this clown website.

  22. The safe-space snowflake generation at it’s best. The generation that invented ‘adult coloring books’ is playing with dolls into their 30s. Makes perfect sense really. If the real world is bullying you, then why not just come home and cuddle with a toy…for comfort right?

  23. Usually, fake news has some sort of point and is even superficially believable. What snowflake came up with this nonsense?
    Now, it is widely known that women tend to be sentimental and hang on to things from childhood so, I have no doubt a lot of women still have their teddy bears. Men on the other hand, not likely. At least not men who think they are men.

  24. There has to be a way to hold the bullschitt fake news media stories like these accountable. They need to be sued for BS like this

  25. This is an example of a faked (hoax) poll commissioned by an industry for PR purposes. Anyone who believes it is an idiot.

  26. “The survey, conducted in August ahead of National Teddy Bear Day (Sept. 9), was carried out by a third-party firm on behalf of Build-A-Bear.”

    Probably no link at all between the sponsor and the findings, eh?

  27. My law firm of Baer, Brown, Wilson, & Springfield have sent me the tools to sleep with. Our German Shepherd also sleeps near our bed.

  28. There’s a 24 year old, out of work male, college graduate, still sleeping about ten feet from my computer with a stuffed penguin. Does that count?

  29. I dont know any of my straight male friends that would sleep with a teddy bear past the age of 7. Prob mostly females they seem to collect stuffed animals into adulthood not to abnormal. any guy that does this must be gay AF

  30. dem voting snowflakes that need comfort from hearing anything other than what their leftist indoctrinators have programmed into them at govt school.

  31. I’m a constitutional conservative. I don’t sleep with a Teddy Bear, but I do sleep with a loaded .45 next to my Bed.

  32. Well it’s not unreasonable for 40% of Build-A-Bear customers surveyed to say that, but certainly NOT a random 2,000 people survey of people who weren’t regular customers of Build-A-Bear. BS story!

  33. 4 in 10 adults…. in Berkeley, CA? I’d believe that much. IDK about stuffed animals, but millennials have certainly been the generation of the anime waifu body pillow.

  34. Comfort for nervous SJW’s. After a busy day of Play-Doh and coloring books, they can suck their thumbs while holding their teddy bears at night.

        1. + ‘you can keep your doctor’ ‘I will run the most transparent administration in history’ and ‘Michael and I have a wonderful normal marriage’

      1. Instead of God they worship big government, climate change, political correctness, lust, pride, greed, etc.

        Everything a liberal believes in and does is anti-God and pro-Satan from abortions to government dependency to homosexuality. They’re evil. PERIOD.

        1. There is no such thing as Satan. Evil resides within man.

          But thanks for proving my point. Hope the spaghetti monster doesn’t getcha.

      2. I am a conservative and I don’t believe in any religions but I do believe Liberals are the worst people on Earth.

        1. Well then keep your “limited government” out of their business.

          But it is telling that you would choose “liberals” as the worst people on earth. Considering the country is battling terrorism, human trafficking, child pornographers and pedophilia. But sure, Bernie Sanders is the real devil here.

          1. Generally the terrorists,human traffickers,child pornographers and pedophiles ARE Liberals.
            And Bernie Sanders is a communist and most people with a brain know how many people have been killed because of communism.
            Liberals,communists,socialists are evil,period,

          2. Again, cite your source. A completely baseless comment like this indicates that you either don’t read legitimate sources, are ‘challenged’ or you’re a troll.

            I’ve no interest in further exchange in any of those instances.

          3. Google is all you need.Look up any evil person you can think of.
            Charles Manson,Jeffrey Dahmer,Stalin,Mao,Hitler etc.
            Most of them were leftists.
            You can’t handle the truth.

  35. Nonsense, the more enlightened adults sleep with Unicorns and other associated fantasy characters. Democrats sleep with Hillary, but there’s nothing new there.

        1. I thought that too but somehow Hillary won the popular vote. Or, was that the Russians who helped her do that. Or was it the Mexicans. We need to build a wall!

    1. The 40% of adults that still sleep with their Teddy Bear also, still live with Mommy and Daddy because they were never made to take any responsibility for their own life. In the normal world, you don’t have time for a Teddy because that space it taken by your children and grandchildren.

      1. and I know just where those snowflakes are coming from. I recently found out that many lib parents allow their children to sleep with them until very late ages, sometimes early teen years. They expect these children to be so sensitive and dependent on them that they will take care of them in later years. It’s sick.

        1. But, they all received trophies for participation. If it weren’t for stupidity, what else would liberals have to show.

        2. No kidding — my brother married an African woman and the entire household (4 “kids” including their grown late-teenhood son and daughter) still sleep in the same bed/room.

  36. And in other news, Rep. Gutierrez states new study shows 93% of Americans want Open Borders and Amnesty for all Hispanics in the country illegally.

  37. Survey: 4 In 10 Adult Americans Still Sleep With Teddy Bear. Research Sponsored By Vermont Teddy Bear®. With over 158 different characteristics to choose from, isn’t it time you got your own Vermont Teddy?®

    1. I think people just make stuff up or maybe the polling was done at one liberal sorority house. Either way, stupid.

      1. Yup, if it’s not fake news it’s an ad for teddy bear company, either way it’s rubbish but you watch, as many of the lemmings start buying useless teddy bears because they can’t figure out how to have a human relationship with anyone, including their spouse.

    2. it all depends upon who took the survey, if it was done in rural Texas I would call b.s. too, but if it was taken in NYC then I could believe it. Depends on how many playdoh boys took the survey.

    3. Stop that! You are offending the Teddy Bear sleepers with your anti plush-toy statements! RACIST!
      I think we should have legislation for separate Teddy Bear bathrooms. I know I would like to marry my Teddy bear, but I don’t think it’s legal- yet. This world is so facist!

  38. i think your numbers are a little skewed. and your stupid bears cost like a hundred bucks so damn right people want to keep them forever

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