This dietary supplement may ‘dramatically’ reverse signs of heart disease

OSAKA, Japan — The dietary supplement tricaprin is capable of “dramatically” reversing signs of heart disease in certain patients, according to new research from Osaka University. Scientists report routine supplementation of tricaprin resulted in coronary artery plaque regression and the alleviation of symptoms among patients with triglyceride deposit cardiomyovasculopathy.

Coronary artery disease (CAD), defined as the narrowing or even closing of the arteries of the heart, often leads to heart attack. While treatments are available, such as cholesterol-lowering drugs and drug-eluting stents, death from CAD is unfortunately still very common, as some patients appear resistant to known treatments.

“Almost 15 years ago we identified a new type of CAD called triglyceride deposit cardiomyovasculopathy (TGCV), in which the coronary arteries are occluded by triglyceride deposits generated by defective intracellular breakdown of triglycerides in vascular smooth muscle cells,” says lead study author Ken-ichi Hirano in a media release. “This mechanism makes TGCV distinct from classic cholesterol-induced atherosclerosis, and accounts for patients who are resistant to standard remedies for CAD.”

Study authors had developed diagnostic criteria for TGCV, and note the condition is particularly prevalent among patients with diabetes mellitus and people who have undergone hemodialysis. While the condition is diagnosable, an effective treatment does not exist. “Now we report a remarkable regression of diffuse coronary atherosclerosis in two patients with TGCV,” adds Ken-ichi Hirano. “Both had suffered from refractory chest pain and diabetes until diagnosis with TGCV, and subsequent dietary intake of tricaprin led to symptom relief.”

Tricaprin is commercially available, and promotes the breakdown of lipids by heart muscle cells. Besides just relieving troublesome and painful symptoms, tricaprin also appears capable of sparking a “remarkable regression” of triglyceride build-up in the heart’s blood vessels.

“While atherosclerosis regression following decreased serum lipid levels is well-described, this is the first report of regression due to increased triglyceride lipolysis within cells, and as such is a conceptually novel treatment for coronary atherosclerosis,” Ken-ichi Hirano concludes.

Since all patients do not respond to current CAD treatments, these findings potentially pave the way toward establishing a new, improved multi-faceted approach to CAD treatment. The fact that a readily available dietary supplement achieved such dramatic results holds promise for countless patients who would otherwise have to suffer the debilitating effects of heart disease, study authors conclude.

As always, you should never take any new supplements or drugs without first consulting your doctor.

The study is published in the European Heart Journal.

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    1. I have the same question, can’t find any food or supplement source…hmm, what did the study participants eat? I emailed the author of the paper – let’s see if he replies/

    2. The National Institutes of Health site lists tricaprin for sale by chemical vendors. These are often toxic, not for consumers and can cost hundreds of dollars. The Source listed by NIH for tricaprin is the plant Umbellularia californica (California bay leaf).. I’ve tried common bay leaf (nobilis laureus) you can find it anywhere stores are in the general area! While this has already seemed to work quite well for me, there may not be as much tricaprin here.

      Bay leaf has problems, it’s a mild narcotic so you want to keep the dose low. If you opt in for bay leaf you might want to try it with coffee because this it makes me feel good with a lower dose of bay leaf even so.. I couldn’t find California Bay Leaf powder though common bay leaf powder is easy to find. It’s only $15 for like 8 oz (4 cups).

      Since you can’t eat bay leaves because they cut your throat they’re so sharp and indigestible other sites recommend to simply use a food processor in a few seconds you’ve got it all ground.

      Finally note that WebMD shows that bay leaf is possibly safe for short-term use and I would certainly say at low dose due to its addictive event. But longer term use is unknown and the NIH site itself says that medicinal use is not recommended because it contains toxic chemicals. I’ve had no apparent problem with common bay leaf powder, so far two months of use, perhaps half an ounce a day. Finally other sites say that bay leaf has had a long and safe history in cooking. . bay leaf is also strongly anti parasitic and perhaps 30 to 50% of people have parasites now as they’ve gotten more resistant. It removes parasites by 87% on monograph sites but it would seem to be safer than other antiparasite herbs e.g. cloves cause renal damage or artemisium causes nerve damage and this is something they don’t tell you about antiparasitic herbs.

      Bay leaf in addition to being relaxing and strongly anti parasitic with definite results in studies unlike other anti parasitics is also a diuretic which makes it so that if you have UT issues like millions you might not have to go to the bathroom all night as much with this herb. Of course nighttime UT issues may be evidence for a more serious problem and you are recommended to see your doctor before trying any change in supplement or diet or exercise or whatever. One reason for my night time UT issues was because of parasites and the doctors weren’t even admitting that the parasites are common. Bay leaf has given me back my sleep.. make what you like of this.. this may make it so a lot of people if it works don’t have to starve because they can’t get food without salt or fat or sugar added to it.. it might even save a lot of people a $50,000 bypass operation plus they get pleasure from their food.. of course this is speculative and I make no claim to the medical value of this I’m not an expert..

      1. Update by Charles. Apparently MCT oil with lauric acid is superior to bay leaf. Certainly you don’t want to take Bay leaf at high doses because it can cause neural harm. Low doses like medicinal use are perhaps of value but bay leaf contains poisons like toluene the presumably safer MCT oils don’t have.. the definition of tricaprin itself is three oils; two oils found usually in MCT formulations but also one extra oil, lauric acid. Just look for MCT oil with lauric acid on Amazon. Apparently tricaprin itself has quite a few side effects so you may want to check these out carefully. I don’t know if any of them are severe but I would think they’re probably safer than bay leaf at higher doses. Used in cooking it seems to be safe for hundreds of years for 100 years for me a hundred years may go by so fast!

        For parasites which most people have MCT oil is actually good for this perhaps combined with Cayenne which cuts through the biofilm so the parasites have reduced food and no place to hide out and then you take anti parasitics like this and they’re gone.. another good way to reduce parasites is by removing 20 lb of the dairy stuff most people have clogging up their GI and the parasites hang on to this. The best method I’ve seen for removing this stuff mechanically is simply to take de diatomaceous earth which as on the Livestrong site they say has had a long and safe history in agriculture. It’s super absorbent and it removes the dairy stuff by mechanically scraping out your GI with super sharp super small silica edges. (Two cautions for DE don’t get it in your eyes it can cause vision loss by the abrasion and don’t breathe the dust this can cause silicosis which can be harmful in the long run. My favorite way to take the caps is to take them just that way like the rich lady says if I give if I have two pieces of candy in my hands and if you can guess how many I’ll give you both! So then if you take something that’s antiparasitic it actually works because both the biofilm and the dairy are removed. Otherwise the parasites hang on and no antiparasitics even work. One good thing about taking cayenne is that it also boosts your digestion which is the main complaint people go to to when they see the nurse. So now you’re getting good bacteria which is believed to be the second brain not the bad bacteria in your GI with the dairy stuff and the biofilm and you feel just great with more energy conservation saved up. This also boosts my neurotransmitters which as I may have lost some neurons with the bay leaf is great to be feeling more like I want to but as I say you may be better off also with the Cayenne by taking tricaprin. Sorry if this caused anyone discomfort and I hope this helps to remediate even so like Alan Jackson I’m a celebration in the making and I made no claim to the safety of tricaprin or bay leaf either one. Bay leaf seems rather old to scienceand hopefully tricaprin or MCT oil with lauric acid, which seems to be the same but but more so, is best.

        One problem with lauric acid alone is it has a whole long list of terrible side effects you see on chemical supply sites but I wonder if this is another kind of lauric acid. As you can see stuff like this often has a price to pay and doctors have understood this for quite a while.

        Perhaps lauric acid becomes non-toxic when added into MCT oil formulas? I would recommend that you have a closer look about this. One thing I know about caprylic acid is that it actually has bone density issues.

        It’s been said there’s nothing for bone density, but actually weight-bearing exercise, olive leaf, and brewer’s yeast plus K2 like natto are all quite good for bone density.

  1. Good news/bad news; Google is great at recommending random ass supplements and herbicides, but if you want tricaprin just look for glycerides (tridecanoic, capric etc.)…e.g. as a common ingredient in ice creams. Maybe the weird nonmelting stuff isn’t so bad!

    The particular supplement in the study will be listed in method. Enjoy.

    1. Cold pressed, organic coconut oil is available through many suppliers online and in stores. Not expensive either. My only question is dose size. I’m going with 1tablespoon daily until I see a specific supplement listed.

  2. I did find that tricaprin natural sources are from palms. One possible natural source maybe can be found in hearts of palms.

    1. Some fats in palm are healthy fats (red palm oil?)-I would research ‘health benefits of red palm oil’ and pin down ‘health food/supplement manufacturers that sell red palm oil supplements, starting with ‘Nootropic Depot’ and their suppliers/research chemists.

  3. Would really like to know where to purchase this supplement, if it’s truly Readily available it would be nice to know where to get it. Anyone has any information or has gotten an answer to any other questions because apparently everyone has the same question. Please let me know

  4. Silly waste of time as we all rush out and look for the readily available tricaprin.
    That is not so readily available.
    Not found anywhere so far in my waste of time google search.

    1. Organic, cold pressed coconut oil is offered by a variety of manufacturers online and in stores. Not expensive either. I’m going with one tablespoon daily mixed into my morning coffee for starters.

  5. Tricaprin is readily available in coconut oil and palm oil. I’m ordering organic, cold pressed coconut oil from Amazon ($11-$22 for 54oz container). I plan on adding 1 tablespoon to my morning coffee daily). Hopefully a specific supplement will be offered soon.

  6. Hello everyone,

    If tricaprin is in palm oil, you buy Palm oil from any Aftican food shop/supermarket.

    The question, do you use bith palm oil and coconut oil?

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