Study: Trump supporters value financial skills over decency, ethics

NEW YORK — How you view Donald Trump might be based on what skills you prefer in a commander-in-chief. A new study finds the president’s supporters place more value on financial adeptness than his personal ethics and level of decency.

Displayr, a data science app, surveyed over 1,000 American adults in July, hoping to evaluate the different qualities that voters indicated as being important in judging a U.S. president’s performance.

Donald Trump
A new study finds that people who support President Trump tend to place more value in a leader’s financial abilities than decency and ethical stature.

Supporters of the president said that a commander-in-chief’s aptitude in business, knowledge of economics, and Christian faith were most important.

Conversely, opponents expressed that decency, ethics, and a concern for global warming and the poor were the qualities that they most looked for in a president.

“The explanation is not that Trump supporters see Trump differently,” says Tim Bock, who led the study, in a news release. “Rather, they’re placing greater value on traits like economics, health, and ‘good in a crisis,’ where he is perceived as being more able.”

The value placed on a president’s success in business saw the greatest polarization between those who approved and disapproved of Trump. While supporters said it was the fourth most important trait, opponents of his administration ranked it as the 11th most important trait out of 16.

Trump supporters were also less likely to care about a politician’s previous experience in government, or the amount of attention he paid to the poor or minorities.

Although there was less evidence to support the assertion that Trump voters have an archetypal candidate, it certainly didn’t hurt if he was a white American male who was entertaining to boot.

Market research company Research Now conducted the study’s polling, starting in late June, while Displayr analyzed the results.


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