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ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — Does alien life really exist out in the cosmos? A new poll finds most Americans believe the answer is yes — and they’re already paying our planet regular visits! A survey of more than 1,000 Americans finds that a staggering 78 percent believe in the existence of aliens.

As far as alien conspiracies go, one in three believe aliens have abducted human beings in the past. Another 37 percent think U.S. scientists and officials have already made contact with alien life.

Whether you believe humans have met aliens or not, the country is evenly split on whether these visitors “come in peace.” Exactly 50 percent say they believe extraterrestrials are friendly, while the other half think aliens are currently planning our eventual destruction! That may be why one in four say they’re actually scared by the idea that aliens exist and one in six fear there will be an alien invasion in the future.

Where are most UFO sightings reported?

Using data from the National UFO Reporting Center Database, the poll conducted by, also finds that more and more people think the aliens are already here! Going back to 1974, California has been the historical hotspot for UFO sightings. There have been twice the number of sightings in that state than anywhere else across America (15,401).

However, maybe this has more to do with the fact that there are simply more people around looking up at the sky. During that same period, Florida (7,749), Washington (6,866), Texas (5,786), and New York (5,590) rounded out the top five states making UFO reports.

Interestingly, Nevada — which is home to the famously classified U.S. Air Force base “Area 51” — finished in 27th place with only 1,605 UFO sightings over the years. Meanwhile, New Mexico, home to the alleged UFO crash site in Roswell, came in 28th place (1,578).

UFO Sightings

Idaho, New Hampshire have most sightings more recently

While large, populated states may have been the place to be if you wanted to see a UFO years ago, the study found that these alien visitors may be changing their flight paths. Over the last five years, more Americans have reported UFO sightings in Idaho than anywhere else in the nation, per 100,000 residents.

New Hampshire (313), Montana (223), Vermont (132), and New Mexico (391) round out the top five places for UFO sightings over the last five years. At the same time, big states like Texas (50th), New York (46th), and California (41st) now have the fewest reports of UFO sightings per 100,000 residents. Maybe the aliens are just trying to find a little more privacy.

UFO Sightings 5 years


MyVision analyzed the number of reported UFO sightings from the National UFO Reporting Center Database, both looking at each state’s overall number of reports and the reports from the last five years. They then looked at the number of reports from the last five years and compared it to each state’s population, per 100,000 residents.

In September 2022, MyVision researchers surveyed 1,013 Americans to get their feedback on UFOs and aliens. Respondents were 48% female, 49% male, and 3% non-binary, with an age range of 18 to 80 and an average age of 39 years-old.

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  1. Think Again says:

    Main question to consider when discussing life elsewhere…WHY would any intelligent life ever want to come here? A planet with a history of tragedy, suffering, predatory humans, fighting over religion and politics, oppression, tyranny and unending war, conflicts and not to mention humans killing each other since we were tossed onto this bizarre planet.
    I think the answer is obvious. Another question is what could they possibly want or need from this realm? We have a beautiful planet, we take it for granted, we give little thought to taking care of it, we value profit over life, and are gradually devolving as a species. How can we be so self centered, treating each other more as enemies than fellows stuck in a situation together?
    Like it or not, we ARE in this circus together…we can find solutions and improve this planet without oppressive demands and clever tricks being played on us.
    We just need to make the effort to find common ground and purpose, and stop allowing all the usual tools to divide us, religion and politics.
    That never seems to happen and is a genuine tragedy for all of us. Fighting against each other seems to me to be the best means for criminals to easily get away with keeping humanity oppressed. It is up to us…and so far, we still reject the most basic principle of human interaction, going back long before men created their gods and religion…treat others as you desire to be treated. Oh how far we have missed that goal, sadly we have learned nothing.
    Our focus should not be what is up in the sky…it should be what has happened on the ground. We have to walk away from all the distractions, or we ultimately lose something that we have potential to change our direction…cooperating with each other for a greater purpose than fighting over beliefs and trying to preserve the very things that are destroying us. We can do better…

    1. Robmisek says:

      There are four types of people, those who know the truth and share it, those who know the truth and lie, those who only think they know the truth and those who know they don’t.

      The media is engaged in a profitable propaganda war to influence the decisions of the masses.

      In propaganda, emotion overrides facts and misinformation coerces people.

      Left and right are artificial constructs people think they need to categorize and divide people into.

      Both groups lie to coerce and upset the other but have some tenets that are true to keep their side enthusiastic.

      It’s a formula for perpetual conflict that only the lying propagandists, politicians, media and their crony’s win.

      You don’t have to choose to drop yourself into their bucket. You can discern right from wrong with the irrefutable evidence of correctly applied logic and science.

      Discerning truth takes more effort than jumping into a bucket of crap, but for some of us, it’s the only rational choice.

      Even one tiny drop of crap contaminates a bucket of water. Why do people still drink it?

      If they didn’t, and valued truth, reality instead, as much as their bigoted and brainwashed minds currently hate to, they would have to accept what they have never refuted and agree with each other.

  2. Gary Allison says:

    Disclosure is finally starting to happen. The CIA through Hollywood has done their best to scare the crap out of folks on the Alien issue. All the movies except ET make them out as monsters here to eat us or some such. And they changed Contact to Abduction. They hate that there is a power greater than theirs. But it appears they have always been here. Before Man even. So, conquest is not their intent. Exciting times ahead.

    1. Rich Flanders says:

      Thanks for this, Gary! So refreshing, and so needed at this time of fear and confusion among so many. Don’t know if you’re aware of the work of Dr. Steven Greer, but your thoughts seem in alignment – He has an important presentation tonite, Oct. 25, called ”The Lost Century” – visit for more. The website has his remarkable books and documentaries (most extraordinary of which is ”Close Encounters of the 5th Kind,” in my opinion.) My own book documents the wonder and mystery of a close encounter as well. Peace and Light, Rich Flanders

  3. Ed Ash says:

    A UFO sighting does not mean it is “aliens”.
    This is not worth reading.
    Click bait wannabe

  4. LABillyboy says:

    Funny… anyone who believes some ET’s travelled light years to get to Earth and then just cruise around in UFOs for no apparent reason is on crack. With over a billion smartphones out there why isn’t there even one clear picture of a UFO? Even our military releases grainy video of incoherent shapes with no reference… Let’s just quit this until someone comes up with crystal clear evidence… or… they land on the White House lawn and say “take me to your leader”…

    1. Daniel Gross says:

      photos are grainy because of the antigravity generators surround the craft.unless there turned off whlie parked at dunkin donuts.

  5. Johnny says:

    Not ufo like we know they are fallen angels just like explained in the Bible

    1. Kristina Reynolds Haney says:



      You hit the proverbial nail on it’s head!

      You got it!!!

      It’s been Prophetized about in Scripture!!!

      I have no idea why this isn’t being broadcasted across the World!

  6. DANNY J ALTOM says:

    Highest sightings are in coastal waters.

  7. SCOTT D THYNG says:

    “We are being invaded” — no one believes that until Biden admits it.

    Uh-oh,,, might happen,,, then what ?? NYSE will crash — so get out NOW !!

  8. Doug says:

    We are a supply of DNA to keep diversity of individuals within the aliens populations. Flying around space causes problems with their abilities to perpetuate so we are a always fresh pool of random genetic materials to incorporate into their Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class , Order , Family, Genus, Species