Don’t look up: ‘Astonishing number’ of viruses float down on us from the sky

VANCOUVER — This study will make you think twice about stepping outside for a breath of fresh air. A team of scientists from around the world confirmed millions of viruses rising into the atmosphere, traveling — sometimes for thousands of miles — and falling back down to the surface.

The study, carried out by researchers from the U.S., Canada, and Spain, is the first of its kind to confirm viruses are being swept up into the free troposphere — the layer of atmosphere between the area where Earth’s weather systems develop — and below the stratosphere, where airplanes fly.

The numbers are “astonishing” the researchers say; but remember, a virus is a tiny particle, little more than a strand of DNA and a mechanism for attaching to organic matter. Scientists aren’t suggesting the slightest bit that we should all return to spending our lives in lockdown again. Countless studies continue to point to the great health benefits from spending more time outdoors.

“Every day, more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square meter above the planetary boundary layer — that’s 25 viruses for each person in Canada,” says University of British Columbia virologist Curtis Suttle, lead author of the study, in a media release.

Scientists have been finding genetically similar viruses in disparate parts of the planet.

“Roughly 20 years ago we began finding genetically similar viruses occurring in very different environments around the globe,” says Suttle. “This preponderance of long-residence viruses travelling the atmosphere likely explains why—it’s quite conceivable to have a virus swept up into the atmosphere on one continent and deposited on another.”

Suttle and his team found that viruses and bacteria are often swept up into the atmosphere by attaching themselves to particles in soil dust and sea spray. The researchers used platforms in Spain’s Sierra Nevada Mountains to detect how many viruses and bacteria were settling there every day. They found billions of viruses and tens of millions of bacteria being deposited there per square meter every day.

“Bacteria and viruses are typically deposited back to Earth via rain events and Saharan dust intrusions. However, the rain was less efficient removing viruses from the atmosphere,” adds study author Isabel Reche, a microbial ecologist from the University of Granada.

The full study is published in International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal.

This article was first published on February 8, 2018


  1. Our globalist handlers love telling us how they are killing us. It wasn’t enough to cause cardiovascular diseases, hearth attack and brain stroke. These are the result of thick blood and blood clots that are caused by aluminium/ magnesium/ fungus ion presence in the air. Added some viruses to speed things up. Notice how much they were talking about the super flu for the last few months.

  2. They are from sea water droplets blown into the air. Sea water is a soup of viruses and bacteria. Dirt and dust from our planet’s deserts and dry lake beds are another source.

  3. I learned that in 5th grade over 60 years ago. Somebody paid for this? Worried about radiation? Everyone on the planet is bombarded with radiation from space 24/7. Want proof? Turn on a Geiger counter. No study needed.

  4. Jay V, Probably? I would say it has everything to do with Chemtrails (Geoengineering), and the writer of this article is one of the many puppets that are told to write such B.S. You would have to be an idiot to believe such nonsense, and with todays technology, etc. you would think this would have been known a long time ago. I would like to see a document to prove what Mr. Renner states in his article is real. The poisons in the tic-tac-toe patterns in the sky that we breathe is killing us all, do some research people, they are adding more deadly ingredients to the Geoengineering spraying (Chemtrails). Don’t research Chemtrails, research Geoengineering and then maybe you can open your eyes to whats really going on, and see that this article is only one that a fool would believe.

  5. My sister, when studying for nursing loved the study of viruses and microbes. Everything on earth was deemed for “purpose” by our Creator. In the 1990s microbiologists were able to look at a virus magnified at a huge power for the first time and what they saw was magnificient. They saw a small “motor” with 100,000 rpm, and deemed that if any of the parts of the complex “machine” were missing it could not operate- so they called it “intelligent design”. But that word was quickly dismissed by those stuck in the past who believe all came by accident by an explosion a fake billiion years ago. We have just begun to study the purpose of viruses and bacteria- both life giving and destructive. May science return to what it should lead: to what will prosper, heal and help humanity- and trust we will not be using Frankenstein’s evil with its “parts”. Stay clean, healthy by healthy habits and a positive attitude. Its still a beautiful world, both micro and macro.

  6. Smallpox is believed to had originated around 10,000 BC and has killed millions and millions of people with mortality rates reaching 98%. It was common knowledge that survivors of smallpox became immune to the disease. As early as 430 bc, survivors of smallpox were called upon to nurse the afflicted. Man had long been trying to find a cure for the “speckled monster.” The most successful way of combating smallpox before the discovery of vaccination was inoculation. In 1714 inoculation It was first witnessed in Istanbul in 1714. The word is derived from the Latin inoculare, meaning “to graft.” Inoculation referred to the subcutaneous instillation of smallpox virus into nonimmune individuals. The inoculator usually used a lancet wet with fresh matter taken from a ripe pustule of some person who suffered from smallpox. The material was then subcutaneously introduced on the arms or legs of the nonimmune person. Today vaccination has all but eradicated this deadly disease.

  7. Chem trails? Those are CONTRAILS. No one is trying to kill you! Right??? BTW- please send us your DNA, so you can know who you are! (And so will we!) We need to know what germs to mix into the next batch.

  8. 100 grant; nothing happening. 1,000 grant; I’ll check, but don’t count on it. 10,000 grant; What was the answer you were looking for? 1,000,000,00 grant; Millions and millions of virus floating and dropping on you…

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