Muscular, well-to-do men most attractive to women, study finds

COVENTRY, England — Macho men, particularly ones in suits, still reign supreme on the totem pole of sexual attraction, a new study finds.

Researchers at Coventry and Aberystwyth universities in the United Kingdom looked at three years of data from TubeCrush, a British hot-or-not-type site where users upload photos of male London Underground passengers, to evaluate the male archetypes straight women and gay men found most attractive.

Man in swimming pool
A new study finds that physically fit men who appear to be well-to-do are most attractive to straight women and gay men in culturally diverse London.

One striking initial observation by the researchers was that most men uploaded were white, despite London being a fairly diverse city. Popular images also often made sure to focus on a man’s biceps, pectorals, and chest, particularly if he was muscular in those areas.

Many accompanying comments also emphasized a man’s physique and supposed sexual prowess, the researchers note.

Another frequent theme in popular images was displays of wealth, whether it was through jewelry, fancy attire, or expensive technology.

Meanwhile, men who demonstrated less dominant or aggressive behavior, such as fathers, or males who seemed more sensitive or awkward, fared worse on TubeCrush.

The researchers believe that their findings uncover a reversal in traditional gender roles, in which women have begun to objectify unsuspecting men, instead of vice versa. The findings “suggest that white, male privilege is still an attractive quality in men for many straight women and gay men,” according to a university news release.

“From smart-suited City workers to toned gym-goers flashing their flesh, the men featured in the photographs on TubeCrush show that as a culture we still celebrate masculinity in the form of money and muscle,” says lead researcher Adrienne Evans. “They are marking the middle-class, wealthy, mobile and sexually powerful male body, not as a political one as feminists intend it to be, but one that should be actively desired.”

Although some positive attention can certainly help a guy’s self-esteem, Evans argues that women are still looking in the wrong direction.

“It’s a problem because although it appears as though we have moved forward, our desires are still mostly about money and strength,” she concludes.

The researchers’ findings were published in the journal Feminist Media Studies.


  1. Male privilege: there’s no idiotic men’s interest group trying to reengineer your psyche based on what it determines you *should* find attractive.

  2. This is surprising news. All these years I thought scrawny, unwashed, homeless, destitute guys with a limp were what attracted women.

    I remember that when Reagan was governor of California, he mentioned that the feds paid for a study to identify what makes people happy. The study revealed that age, wealth, and health were major factors. They determined that folks who were young, rich, and healthy were happier than folks who were old, sick, and poor. The feds spent a couple hundred thousand dollars in taxpayer money on the enlightening study.

  3. My girlfriend’s kid is such a little pussy. He’s in the third grade and can’t read like a little retard, but he spends 6-10 hours a day playing games on his phone, when I try to teach him to sound out words, he cries in 5 minutes and goes back to his phone, and she hugs and comforts the little soon to be unemployed man. I wish I could smash his phone and give him some backbone. The experience has actually put me off marriage and kids for good.

  4. I’m shocked. Shocked! Welll… not that shocked.
    With all the decadence and degeneracy leftists and their media allies are selling, people still prefer men to fat, bloated obese sweathogs, trannies, betas and diesel dykes.

  5. “One striking initial observation by the researchers was that most men uploaded were white, despite London being a fairly diverse city.”

    So, despite many years of multi-culti/interracial media propaganda and brainwashing on TV, on the Movie screen, in ads and Commercials to convince woman to prefer any man other than white men,…….they still do!

  6. In my experience, even hardcore feminists will abandon their “religion” in a flash, if they get a chance to snag one of those awful privileged white macho men.

  7. bull crap… woman like tall men and men like big boobs… money helps but unless you are very wealth it does not. i make an upper middle class living. i am not ugly but i am not overly handsome. however, i am only 5’6″ and in my mid 40’s and woman still don’t find me attractive… i am not a jerk or anything, i just think i get the cold shoulder right away because i’m short… i’ve seen some of the ugliest dudes (who are tall) get the good looking woman… i am 100% convinced of that.

  8. Women are hard-wired to want strong men who are good providers.
    Feminists can’t rewrite how God has designed and hard-wired us!

  9. That’s because a majority of females are similarly knuckle-dragging, Neanderthal-like superficial peacocks. After nearly 75 years of paying and encouraging the dumb and selfish lower classes to breed, procreate, and multiply, these are the “studies” that inevitably will be proven.

  10. Yes, Macho Men-REAL women not only want security, we DO LOVE to share underwear, we love building a REAL meaningful life, and like Sheena Eastan stated so well, we want him to find us ‘waiting for him” at the end of the day, to a life that is worthwhile. Work hard for us, and we will work hard for you- Simple. I am a traditional woman, fit, tall, and attractive-With a WORLD of good to offer a man of value, that has worked hard to HARD in that Jungle to succeed, and CRAVE my world-

  11. Women find money and muscle attractive in men… This took a study?


    All the political correctness in the world will never transform the basic human psyche.

  12. Why else would liberals be desperate to define masculinity as toxic?

    Science has already proven masculine tend to be conservative.

  13. Money means security and provision and muscles equal strength. So to a woman this means the .an and care for her a d their children. Gee duhh

  14. The feminists state the findings are a problem. Maybe it is their opinion and thought process that is the problem. It leads to confusion on how men and women should really act and expected behavior between the sexes.

  15. This seriously goes back to caveman times. Some things will never change. You don’t need to fund a big study to learn this.

  16. “It’s a problem because although it
    appears as though we have moved forward, our desires are still mostly
    about money and strength,” Adrienne Evans concludes.

    It’s a problem to her because it doesn’t fit her feminist worldview. The appearance of moving forward is Adrienne and her ilk lying to themselves about biology. Strength and ability to protect and provide are traits sought because of hard-wiring in the female brain. No amount of pink vagina hats or “I am sexy, too!” placards is going to change that.

    Men, if you want to attract women, get fit and get powerful, work hard, earn lots, and be somewhat of a dick, and the women will flock to you. Those women who hate on you will be the same ones that will henpeck you at home if you choose them as your mate. Life’s too short; don’t over think it.

    1. In the beginning, God created earth and rested.
      Then God created man and rested.
      Then God created woman
      Since then, neither God nor man has rested…

      A man without a woman is like a neck without a pain. One primary goal of feminism in the minds of it’s brainwashed followers is for unattractive women, or women who falsely perceive themselves to be unattractive, to legislate, or apply through social norms, for themselves what attractive women are able to get from men without much effort. And to judge from the covers of countless women’s magazines, the two topics most interesting to women are: (1) Why men are all disgusting pigs and (2) How to attract men. Let’s face it, these days a “successful man” is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. (Walking ATM Card). And a successful woman is one who can find such a man. Thankfully women have only two weapons – cosmetics and tears. But at least there is a single issue on which men and women can still agree: “They both distrust women.”

      What is the only thing worse than a male chauvinistic pig? A woman that won’t do what she’s told!

  17. In other news, it was discovered that water is wet, the sun is hot and liberalism is a mental disorder.
    I am available for doing studies, my going rate is the equivalent of the GDP of Sweden.
    Call me, we’ll do lunch.

  18. The researchers believe that their findings uncover a reversal in traditional gender roles, in which women have begun to objectify unsuspecting men, instead of vice versa.

    The way they’re able to delude themselves this way is just incredible.

  19. Stupid fluff article written most likely by a Bot. Patrice O’Niel said it best. Men and woman should not work together. I’m a bear and for you to wave a Salmon in my face isn’t fair. It’s a honey covered Salmon. Don’t try and change my nature. It’s the reason why we are in this mess.

  20. White “privilege” is mass immigration, “diversity”, open borders forced on All & Only white populations
    Diversity is mandated ONLY wherever white people live

    Anti Whites demand No White Anything Anywhere
    It means CHASING DOWN whites

    Its Geno Cide
    Its Anti White

  21. There goes that darn “toxic masculinity” again. University gender study professors spend their entire professional lives trying to eliminate it….alas…can’t do it.

  22. Trump fit the bill back in the day. As groupies would line up to have trump grab their pssy, trump made a comment about being able to grab their pssy. Liberal and feminazi heads exploded. This study confirms it…because you know, science.

  23. the second most popular male was the ultra rich midget with no hair and a gut, followed by the ultra rich coma patient

        1. the liberals tells us that women are not after a man’s money, but they like the metrosexuals with women’s emotions

          1. Well of course liberals can be ignored on all matters because they’re wrong about literally every single thing there is, except for the 2 or 3 times they’re right about something and even then it’s for the wrong reasons.

            I see no need to disparage women, though, because of liberals. There’s nothing wrong with money being a factor in attractiveness, unless it metastasizes into greed.

          2. Harvey was ugly but had power and money. Very attractive until his power and money ran out. Nothing like a female’s scorn, as they say.

  24. Gee, who would have guessed our DNA still drove us to seek out healthy looking partners to help with the continuity of a healthy species. The money caters to the modern sense of an ability to provide. No, it isn’t looking in the wrong direction, that’s how living things work. Females look for healthy providers as they always have.

  25. ” Macho men, particularly ones in suits, still reign supreme on the totem pole of sexual attraction” WRONG! You could have a complete Moron that is not at all “Macho” and some women would flock to them if they have money. Example – Anthony Wiener.

  26. God made us this way. Men are to be husbands that are the head of the household and respectful loving leaders of it, with the wives and children submissive. Women all deep down want that, and it shows in who they are sexually attracted to.

    1. Ummm sorry but no, as a woman I simply don’t ascribe to that philosophy. Yes, husbands, and wives, should be respectful and loving but no one in the relationship should be submissive. And again NO “Women all deep down…” DON’t, necessarily, want to be ruled.

      1. Neither do men. And someone has to be in charge of the household. The unhappiest marriages I’ve seen are ones where the wife takes charge and ends up running over the husband. That destroys the husband and makes him resent the wife, and the wife shows that she doesn’t respect the husband. It’s tragic.

    2. The most happiest, long term, successful marriages I have ever encountered, seem to follow that principal. The men in those relationships also appear to respect their women more than the relationships feminist seem to prefer.

  27. 1.5 billion women are reported ready to bring sexual harassment charges against Santa Clause claiming he invaded their homes in the middle of the night when everyone else was asleep attempting to bribe them with gifts for them and their family in exchange for sex! These women claim they were intimidated by his forceful authoritative insistence, giving in to his demands just to get him to leave even though he always did leave the gifts. These accusations do however give a peculiarly ironic yet fitting definition to the words “Ho Ho Ho”!!!!!!!!

  28. Possessing the quality of being macho is ancillary to the primary attraction of financial security.

  29. Where to start? Women still crave money and power? No….. thanks for telling us what we all know. After all feminist brainwashing they are still the same? Must be instinctive, then, and its called hypergamy. Mgtow will have a field day with this one. Attention TFM

    No, you can go find a guy who is rich, in great shape, tall, funny, sensitive, the take charge type, puts you first, and a feminist. Have fun alone, skanks! 🙂

  30. so women prefer “protect and provide” over “share feelings and underwear” thank you captain obvious….

    1. That women overwhelmingly continue to prefer REAL MEN is deeply troubling to the leftist lunatics who view male strength, power and the natural aggression that flows therefrom as as a loathsome part of the “patriarchy” that suppresses female empowerment. The feminazis associate male strength and power (including economic power) with “toxic masculinity.” They would prefer males to become something more akin to controllabe women with penises.

    2. wait and see the next gen. i bet amouth of gay people will be triple. right now feminists raising a lot of boys and these boys growing up in an enviroment that hostile to them be prepered lots of emotional cucks. i dont know how are they gonna end up. maybe look up to sweden they are far more deep about feminism than any other country sweden might give good insights about next gen.

  31. Gee. Needed a study to figure that out? Next we will hear the shocking news that men are attracted to beautiful women with great bodies. DUH!

      1. Now they say it’s sexist for men not to be attracted to transgender women. You’re not supposed to notice if your date has a bigger package than you have.

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