Average millennial woman has already had 8 different hairstyles

NEW YORK — For all the ink spilled over side parts versus middle parts, a new study finds millennials are much more willing to experiment with their hair than the generation that came before them.

That’s according to a new poll of 1,000 millennial women (ages 25-40) and 1,000 Gen X women (ages 41-56), which asked both groups about how their hairstyles have evolved over time.

While the average Gen Xer has only tried six different hairstyles over the years, the average millennial has already tried eight new looks. One in four women say they wouldn’t want to wear the same hairstyle they did ten years ago in 2011 however, four in 10 would still be open to it. In fact, 25 percent say they’re still wearing the same hairstyle from back then, including slightly more Gen Xers than millennials (28% vs 20%).

COVID quarantine led to more hairstyle experimenting

hair stylesThe poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Zotos Professional, also revealed that 28 percent would change their hair for a new job or before taking a vacation. One in five would do so after a breakup.

However, the number cause for hair transformations appears to be simple boredom (46%), which may be why 53 percent of all respondents say they’ve experimented with their hair more than ever during COVID quarantine. Almost two-thirds (63%) of millennials are confident in their hairstyling abilities, as opposed to only half (52%) of Gen X respondents.

That confidence seems to be dependent on context; Gen X women felt twice as prepared to style their own hair for a party (49% vs 24%), whereas millennials were more willing to DIY a look for a TV appearance or even their own wedding (28% vs. 15%).

“While doing your own hair can be daunting, a little practice and confidence can go a long way,” says Michelle Ryan, VP Marketing, Zotos Professional, in a statement. “And although changing your hair may seem like a major life change, there’s no better way to express yourself than through your hair.”

Accessibility is a barrier

One in three women in the poll cited expenses as the reason they don’t dramatically experiment with their hair regularly. Meanwhile, 36 percent avoid getting a new hairdo for fear of not liking the result.

Not surprisingly, more than two-thirds of respondents have gotten a haircut that they didn’t like. Fifty-three percent of millennials went to another hairstylist to get a bad cut fixed, whereas Gen Xers were about equally likely to go to another stylist (34%) or fix it at home (33%).

However, a third of all respondents will “always” color their hair at home instead of going to a salon. Another third of millennials have also mastered an intricate “updo” at home, whereas the most popular at-home hairstyles of choice for Gen Xers are ponytails and pigtails.

“We encourage everyone to be a hair creator. With practice and the right tools, you will have the confidence to master your own style, which can be rewarding and a great way to express yourself,” Ryan adds.

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