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NEW YORK — The stars have aligned — with Americans’ furniture preferences. A recent survey of 2,000 Americans explored the differences between the astrological signs to see what each sign cares about the most when it comes to home décor and furnishings.

Home decor HoroscopeWhen it comes to sprucing up their homes, researchers find those who have Aries as their zodiac sign are most confident in their interior design skills (59%). Those falling under Aquarius care the most about comfortable home décor and Geminis are the most particular about a pleasing aesthetic.

Scorpios tend to be the most confident (43%) and sociable (34%), so it’s no surprise that they’re most likely to spend time gathering in the kitchen (40%). Cancers are the most likely to seek advice from others before sprucing up their digs (61%) and more open to trying new home décor trends (62%). Geminis also rank as the most likely to take up new hobbies (22%) and value having an outdoor space or backyards (49%).

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Article, the study also looked at how the past year has changed people’s opinions about their homes’ style and feel.

More than half the poll (56%) have become more willing to step out of their comfort zone by experimenting with home décor, including trying new colors (59%) and styles (51%). Forty-four percent have bought at least one item from a style they’d never tried before, and 45 percent have done a style “180” by redecorating their home completely.

Does your zodiac sign match your interior design?

The most popular items all the signs are buying in a new style are sofas (42%), rugs (39%), and chairs (33%). New home décor trends are on people’s radar more than ever, with two in five excited to take up outdoor gardening. Another 37 percent are creating an indoor garden and 26 percent are looking to get into vintage furniture.

Home decor Horoscope“Our study shows people have been experimenting more with home furnishings and décor this past year, adding new statement pieces like sofas and rugs,” says Chandra Borek, Article’s interior design expert, in a statement.

Decorating the home is important for many because it is, quite literally, their happy place. The study finds that there are some universal sentiments shared amongst the star signs.

Relaxing at home tops the list as the most enjoyable activity by more than seven in 10 respondents. Relaxing finished ahead of spending time with a pet (44%), shopping (39%), or spending time outdoors (31%). With the home playing such a central role in people’s lives, it’s only natural that more than three in five (63%) believe their family is the go-to resource for interior design advice.

“After spending so much time at home, people are eager to step out of their comfort zone,” Borek adds. “Given that 38% spend most of their time relaxing in the living room, it’s no wonder that people are eager to try out a new sofa style.”

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