About: Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Steve Fink, StudyFinds Founder
Steve Fink, StudyFinds Founder

Steve Fink, Editor-in-Chief & Founder

Steve Fink is a longtime journalist previously serving as Vice President of News Engagement for CBS Local. Beginning his career as a sports producer at WJZ-TV in Baltimore in 2001, he served as Managing Editor of CBSNewYork.com and WCBSTV.com, earning an Edward R. Murrow Regional Award for the site during his tenure. In 2010, Steve joined the CBS Television Stations’ corporate digital team, overseeing content and audience development until 2021.

A graduate of the University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism, he currently resides in Baltimore with his wife and two children.

Chris Melore, Editor

Chris has been a writer, researcher, editor, and producer in the New York-area since 2006. He won a local Emmy award for his work in sports television in 2011. His work can be found across all StudyFinds websites.

Sophia Naughton, Associate Editor

Sophia is a graduate from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication, directly focused in journalism and advertising. She is also a freelance writer for Baltimore Magazine. Outside of writing, her best buddy is her spotted Pit Bull, Terrance.

Contributing Authors

Geoff Allen

Dubbed “The Study Finds Guy” on StudyFinds’ YouTube channel, has taken a winding road to get where he is today. He worked as a musician during his years at the University of Wisconsin in Madison then moved to Texas shortly after and played music for a living. He has been a General Manger of a Hotel, a technical support Manger for Hewlett Packard, a comedy song writer for country music stations, and a Digital Director for ABC Radio, and CBS Radio and TV. He continues to produce digital content and comedy music as a contributor to radio and digital properties – including StudyFinds as The Study Finds Guy! Geoff lives with his family in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

John Anderer

Born blue in the face, John has been writing professionally for over a decade and covering the latest scientific research for StudyFinds since 2019. His work has been featured by Business Insider, Eat This Not That!, MSN, Ladders, and Yahoo! Studies and abstracts can be confusing and awkwardly worded. He prides himself on making such content easy to read, understand, and apply to one’s everyday life

Meaghan Babaker

Meaghan is a journalist and freelance writer previously based out of New York City while working for CBS New York, CBS Local and MSNBC. After moving to Geneva, Switzerland in 2016, she went on to write for Digital Luxury Group, The Travel Corporation and other international publications before joining the editorial team at StudyFinds.

Shyla Cadogan, RD 

Shyla is a DMV-Based Registered Dietitian. She is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science and has published research on food insecurity in Maryland. She holds specialized interests in integrative nutrition, hormone health, and gastrointestinal health.

Amy Chodroff

Amy is a recovering Morning Radio Show Host and award-winning broadcaster who recently retired from DFW’s Morning News on KLIF in Dallas. Fondly known as the “Chief Googler” by her friends, it was a seamless transition for StudyFinds to enlist her expertise for their “Best of the Best” franchise. Amy has an innate curiosity and a penchant for thorough research before any purchase and she’s constantly on the hunt for top-notch products. Outside of her digital explorations, Amy loves to explore the world with her husband and is the proud mother of two adult daughters. You can also find Amy on the pickleball court, perfecting her dink and drop shots.

Faith A. Coleman, MD

Dr. Coleman is a graduate of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and holds a BA in journalism from UNM. She completed her family practice residency at Wm. Beaumont Hospital, Troy and Royal Oak, MI, consistently ranked among the United States Top 100 Hospitals by US News and World Report. Dr. Coleman writes on health, medicine, family, and parenting for online information services and educational materials for health care providers. Her work is primarily published on BrainTomorrow.com and GutNews.com.

Benjamin Fearnow

Benjamin has written for Newsweek, The Atlantic & CBS during his New York City-based journalism career. He discusses tech and social media topics on cable news networks. His work can be found on StudyFinds.

Matt Higgins

Matt worked in national and local news for 15 years. He started out as an overnight production assistant at Fox News Radio in 2007 and ended in 2021 as the Digital Managing Editor at CBS Philadelphia. Following his news career, he spent one year in the automotive industry as a Digital Platforms Content Specialist contractor with Subaru of America.

Katie Kinlin

Katie is a technical copywriter who loves all things space. She was an educator at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, where she was inspired to pursue a career in aerospace. She helped test 73 internet satellites at OneWeb — all healthy and in Low Earth Orbit.

Ben Kissam

Ben is a writer, standup comedian, media strategist, and author. He’s written two books and has been published in The Boston Globe.

Melissa Kraus

Melissa is a freelance writer, based out of New Jersey. She has over two decades of writing, editing, and producing experience for radio, television, and digital media.

Elsa Lee

Elsa has been a freelance writer for 7 years with a background in digital marketing. She specializes in writing about tech, beauty, and music. Based in the Los Angeles area, she is currently studying to become a software engineer.

Terra Marquette

Terra is a Denver-area freelance writer, editor and researcher.

Judy Minkoff

Judy holds her doctorate in immunology and molecular pathogenesis from Emory University. She has over a decade of experience in preclinical laboratory settings working on viruses and vaccine development. She was a medical writer for two-and-a-half years and has been a freelance science writer and editor since 2016.

Rebecca Neubauer

Rebecca is a personal finance and science freelance writer who specializes in writing about managing money, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and alternative living. She has a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, and she learned about personal finance on her journey to pay off $100,000 in student loans.

Saloni Ordia

Saloni is a creative and self-motivated content and copywriter with a comprehensive background in writing and publishing buzz-worthy articles.

Alexander Olumese

Alexander is a DMV-based registered pharmacist and medical writer. He has over 10 years of experience with community and hospital pharmacies, as well as over 3 years within the pharmaceutical industry as a medical writer within medical affairs. He has a background in a variety of therapeutic areas. However, he specializes in cardiovascular disease, oncology, pain medicine, and infectious disease.

Te-Erika Patterson

Te-Erika is the publisher of The Feisty News for Women, the only full-service news source for women. Te-Erika is also the author of How To Love a Powerful Woman, Leave Your Baby Daddy and Loving Female Led Relationships: Relationships that Empower Women. A graduate of The University of Florida, Te-Erika enjoys a thriving career as a digital content creator that has spanned more than a decade. She enjoys chocolate, wine and solitude, and she is currently living a quiet life in Montgomery, Alabama. Follow her @Te-Erika.

Ben Renner

Ben is a writer, editor, curator, and social media manager based in Denver, Colorado.

Clio Rourke

Clio is a freelance writer with experience in advertising and public relations.

Jocelyn Solis-Moreira

Jocelyn is a freelance journalist covering health and science. She has reported on various topics, including coronavirus news, women’s health, and neuroscience research. She is also a member of the National Association of Science Writers and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Her stories have been published in Discover Magazine, Verywell Health, Live Science, among other publications. Her work is published on BrainTomorrow.com, GutNews.com, and StudyFinds.

Daniel Steingold

Daniel is a writer who has experience in copywriting, copyediting, journalism, content writing, and grant writing. I am from and based in Los Angeles, and possess a degree in Journalism.

Stephanie Vallette

Stephanie is an award-winning writer — recognized by the MarCom Awards, Telly Awards, American Business Awards and Communicator Awards. She specializes in content about wellness, health, beauty, skin care, travel and e-commerce. Before joining Study Finds, she spent more than a decade writing for multi-billion dollar brands, including Booking.com. Now, she’s happy to bring you news about the best of the best!

Joe Vitiello

Joe spent over fifteen years in the fitness industry holding positions such as personal trainer, general manager, and gym owner. Now he flexes his creative muscles as a full-time Content Strategist for Skyward IT Solutions while also working as a freelance writer and photographer. Joe currently resides in Maryland with his future wife and stepdaughters.

Pragya Khanduja

Pragya holds a Master of Business Management in Marketing and Sales Management from Amity University and has worked as a social media manager since 2019. Pragya is interested in web marketing, social engagement, and science research. You can catch her at a coffee shop, fueled by an extra-large coffee, as she delves into the latest research in longevity, nutrition, or the effects of caffeine.

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