Caught in the actinium

July 15, 2024

The element actinium was first discovered at the turn of the 20th century, but even now, nearly 125 years later, researchers still don’t have a good grasp on the metal’s chemistry.

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Top 7 Most Iconic Album Covers Of All Time, According To Audiophiles

July 10, 2024

Ever found yourself mesmerized by an album cover, wondering if the music inside could possibly live up to that epic artwork? You’re not alone. From bizarre to brilliant, some album covers are so iconic they’ve become part of pop culture lore. Whether it’s a baby swimming for a dollar bill…

Jilly Hite

The World’s Cutest Dog Breeds, Ranked

July 10, 2024

Ready to have your heart melted into a puddle of pure joy? Let’s talk about the cutest dog breeds out there. You know, the ones that make you stop in your tracks and squeal with delight because they’re just that adorable. From fluffballs that look like they popped out of…

Alan Corona

Top 6 All-Inclusive Resorts In The Bahamas, Ranked

July 12, 2024

Considered one of the most popular honeymoon spots, the Bahamas offers a perfect blend of romance and adventure. With stunning white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and luxurious resorts, it’s a paradise for couples and families. Just be sure to go during the sunny season from mid-December to mid-April. Whether…

Amy Chodroff

5 Best Wet Dog Food Brands | StudyFinds Consensus List

July 12, 2024

You know how your dog looks at you with those big, hopeful eyes every time you open a can of anything? Imagine their delight when that can is packed with the tastiest, juiciest wet food they’ve ever had! Navigating the world of wet dog food can feel like deciphering a…

Clio Rourke

Top 5 Fermented Foods & Drinks, According To Dietary Experts

July 12, 2024

If you think pickles and kombucha are just quirky hipster trends, think again! Fermented foods and drinks have been around for centuries, adding a punch of flavor and a boost of probiotics to our diets. From kimchi that’ll make your taste buds tango to tangy kefir that’s like yogurt’s cooler…

Stephanie Vallette

5 Best Places To Visit In Canada For Your Next Trip Up North

July 12, 2024

Ready to swap maple syrup for an adventure? Welcome to Canada, where poutine is just the appetizer to a feast of breathtaking destinations! From the majestic Rockies to the vibrant streets of Montreal, Canada is like a buffet of diverse landscapes and cultures. So, grab your toque and let’s dive…

Stephanie Vallette