Who’s Mentioned Us

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YouTube video

Above video: Study Finds featured on NBC23/CBS4 in Texas


Here’s a look at some of the many media outlets who have shared, cited, or mentioned StudyFinds content:

And many, many more…


Alzheimer’s Association
American Psychiatric Association
Room To Read
Empower Women
Women’s Heart Alliance
National Center For Transgender Equality
National Foundation for Cancer Research
National Nurses United
Family Research Council
University of Georgia
Brown University
York University
Princeton University
Temple University
San Francisco State University
Florida State University
Geena Davis Institute
Penn State University
And many, many more…


Colin Cowherd
Ariana Huffington
Al Jardine
Randy Cross
Ann Coulter
Joy Behar
William Friedkin
Steve Forbes
Michael Smerconish
Richard Roeper
Sen. Tim Scott
Greta Van Susteren
Jeff Lynne (ELO)
Mike Huckabee
Laura Ingraham
Michael Arrington
Liz Wheeler
C.J. Wilson
Martha Quinn
Tom Fitton
Rabbi Shmuley
Larry Elder
Tammy Bruce
John Boitnott
David Wilcock
Richard Florida
Scott Santens
Ajit Pai
Stephanie Kelton
Marsha Collier
Tamara McCleary
Christina Sommers
Sadanand Dhume
Daniel Pink
Jon Najarian
And many, many more…