What Are The Best Hotels In Midtown NYC, According To Travel Experts?

Are you planning a trip to the heart of the Big Apple? Midtown Manhattan offers a vibrant mix of iconic attractions, world-class theater, and buzzing energy. But with so many hotels, finding the perfect place to stay can be overwhelming. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious retreat with stunning city views or a modern, centrally-located spot close to the action, this guide will help you narrow your options and find the best hotel in Midtown NYC for an unforgettable adventure.

A recent poll found that when looking to book a place to stay for vacation, parents say the most important factors are the available amenities (47%), making sure it’s kid-friendly (41%), and being in proximity to local cultural attractions (40%). When staying in Midtown, you’ll want to find an option that’s reliable, safe, and, of course– perfect for both sightseeing and sleeping. StudyFinds went to 10 different sources to find the best hotels in Midtown NYC compiling a list of the five most recommended hotels in the area. Enjoy the Big Apple, and leave your own suggestions in the comments below!

The List: Best Midtown Manhattan Hotels In NYC, Per Reviews

1. The Chatwal 

Considered a rare jewel in the hustle and bustle of the Theatre District, The Chatwal Hotel is a knock-out luxury collection hotel and widely considered one of the best luxury hotels in the Midtown area. 

The Chatwal Hotel, in Midtown Manhattan, NYC
(Credit: TheChatwalNY.com)

Forget the cheesy neon signs and overpriced tourist traps – Times Square finally has a hotel worthy of its iconic status! Nestled on 44th street, The Chatwal is a breath of fresh air for discerning travelers seeking luxury in the heart of the action.

Built in 1905 by the legendary architect Stanford White, The Chatwal boasts a rich history that’s been meticulously restored by master architect Thierry Despont (as chronicled in Forbes). Think of it as a modern marvel reborn from a classic gem – the 76 rooms and suites are a testament to Despont’s vision, blending timeless elegance with a contemporary edge.

Step into the lobby and you’ll be transported to a bygone era – think polished Art Deco glamour reminiscent of the roaring twenties, just as The Telegraph describes. Expect warm wood tones, gleaming metallic accents, and pops of vibrant red that wouldn’t look out of place in a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Hungry for more? The hotel’s Lamb’s Club, under the helm of celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian, is a favorite amongst power players for both power lunches and decadent breakfasts – a perfect way to fuel up for your NYC adventures. The Chatwal’s property also includes 29 stunning suites and 14 “themed” suites with spacious designer terraces.

2. The St. Regis New York

An iconic hotel that has truly withstood the test of time, The St. Regis New York is beloved by locals and tourists alike. The hotel is also conveniently situated next to most of the city’s most famous sites, including Central Park, The Met, and Rockefeller Center. The St. Regis New York was also declared a New York City Landmark in 1988.

The St. Regis New York
The St. Regis New York (marriott.com)

Stepping into the St. Regis on Fifth Avenue is like stepping into a time machine – even the coolest New Yorkers can’t resist a touch of grandeur. As you pass through the gilded revolving doors (Conde Nast Traveller paints a vivid picture of this experience), a welcoming smile and a pair of white gloves greet you, instantly transporting you to the city’s golden age.

The lobby itself is a calming oasis amidst the bustling energy of Midtown. Chandeliers bathe the pale walls in a warm glow, a stark contrast to the honking cabs and hurried suits just outside. This isn’t just any hotel; it’s a place steeped in history. As Forbes notes, the St. Regis has been a coveted Manhattan address since John Jacob Astor founded it over a century ago. The regally decorated rooms and public spaces exude a timeless elegance, while The King Cole Bar – rumored birthplace of the Bloody Mary and adorned with a stunning Maxfield Parrish mural – and the Astor Court restaurant promise delightful experiences for even the most discerning guest.

3. Aman New York

With minimalist interiors and intelligent designs, the Aman New York is a dream come true for any luxury traveler looking for a peaceful oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. The spot is top-rated for its spacious rooms, soundproof windows, and luxury accommodations

Aman New York
Aman New York (aman.com)

Escape the urban jungle and find serenity in the heart of it all at Aman New York. Unlike the usual cramped hotel rooms of Midtown, Aman offers a breath of fresh air with spacious suites, each featuring a central fireplace for a touch of cozy charm (think East-meets-West tranquility, a signature touch of the Aman brand). But this urban oasis isn’t solely about peace and quiet. For the wellness enthusiast, there’s a haven unlike any other – a sprawling 25,000-square-foot sanctuary dedicated to wellbeing. Imagine indulging in a massage treatment room or unwinding in the hammam steam room, all within this luxurious escape (Conde Nast Traveller).

Conde Nast Traveller likes the hotel’s design, prioritizing a sense of “rarefied seclusion” – a welcome respite from the city’s constant hum. This focus on spaciousness extends beyond the guest rooms, echoing Aman’s overall commitment to generous use of space.

If you’re not much for spas, Vogue mentions that they also have a jazz club with nightly performances. Plus, the artwork is incredible with each suite adorned with a mural by contemporary artist Ryoko Adachi.

4. The Plaza Hotel

An established staple in the world of New York hospitality, The Plaza Hotel has been charming and impressing guests since its opening in 1907. The Plaza is also particularly well-rated for families, with travel experts commending the hotel for its particularly spacious rooms (by New York standards, of course).

The Plaza Hotel
The Plaza Hotel (theplazany.com)



Step into a world of elegance and indulgence at The Plaza, a hotel that embodies the finer things in life, just like the designer boutiques that line the surrounding streets (as The Tour Guy points out). The Guerlain Spa beckons with pampering treatments, while a dedicated car service or babysitting help ensures a seamless and stress-free stay. And let’s not forget your furry companions – The Plaza caters to their needs as well with special amenities.

But The Plaza isn’t just about grown-up luxuries. Conde Nast Traveller describes its location as nothing short of magical – facing the sprawling oasis of Central Park on one side and the iconic FAO Schwartz toy store across Fifth Avenue on the other. Add to that the legacy of Eloise, the precocious children’s book character who called The Plaza home (her portrait still hangs opposite the famed Palm Court!), and you have a recipe for family memories that will last a lifetime.

The hotel itself is a visual feast – a French chateau come to life, adorned with glittering crystal chandeliers, plush velvet sofas, and endless stretches of gleaming floors. For the ultimate grand experience, consider booking the Tower Suite – an extraordinary corner room boasting whimsical circular beds and soaring, turreted ceilings that will make you feel like royalty (or perhaps a real-life Eloise!).

5. The Royalton

A relatively affordable find given its location and amenities, The Royalton offers highly-rated apartment-style rooms, luxurious suites, and penthouse accommodations. The space is also ideal for fitness lovers, with a center including Peloton bikes and a chic restaurant and bar to cool down in between sight-seeing.  

The Deluxe Guestroom at The Royalton
The Deluxe Guestroom at The Royalton (royaltonhotel.com)

The Royalton isn’t your typical cookie-cutter hotel. It’s a captivating blend of styles, a true New York City chameleon. From the imposing Roman columns flanking the entrance to the darkly glamorous lobby, where rich leathers and low lighting create an aura of sophisticated cool (think “Mad Men” vibes), The Royalton offers a unique ambience for every taste The Tour Guy describes it as “sexy and cool.”

Step inside and be greeted by the warmth of dark wood paneling and plush leather seating – a stark contrast to the contemporary elegance of the Charlotte Macaux-designed guest rooms. This unexpected mix is what makes The Royalton so intriguing – a hotel that seamlessly blends old-world charm with modern luxury. Just be sure to inquire about parking at the Hippodrome garage when you book your stay (Time Out).


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