Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Ice Cream

No surprise here. Half Baked is the best Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, according to the experts. (Photo by Hybrid Storytellers on Unsplash)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Right? Unless you are lactose-intolerant, chances are you love ice cream. Even then, there are plenty of vegan and dairy-free ice cream options out there for those with sensitivities. But the kings of tasty pints, Ben & Jerry’s, make ice cream flavors that are the definition of decadence. That’s why we decided to dive into which flavors reviewers love most.

And this is kind of a big deal because according to a survey, seven out of 10 Americans admit to having ice cream in their freezers at all times. And 82 percent said that ice cream is their favorite dessert. Even those with lactose intolerance indulge in the sweet treat, swiping up dairy-free alternatives. Ben & Jerry’s has those, too, so if you’re out of Lactaid or you’re a vegan, fear not. We can still all collectively scream for ice cream. Here’s where the experts come in! We searched 10 websites to find the five best Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors most beloved by the so-called experts. Warning: Your taste buds may never settle for plain chocolate, vanilla or strawberry again. Ready to eat? Grab your spoon, and let’s dig into the list of pints with rave reviews.  

The List: Top 5 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors to Try

1. Half Baked

Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream

Move over other flavors, Half Baked is the undisputed champion of the Ben & Jerry’s world! According to the ice cream giant themselves, this flavor reigns supreme year after year (and who are we to argue with the experts?). Fans flock to it for a reason – the gooey fudge brownies and mountains of chocolate chip cookie dough in every bite are truly an ice cream dream come true.

Parade magazine isn’t just a fan, they’re willing to throw down the gauntlet for Half Baked’s top spot. “Fight us on it!” they declare. And with good reason – for two years running (2020 and 2021), Half Baked has been crowned the best-selling Ben & Jerry’s flavor in their reviews. Maybe it’s the perfect marriage of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, or maybe it’s the irresistible combination of chocolate chunks, cookie dough, and fudge brownies – whatever the secret ingredient, Half Baked is pure ice cream magic!

2. The Tonight Dough

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream The Tonight Dough
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream The Tonight Dough

Oh, Jimmy Fallon. This may be the best thing the late-night talk show host has ever done. Forget everything you thought you knew about Ben & Jerry’s because Tonight Dough is here to steal the show! This pint is the brainchild of ice cream brilliance, a flavor so good Thrillist declares it “the best of Ben & Jerry’s, in one consolidated pint.” Imagine a symphony of flavors – caramel and chocolate ice cream swirling together, studded with pockets of both chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie dough. It’s Ben & Jerry’s unleashed, a celebration of everything that makes their ice cream legendary.

Let’s Eat Cake wholeheartedly agrees – this pint is a winner. Sure, some might say two ice cream flavors, a cookie swirl, and two types of cookie dough is a bit over the top. But here’s the thing: it totally works! They describe it as “more entertaining than Jimmy Fallon each time,” which is high praise indeed. The classic allure of cookie dough gets an upgrade with the addition of peanut butter, making Tonight Dough a truly iconic flavor that will leave you wanting more.

3. Cherry Garcia 

Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Cherry Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Cherry Ice Cream

This flavor is the cherry on top! If you’re looking for a Ben & Jerry’s classic that’s stood the test of time, look no further than Cherry Garcia. This groovy pint, named after the legendary Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, is a symphony of sweet and tart. Imagine creamy cherry ice cream bursting with whole cherries and studded with decadent fudge flakes – it’s a flavor explosion in every bite! Delish says its among the brand’s three most-popular flavors.

Restaurant Clicks suggests Cherry Garcia is the perfect anytime snack. We couldn’t agree more – the combination of sweet cherries, creamy ice cream, and satisfying fudge flakes creates a flavor profile that’s both refreshing and satisfying. So next time you’re craving something fruity and light, grab a pint of Cherry Garcia – it’s a Ben & Jerry’s icon for a reason!

4. Americone Dream

Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream Vanilla Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream Vanilla Ice Cream

Another night show flavor earns a top spot! Stephen Colbert fans, rejoice! Ben & Jerry’s has an ice cream flavor dedicated to your late-night comedy hero, and it’s even better than you could imagine (YardBarker admits they were initially skeptical, but happily proven wrong). Americone Dream is a flavor fit for a king (or at least a late-night talk show host) – a creamy vanilla ice cream base swirled with rich caramel and studded with the pièce de résistance: fudge-covered waffle cone pieces! YardBarker raves about the perfect texture – the thick caramel and chocolate coating keeps the waffle cones crispy, even amidst the creamy ice cream. It’s a textural and flavor explosion in every bite!

But Americone Dream isn’t just about deliciousness, it’s about giving back too. UrbanMatter points out that proceeds from this pint go to The Stephen Colbert AmeriCone Dream Fund that supports a variety of charitable causes. So you can indulge your sweet tooth and support a good cause – what more could you ask for? Americone Dream truly is the elite of the Ben & Jerry’s elite, a flavor that will leave you wanting more (and maybe even inspire you to catch Colbert’s monologue!).

5. Phish Food

Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Chocolate Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food Chocolate Ice Cream

The popular jam band Phish may be an acquired taste, but this ice cream flavor certainly isn’t. Dive into a world of chocolatey wonder with Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food – a flavor so good, it’s been a fan favorite since its 1997 debut alongside the legendary Vermont band (Finance Buzz). This pint is a true testament to the power of classics – while Ben & Jerry’s has experimented with celebrity flavors (with varying degrees of success), Phish Food remains a timeless crowd-pleaser.

Imagine digging your spoon into a rich chocolate ice cream base packed with exciting mix-ins: gooey marshmallow swirls, ribbons of sweet caramel, and surprise pockets of fudge fish. Each bite is an unexpected adventure, a delightful contrast of textures and flavors. As one taster for Eat This, Not That! raves, “the combination of caramel and marshmallow is incredible!” It’s true – Phish Food is more than just ice cream, it’s an unforgettable flavor experience. So trust us, once you try it, you’ll understand why Phish Food continues to be a Ben & Jerry’s legend.

Is there a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor that’s your favorite? Tell us all the ooey gooey details in the comments!


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  1. Lorna says:

    I love americone dreams ice cream
    It’s my favorite one
    Cheery Garcia ice cream is also my favorite
    Like the brownie fudge ice cream
    I like the minty mint

    Want to try more but some stores don’t have your new ice cream.

    1. Howard Lyle says:

      Chubby Hubby is mine and my daughter’s favorite.

      So hard to find in my location, too.

  2. Countrymary says:

    Chunky Monkey is my favorite. Big hunks of dark chocolate, nuts and delicious banana ice cream ! What else could you ask for ?
    OMGoodness !!!!

    1. BP says:

      My fave is Chunky Monkey too.
      It’s pretty much the only ice cream I eat any more, love the banana ice cream, I could make do with just the ice cream. No one makes a decent banana or banana walnut ice cream any more that I can find. A long time ago Gilbert Brockenmeyer used to make an organic banana walnut ice cream, but that was really a long time ago.

  3. Thomas says:

    Strawberry cheesecake. It’s the only one I’ll eat.

  4. Holly McNew says:

    My favorite flavor is Karamel Sutra Core and I can’t find it in any stores near me anymore.

  5. Amy says:

    Rainforest Crunch was my favorite. It’s been gone for many years now unfortunately

  6. Strickler says:

    This article is sponsored by Ben and Jerry’s and the Insulin Producers of America.

    We have a diabetes epidemic in this country. Promoting ice cream and bagels should be criminal. They might as well be promoting cigarettes and asbestos.

    1. BP says:

      Ice cream has fats and proteins and of course sugar, but it is not so bad as other foods with respect to diabetes. The ones loaded with sugar and candy – I agree, blecchk!

  7. Robyn Thompson says:

    My favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is the fudge brownie and or the fudge brownie core. I absolutely love that even though it’s mixing ice cream to the brownies don’t become smooshy they’re still firm and with the fudge brownie core I like the giant chocolate center almost like chocolate frosting so to speak the only thing I do not like about the core is it has vanilla ice cream and I do not like vanilla ice cream so if they do not have the regular fudge brownie I have to get that one even though I don’t like it as much I just will eat the chocolate and the brownie parts and throw the vanilla away