5 Movies To Watch Right Now On Amazon Prime, Ranked

While streaming has endless entertainment options, sometimes it feels like we have seen it all. If that’s the case for you and you are on a conquest for your next title to tune into, this list aims to give you a leg up on your movie hunt. So, the next time you turn on the tube, check out the flicks below. These are considered the best movies on Amazon Prime based on the consensus from 12 critics. These titles are the most recommended across “best” lists. Let us know your suggestions in the comments!

The List: Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

1. “La La Land” (2016)

Dive headfirst into a vibrant world of dreamers and starlets with Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land,” according to The Wrap. This Oscar-winning film isn’t your average fairytale romance. It’s a bittersweet symphony that captures the highs and lows of chasing your passions in the dazzling, yet unforgiving, city of Los Angeles. Meet Sebastian, an aspiring jazz pianist clinging to the pure sounds of the past, and Mia, an actress hopeful whose heart belongs on the silver screen. Watch their paths intertwine in a story that’s equal parts electrifying and heartbreaking, leaving you pondering the sacrifices we make on the altar of ambition.

Complex describes this film as a modern-day fable sprinkled with classic Hollywood magic. Imagine two dreamers, down on their luck but brimming with talent, stumbling into each other amidst the chaos of L.A. They find solace and strength in their shared struggles, pushing each other to reach for the stars. As their careers take off in a flurry of dazzling dance numbers reminiscent of the 1940s, a familiar question arises: can love survive the pressure of success? Buckle up for a captivating exploration of dreams, ambition, and the bittersweet beauty of chasing what sets your soul on fire.

Similarly, UPROXX declares “La La Land” a cinematic masterpiece, worthy of the top spot on your watchlist. Witness the power of shared dreams as Sebastian and Mia chase their destinies, but be prepared for the inevitable melody of change that success brings. La La Land is a must-watch for anyone who has ever dared to dream big, reminding us that sometimes the greatest journeys are the ones we take with someone by our side.

2. “Licorice Pizza” (2021)

Calling all coming-of-age film fanatics! GamesRadar insists you check out “Licorice Pizza,” a wild ride through 1970s San Fernando Valley. Buckle up as 15-year-old Gary Valentine tumbles headfirst for Alana Kane, a photographer’s assistant in her early twenties. This isn’t your typical teen romance, though. Expect hilarious mishaps, from waterbed sales gone wrong to mistaken identities that land them in hot water (literally!). Oh, and did we mention the star-studded cameos? Keep your eyes peeled for the HAIM sisters, Tom Waits, and even Hollywood royalty like George DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper. The cherry on top? This quirky adventure scored a whopping three Oscar nominations, including Best Picture – talk about a coming-of-age story that hits all the right notes!

Feeling nostalgic for a time you never even lived? Wired says Licorice Pizza might just change your mind. Paul Thomas Anderson’s love letter to the San Fernando Valley of the ’70s is a hazy, sun-drenched masterpiece. Throw in a dash of danger (think run-ins with a volatile movie producer!), a perfectly curated soundtrack that transports you back in time, and the hazy glow of a California summer you only know from movies. Led by the perfectly matched performances of Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim, “Licorice Pizza” is a journey of self-discovery, first love’s awkwardness (and occasional foolishness!), and the changing social landscape of a city – and a nation – on the cusp of something new.

3. “Raiders of The Lost Ark” (1981)

“For nearly three thousand years man has been searching for the lost Ark. It’s not something to be taken lightly.” Sound familiar? New York Times calls this film an instant classic: Remember that iconic rolling boulder scene that nearly squashed Indy? Or the melting Nazi bad guy getting a taste of his own fiery medicine? These are just a few reasons why Steven Spielberg‘s 1981 adventure, “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” became a pop culture phenomenon. But The New York Times reminds us there’s more to this film than just special effects. It’s a fast-paced, funny adventure that pays homage to the classic movie serials of yesteryear. Director Spielberg and producer George Lucas jam-pack this crowd-pleaser with heroes, villains, cliffhangers, and fistfights, making it a thrilling ride from start to finish.

Get ready for the birth of an action legend: Calling all adventure fans! If you haven’t met Indiana Jones yet, then you’re in for a treat. “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” according to Digital Trends, is the movie that launched one of the greatest action franchises ever. Here’s Harrison Ford as the one and only Indy, a fearless archaeologist who hunts for priceless historical artifacts. But beware, these expeditions often involve running, jumping, and cracking his whip to escape danger. No wonder audiences fell in love with Dr. Jones after this unforgettable adventure!

The Wrap says to binge the whole series! “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” they say, is a cinematic masterpiece, while “Temple of Doom” is an underrated gem (even if it’s a bit dark for Spielberg). And “Last Crusade”? That’s pure rip-roaring delight. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to join Indy on a quest for lost treasures, facing villains, and cracking his whip along the way.

4. “Manchester By The Sea” (2016)

Grab your tissues and get ready for a powerful emotional journey with “Manchester by the Sea,” according to CNET. This isn’t your typical Hollywood tearjerker, though. It’s a raw and unforgettable story about a broken man named Lee Chandler, played by the incredible Casey Affleck. Lee is forced to confront a painful past when he becomes the guardian of his teenage nephew. Brace yourself for emotional gut punches delivered through phenomenal performances – this is full-bodied storytelling that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Decider warns that this movie might be a tough watch, but it’s ultimately rewarding. Witnessing Lee Chandler grapple with the emotional weight of his past is no easy feat. But director Kenneth Lonergan doesn’t shy away from portraying the complexities of human connection. This film is a beautiful tapestry woven with honesty and raw emotion, reminding us what it truly means to be there for the ones we love. Prepare to be transported – it’s less like watching a movie and more like experiencing life alongside real people in a real situation. Decider even throws down the gauntlet, challenging anyone to find a single misstep in this masterpiece.

And the awards speak for themselves! Digital Trends highlights Casey Affleck’s Oscar-winning performance for his portrayal of Lee. The film’s brilliance extends beyond acting, though, as director Kenneth Lonergan also snagged an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. So, if you’re looking for a powerful drama that will stay with you long after the credits roll, “Manchester by the Sea” is a must-watch.

5. “My Policeman” (2022)

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Dive into a forbidden love story with a twist, according to Tom’s Guide. “My Policeman” stars Harry Styles as Tom, a closeted gay policeman in 1950s Brighton. Tom’s life takes an unexpected turn when he falls for Patrick, a museum curator. The problem? Tom is engaged to Marion, a school teacher. Prepare for a passionate secret affair shrouded in the social constraints of the time. Then, the story jumps forward, revealing an older Tom reuniting with Patrick under painful circumstances. Buckle up for a complex and emotional journey that explores love, loss, and the consequences of living a hidden truth.

Get ready for a buzz-worthy British film with a unique storytelling twist! TV Guide delves into “My Policeman,” a movie sparking conversation among critics and audiences alike. The film unfolds across two timelines, showcasing the messy love affair in its youthful intensity and its later-in-life repercussions as the characters, played by different actors, grapple with mending the past. Will they find reconciliation, or will the weight of their choices continue to cast a shadow? “My Policeman” promises a captivating exploration of love, secrecy, and the enduring power of the past.

With so many movies on Amazon Prime, there are surely more to watch! Let us know in the comments your recommendations for the best movies to check out.


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