Feelin’ dirty: More people shower, change sheets than cuddle immediately after making love

NEW YORK — More than three in five Americans dread the clean-up that comes after “getting dirty.” A survey of 2,000 sexually active adults found that 70 percent don’t feel comfortable going about their day without showering immediately after sex — especially in the morning (46%).

The results show that it is also important for 72 percent of respondents to feel “clean” after intercourse, with men expressing more concern than women (79% vs. 66%).

Post-sex rituals

Showering is the second most common activity after sex (53%), right after sleeping (54%). Laying down or cuddling (52%) rounds out the top three. When there’s no time for a shower, 73 percent will use refreshing wipes for a quick clean-up.

Conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Intimina, the survey finds nearly two-thirds of people are confused about cleaning up after sex at first (63%). Now, 65 percent make an effort by putting down a towel on any surface before intercourse, and the same percentage of people immediately remove the bedsheets or sanitize a surface afterward.

Most people also try to follow the common medical advice to urinate after sex to avoid bacteria and infection (79%). Overall, more than three-quarters of Americans agree that sex is an emotionally connecting experience between them and their partners (78%).

That’s why 69 percent wouldn’t let their or their partner’s menstrual cycle come between their sex life. People believe having intercourse while at least one person is on their period is more taboo (68%) than public sex (37%), anal sex (35%), or threesomes and group sex (32%).

However, 68 percent agree that menstruating is nothing to be ashamed about — even when having sex.

Cleaning Up Sex

“Menstruation is a normal part of life – it’s not shameful, dirty, or wrong,” says Danela Žagar, global brand manager at Intimina, in a statement. “We are constantly pursuing our mission of helping women worldwide fulfill their lives and break the stigma around natural things like menstruation. The same goes for period sex – women’s bodies are amazing, and they can feel sensual even when they’re menstruating. A woman’s period should never limit her possibilities; we believe women should be offered more choices, control, and freedom during menstruation.”

Better during a period?

Above all, 77 percent believe it’s important for people whose partners menstruate to create a safe and healthy environment, especially since 84 percent of those who have a menstrual cycle sometimes feel embarrassed to have sex while they’re on their period.

Eighty-three percent admit that cleaning up after having sex during a menstrual cycle is more work than usual. During sex, while they or their partners are menstruating, people try to keep it clean by staying in the shower or bath (77%), using condoms (74%), or having sex in one position (70%).

More than half of people who have sex while someone is menstruating use a menstrual cup (53%) to avoid messy clean-ups. Those who use a menstrual cup during sex notice other benefits such as having less cramps (69%), stronger orgasms (62%), and a shorter menstrual cycle (61%).

“It is proven that period sex brings incredible benefits; it can curse the cramps and works as a natural painkiller,” Žagar adds. “It can also shorten the length of the period because an orgasm can speed up the process of the uterus shedding its lining. With the help of menstrual cups designed for a comfortable period experience, there should be no more reasons to miss out on all the freedom.”

Cleaning Up Sex

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