Clothing, books top list of gifts Dad doesn’t want for Father’s Day, survey shows

UNDATED — Looking for that last-minute gift for dad? Don’t overthink it, experts say. A recent survey asked fathers to reflect on some of the worst gifts they have received for Father’s Day, and it might just cause you to think twice before you go shopping.

The survey, conducted by CouponLawn, polled 1,020 American fathers earlier this month. Researchers noted the various gifts people are buying and created a formula to calculate how much they’re spending on unwanted gifts for dads. Results show that clothing tops the list of least favorable presents, followed by books/CDs and greeting cards. Yet loved ones will spend a whopping $4 billion on these gifts this year.

Unwanted Father's Day Gifts

Greeting cards are the most purchased gift, with nearly 60% of respondents buying a card for the fathers in their lives. About half of those buying gifts are purchasing clothing, and about a quarter are splurging on books/CDs.

Other notable disappointing gifts include personal care tools like shavers and trimmers, gift cards, automotive tools and accessories, sporting equipment, and tools for home improvement. In total Americans will spend $5.23 billion on gifts that dad doesn’t even want!

“It doesn’t mean that your dad will dislike the exact same gifts mentioned,” the authors write in a media release. “In fact, we can guarantee that dads still appreciate all kinds of gifts they receive on Father’s Day.”

Father’s Day Favorites

To that end, the ideal gift for dad is a special outing, with almost 90% of dads saying those have been their favorite presents. Researchers note, surprising, that nearly all dads (94%) are disappointed when the special Father’s Day outing turns out to be a sporting event.

Favorite Father's Day gifts

The survey asked dads to grade the gifts they received in 2019, and the majority of dads (61%) gave “A” or “A+” grades.

When asked about the most important qualities in a good Father’s Day gift, the answers gift buyers and dads provide are surprisingly different. According to gift buyers, it’s most important for a gift to be unique. Yet the survey shows that what dad wants most is a gift that creates a special memory.

Maybe it’s just a case of “Daddy’s girl,” but dads think their daughters tend to give the best Father’s day gifts, while sons are more likely to give the worst gifts. Dads are also often disappointed by the gift their own parents give them.

As for how dads plans on spending Father’s Day 2020, over half (56%) of plan on hanging out at home because of COVID-19 concerns. One in five plan to have a BBQ cookout in their backyards. Some will go away for the weekend (13%), while others are visiting with parents or relatives (8%). It doesn’t seem like many dads have high expectations for Father’s Day this year, which means showering them with love could be all they really need to be happy.

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