42% of Gen Z diagnosed with a mental health condition, survey reveals

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Forty-two percent of America’s young-but-cynical Generation Z are dealing with a mental health condition, a new survey finds. A range of these issues were largely identified during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The analysis by Harmony Healthcare IT suggests tens of millions of Gen Z young adults started dealing with a mental health problem in the months immediately following the start of the global pandemic in March 2020. The Indiana-based data management company’s survey highlights a staggering percentage of young adults diagnosed with anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during the pandemic.

Three-quarters of these Americans, all under the age of 25, say the pandemic negatively impacted their mental health, with many citing loneliness and uncertainty about the future.

Eighty-five percent of Gen Z respondents say they’re worried about the future in general. The vast majority cite their personal finances, the economy, the environment, and the country’s increasingly polarized political landscape as top concerns.

Nearly 90 percent of Gen Z respondents believe their generation is not set up for success and 75 percent feel they are at a disadvantage in comparison to previous generations (like baby boomers or Gen X) who are at least 42 years-old in 2022. This latest poll portrays Gen Z as overwhelmingly cynical about the post-pandemic world and what role they may one day play in it.

1 in 5 young adults are seeing a therapist

Twenty percent of the 1,000 Gen Z study participants say they have a regular therapist, 57 percent take regular medication, and 39 percent attend therapy for mental health issues once a week. Gen Zers are also two times more likely than millennials or Gen Xer to report struggling with daily emotional distress issues.

More than two in five of the country’s 68 million Gen Zers have a clinically-diagnosed mental health condition. Nine in 10 Gen Z adults diagnosed with mental health issues say they struggle specifically with anxiety. Moreover, eight in 10 say they fight against frequent bouts of depression.

Almost one-third of Gen Z survey respondents rate their overall mental health in 2022 as “bad,” with a sizable portion of these young people saying they have more bad days than good in any given month. Many of these often-intangible mental health issues may have a connection to very tangible concerns about daily life among America’s increasingly pessimistic young people.

Sixty-six percent of Gen Z respondents say they don’t feel financially stable and half of these young Americans don’t feel ready to join the U.S. workforce. An overwhelming majority say they’re concerned about the future of the economy and 90 percent are perpetually worried about their personal finances.

Sociologists and statisticians identify Gen Z as the third-largest American population behind the millennials and baby boomers. These tweens, teenagers, and 20-somethings are also the most racially, ethnically, and sexually diverse generation in the United States.


In September 2022, Harmony Healthcare IT surveyed 1,055 Gen Z adults to ask them about their mental health. 47% were men, 45% women, 6% nonbinary, and 2% transgender. Respondents ranged in age from 18 to 24 with an average age of 22.

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    1. “dead by 1999 from global warming.”

      Not only are you a liar, but you are so detached from reality that you don’t even know what year it is.

      You are less than worthless, and the current generation knows you for the ignorant scumbag that you are.

    1. I find the current crop of American apes to be technically inferior but morally superior to and more worldly than any ape born between the years 1950 to 2000.

      They know a Lying Republican Scumbag when they see one.

  1. Good thing they aren’t having to endure what the people in Ukraine have been dealing with for the past several months.

    1. Pffft … The Ukrainians got it easy. In the US you can at anytime be one of the 9 unarmed blacks that are killed by the police every year. Besides that war is a plot by America’s military industrial complex to steal Ukraine’s nuclear power plants.

  2. Because they’ve been raised to be woke snowflakes, not understanding how to enjoy life. They wake up & go to sleep with the news in their face, all the social media hyping up issues which really aren’t important; they’re told being successful is racist, to worship mother earth, and they live their lives in the “me” moment 24/7. They’re easily offeeeended and need safe zones. Yep, no wonder they’re depressed.

    1. Seems like the mental health industry and pharma are doing great here, and that’s really all that matters, right?

      The pandemic seems to have worked perfectly according to plan. It’s easy to create a market when you have state coercion on your side and the fact that the major gripe among genZ seems to be that their sense of entitlement hasn’t been appropriately catered to and that nothing is their responsibility bodes well for industries dependent on dependency.

      Well done, rona bullies & fearmongers !

    2. Yes, to be happy they should be as willfully ignorant as you are.

      To be happy they must ignore the bleak reality you have created for them through your willful denial of objective reality.

      1. I’m laughing at you, self important know it all internet Troll! Time we’ll spent screaming into the nothing, a sure sign of mental illness. I feel bad for everyone who has ever interacted with you. You believe in voting, so narrow minded, go back to church.

        1. This guy is a communofascist and probably belongs to Antifa and bashes in people’s heads. You know what that means. He’s probably never had a productive job, spends 24/7 in mom’s basement, only to go to the welfare office every month. The Left are the most uneducated people in America today and have nothing to offer to workers.

          1. Poor David Tava. He is so clueless he doesn’t even know that there is no such thing as a group called ANTIFA.

            He is also so divorced from reality that he doesn’t realize that ANTIFA is a name meaning ANTI-Fascist.

            David Tava just can’t stand ANTI-Fascism.

            LOL… The world is laughing at him. But no one louder than me.

        2. Translation: “I am willfully ignorant, and I and other Republicans like me refuse to accept reality.”

          Then die in ignorance, and continue to take your country with you.

          The world is laughing at you.

  3. My father once stated that government produces NOTHING. I then proved he raised me right when stating the obvious that “government produces dependence”, and he then gave me that look. Just look at all the folks who can’t handle reality. Thank you CNN. Thank you MSNBC. Thanks for the giant crap sandwich. These 2 MacNews outfits are now hurting after making HUGE bank off of you and orange-man.

    1. Government produces the society you gain benefit from.

      It produces law and order.
      It produces roads and bridges.
      It produces standards of behavior.
      It produces society.

      And without society you wouldn’t exist.

      You are obviously a fool to deny these things, and to work to destroy the society that provides you with your existence.

      The world is laughing at you.

      1. Moral people write laws that create order.
        Construction companies manned by skilled people produce roads and bridges.
        Moral people have standards of behavior.
        Government is the result of society organizing themselves.

        If you think government exists to take care of you, you’re not a student of history, and I pity your lack of understanding on how the world works.

        1. Government provides the organization by which the people act and by which rules are made, and societies are constructed.

          Without society you wouldn’t exist.

          You are obviously a fool to deny these things, and to work to destroy the society that provides you with your existence.

          The world is laughing at you.

          1. “Only freeloaders like vendicer feeding off taxpayers depend on government.” – David Tava

            Said the little Turd who doesn’t produce his own food, can’t produce his own car, or light bulbs, and relies on government built roads to move those goods and himself from place to place.

            Without the basic science that is paid for by Government and has produced every object of technology he owns, and every form of medicine he has used, he probably wouldn’t even exist.

            He certainly wouldn’t exist without the Government police force that protects his life and property.

            His willful ignorance makes me and the rest of the sentient world laugh.

        2. “Moral people write laws that create order.”

          RepubliKKKans aren’t moral people as the majority of Americans know.

          “Construction companies manned by skilled people produce roads and bridges.”

          And they are employed by government to do so as directed by government planners and under the oversite of government workers who maintain design, material, and construction standards.

          “Moral people have standards of behavior.”

          Codes of conduct exist to define what is and is not acceptable behavior, and laws exist to punish those who do not follow those codes.

          Perhaps you wish to abolish the police. LOL!

          “Government is the result of society organizing themselves.”

          Yes it is. And that is why the Republican hate for Government has at it’s center a hate for the Society that created that Government.

          Thanks for playing. Your box of donuts are waiting for you at the exit door.

        3. “If you think government exists to take care of you, you’re not a student of history, and I pity your lack of understanding on how the world works.”

          For the last 15 years American life spans have been in decline, precisely because Americans demand that their government they pay for NOT look after them.

          That makes me and the rest of the sentient world laugh.

      2. It does not produce law and order, roads, bridges, standards or anything else. Government is merely the name we give to the people we subcontract to attend details.

        People make the laws and decide how much order vs chaos.
        People produce the materials, drive the machines, engineer the bridges, and lay the roads.
        People vote on the standards of behavior, and lately, the majority is getting pretty tired of the squeaky wheel less than 1% trying to dictate to the rest.

        The world is not laughing at all anymore, in fact, majorities in most every country are rising up and throwing off the bonds of servitude that they foolishly allowed to be placed on them.

        1. “Government is merely the name we give to the people we subcontract to attend details.”

          So you subcontract the tax collector who collects your taxes?

          LOL… You aren’t very bright are you?

      3. Society exists before any government, society (as such ) creates government.
        Standards of behavior and Law and order fundamentally comes from the family and religion
        Infrastructure such as roads and trails didn’t take a government to build.
        The government was created in order to preserve society and tribes from other societies and tribes that would otherwise invade and enslave them.
        It serves society a the force to preserve the piece and is a drain on resources, it doesn’t create anything. It is a way to impose a collective will on others by force and can be used well or poorly.

        1. “Society exists before any government”

          Can you name a single society that ever existed without a body to define and enforce social standards?

          Even in tiny, isolated societies elders are typically employed in this roll, and in families, the roll of defining proper behavior and enforcement falls upon the parents.

          You appear to be completely clueless.

          “Standards of behavior and Law and order fundamentally comes from the family and religion.”

          Also not true. Standard of behavior are defined by what produces a stable society. Societies that no one wants to belong to do not last for very long, so only the societies that are acceptable to the populace will ever endure. This is the most basic form of social Darwinism that defines what is and isn’t moral behavior.

          “It serves society a the force to preserve the piece and is a drain on resources, it doesn’t create anything.”

          And yet government created the roads you drive on, the laws that define your interaction with others, the units you measure things with, and the myriad of other things that define the stable society that you live in and derive benefit from.

          Without Government, you would live in a free for all anarchy, if you managed to live at all.

          So remember that when you pay your dues (taxes) to the society that keeps you and your family alive.

  4. look at all these boomers talk garbage. i’m not sorry inflation has destroyed your retirement dreams. also, i’m not sorry inflation will force your widowed wives to hastily remarry after you die as an *actual* survival matter, lol.

      1. AmeriKKKan RepublicKKKans have pretty much brought their country to an end.

        The ongoing election is their last chance to save themselves from Fascist Republican Obliteration.

        They will fail, and the world will laugh.

      2. good thing is, we expected nothing in the first place. you boomers on the other hand will be clipping coupons and eating chef boyardee, if you are smart! lol. 20% cpi is widely predicted in late 2023.

    1. I hope you get help. You sound like the most miserable person alive. So miserable, you want happy strangers to suffer too. That’s a serious personalty defect that needs work if you ever wish to be happy again. Good luck.

      1. oh calm down. you boomers want to blame everything on woke’ism, i’m just saying you have actual problems coming that will likely destroy your retirement hopes. focus on preparing for that, lol. plan to get back to work, or expect to die pennyless in a medicaid nursing home surrounded by the very people you fear the most, liberal minorities who hate you.

    2. You are probably still on the tit of a boomer one way or another. The only hope you have is you are in the will, you sure won’t make it yourself.

      1. inflation will complete redefine the rest of your life. your fathers saved the developed world in ww2 and promised you to be their heirs… but instead inflation will threaten your ability to even remain middle class. like i said, mentally prepare yourself for a medicaid nursing home. that’s where 90% of boomers are headed with just 2 years of +10% cpi. you will worry about money every second of your remaining lifetime. so much for being heirs to the greatest generation. frankly, it’s great to see you all royally screwed over for one and all times, literally. every single other boomer accomplishment has been through luck and or circumstance. keep voting trump, you’re still probably die pennyless anyways.

      2. “You are probably still on the tit of a boomer”

        Quite the contrary. Boomers, now old and feeble are suckling heavily on the tit of big government, and on the tits of Generation X.

        Republicans have stolen your social security and you are too stupid to realize it.

        That makes me laugh.

  5. Not making light of the report, but doesn’t anyone remember being a teenager? 30-40 years ago, it wasn’t exactly relaxing, either, and evaluation of a cross section of kids would probably have found that half weren’t relaxed with a long attention span.

    Phone and other devices and increasingly complex baseline jobs that have a lot of quasi stuff in them rather than clear lines make the future less bright for the cross section who would’ve been happy working a factory job working all the time and thinking periodically rather than the converse.

    The mention of devices also brings social media, which has a lot of antisocial impact. Remember when phones and cords and you would anticipate hearing about something some evening after school and then when it didn’t happen, you’d forget about it until the next day because it really wasn’t possible for someone to barrage you with texts at any time? Now, kids can have a small crisis and be sitting on edge waiting for it and then go to sleep worried that someone will text them right after they go to sleep.

    1. spoiled baby boomers yapping their gum flaps about things they know nothing about after being raised by the greatest generation and growing up when the US was at the top of the world. it ain’t gen z or millennials that were in charge the past 30 years

      1. You mean it is the Baby Boomers who gave them Happy Drag Queen Story Hour at school or library? That are telling them that they are a gender in the wrong body? That in 8 years everyone will be dead because the earth has warmed 1.5 degrees? That they are responsible for slavery?

      2. The boomers have brought AmeriKKKa to the brink of oblivion.

        Today’s vote is AmeriKKKa’s last chance.

          1. There is no such group called ANTIFA, which stands for Anti-Fascist by the way.

            Why are you so hateful of a group that opposes Facism and doesn’t even exist?

            Are you mentally ill?

      3. You have no idea what you’re talking about. 40 years of wealth creation have benefitted the older boomers the most, because they were the most invested when it started. Gen Z got a tough start with the GFC, but are rounding into form as their time invested (careers, r.e., stocks) starts to bear fruit. Millennials have been alive for 100% of this wealthy time period, and live beyond their means trying to keep up with the Joneses that are now not just the richest house in the neighborhood, but the entire world that the internet has opened up to them. Those greatest generation parents weren’t afraid to parent with a stern hand, and taught us “stick & stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Millennials whine about their pronouns, and lack of safe spaces. One day you’ll appreciate that we grow a helluva lot more in tough times than good times.

        1. Well, if America grows more in tough times, it should grow tremendously during the new era of it’s extinction.

        2. “40 years of wealth creation have benefitted the older boomers the most.”

          Liar.. Liar.. Pants on fire. Wages have been pretty much static for the American middle class over the last 40 years while corporate profits have sored and the most wealthy have almost tripled their wealth.

          It is a well known fact that is easily verified.

          You are clearly being willfully ignorant, and dishonest.

  6. All they have to do is turn off the MSM. You watch it for 10 mins and you think the world is ending. Hardly anything they say effects the daily lives of people.

      1. Fascism where you get to freely vote every couple of years in a liberal democracy? Where your human rights are protected? Please explain what kind of fascism is that.

        1. If Republican Fascists wanted real elections why are they currently in court trying to overturn the votes that have already been cast in the current election?

          Why do Repubicans work to exclude minorities and any group they can find that on average doesn’t vote Repubican?

          Why do Republicans gerry mander districts to insure that only they can be elected?

          Why do Republicans deny Democracy even in principle?

          1. Why do democrats keep making delusional accusations which have no basis in fact or substance? Why do democrats always project their actions onto others? Why do democrats make rules for others that they themself dont plan on adhering to? Why do democrats want to subvert children through gender identification? Why do democrats think it is fine for drag queens to perform in schools? Why do democrats want to defund the police and empty the prisons?

          2. Pennsylvania voters dash to cast new ballots after GOP lawsuit disqualified thousands of votes..

            Last week, thousands of mail-in ballots were invalidated by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

            Critics believe the lawsuit, and others like it in key battleground states are part of a “concerted attempt at partisan voter suppression.” Republicans in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are pushing to disqualify a large number of mail-in ballots while encouraging their supporters to only vote in person, The Washington Post reports.

        2. Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy.

      2. We are starting the process of eliminating your Fascist Republic today by voting out the DIMs and the liberals. Cry Moar.

        1. So your claim is that American Democracy is currently a form of Facism.

          Liar.. Liar.. Pants on Fire….

        1. Poor Ed. Like all Republicans he is willfully ignorant about what Fascism is.

          Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy.

  7. Generations defined by name, birth year, and ages in 2022
    From: BeresfordResearch(.)com

    What are the ages of the generations in 2022? If you do some research, you’ll find that dates overlap and names vary. While we hear generational terms all the time, the definitions are not official. However, based on widespread consensus as well as new Gen Z analysis by the Pew Research Center, and the one generation defined by the U.S. Census Bureau (Baby Boomers), these are the birth years and ages of the generations you’ll want to use in 2022.

    Note: Generation names are based on when members of that generation become adults (18-21).
    Generations Born Current Ages
    Gen Z 1997 – 2012 10 – 25
    Millennials 1981 – 1996 26 – 41
    Gen X 1965 – 1980 42 – 57
    Boomers II* 1955 – 1964 58 – 67
    Boomers I* 1946 – 1954 68 – 76
    Post War 1928 – 1945 77 – 94
    WWII 1922 – 1927 95 – 100

    *We increasingly break up Boomers into two different cohorts because the span is so large, and the oldest of the generation have different sensibilities than the younger. In the U.S., Generation Jones (Boomers II) are just young enough to have missed being drafted into war.

    Thinking we’ve got it all wrong? Many people are confused by the labels demographers assign to the generations, and some tell us we’ve made a mistake. We haven’t. In fact, this page has been cited in newspapers including USA Today.

    For more background on how the generations are defined, check out these references: Wikipedia, Kasasa, GenHQ and NetDNA. Generation Jones has its own website.

    In short, the generation names are based on when members of that generation become adults (18-21).

  8. There are some in every generation back in my day, when you got educated and then worked to earn a living, this type was referred to as CANDY ASSES!!!!!

      1. You’re pretty much a trolling individual by your posts. No one pays attention to trolls. They just clutter up a message board with their dung opinions. You’re welcome!

  9. Well, if you are told day in and day out by your teachers and MSM and social media that you are a colonialist and responsible for slavery and you will have to pay up, that the entire history is about the colonialists stealing the land from the natives, and when you grow up you will have to fight the capitalist exploiters or get exploited, that if you ride a car or a plane you are killing someone in the Amazon rainforest somewhere, you will have kids develop all forms of psychosis. That science and math is racist, but activism and smashing windows and cancelling people makes you a good citizen and a moral person? That there is nothing meaningful in life unless we bring down the system and institute rule by mobs in the name of democracy.

    1. “told day in and day out by your teachers and MSM and social media that you are a colonialist and responsible for slavery”

      I see the problem. You are a liar.

      No one is saying that. Why do you feel a need to lie about it?

      1. You seem to have been scraped off a sidewalk in SF. The smell is overwhelming. Get a life and stop calling everybody a liar you disagree with.

  10. I’m truly bipolar. I’ve attempted suicide, been in the psych hospital multiple times, had shock treatments, and blown over $200,000 while in a mania. I’ve never been stable enough to hold down a job or get married.
    I meet kids today who say they are bipolar “because my high school guidance counselor said I was because sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m sad”. It’s a joke.

    1. True story! We need to distinguish between serious cases (3-8%) and whatever is going on in clinical therapist offices.

    1. To a Republican….\

      Education = Liberal Indoctrination.

      Republicanism = Willful ignorance and the denial of reality.

      That makes me laugh.

      1. Are you trying to be a plonker? Liberalism is NOT an ideology, so there is no such thing as liberal indoctrination. Liberalism means be free and let others be free too.

        In schools, which are run by the bloody Woke Left, there is socialist/communist indoctrination going on which tells the children that the fruits of their labour belongs to the state, and they will have to become slaves to fat cats and oligarchs who live in places like the Kremlin. Slavery is fine they say as long as the boss claims to be from a marginalized group or has the best of the vulnerable at heart.

        Left teachers being naturally uneducated, believe this hogwash socialism and try to spread it among the unsuspecting.

        1. Since the late 19th century, however, most liberals have insisted that the powers of government can promote as well as protect the freedom of the individual. According to modern liberalism, the chief task of government is to remove obstacles that prevent individuals from living freely or from fully realizing their potential. Such obstacles include poverty, disease, discrimination, and ignorance. The disagreement among liberals over whether government should promote individual freedom rather than merely protect it is reflected to some extent in the different prevailing conceptions of liberalism in the United States and Europe since the late 20th century. In the United States, liberalism is associated with the welfare-state policies of the New Deal program of the Democratic administration of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, whereas in Europe it is more commonly associated with a commitment to limited government and laissez-faire economic policies.

          1. You made a big mistake. The definition of “liberal” was corrupted by FDR in 1936 to change the media label for Dems from “progressive” to “liberal”, which is what Republicans were. Conservative was used to replace “liberal” since the Dem controlled media refused to bide by the established definition. Why did FDR push the media to do so? The label “progressive” was becoming widely seen as negative, since beginning in the 1930’s it was the label of choice for the leftists ideologies of communism, fascism, and national socialism – all variants of Marxism. A “liberal” in Europe is the same as a conservative here. Progressives have NEVER promoted individualism or freedoms. The state told you what to do, say, think, how to live. Just like the Dems since FDR. BTW: in up to 1939, the Progressive media and organizations referred to these four world leaders as “The Mighty Four” who were going to bring equality and prosperity to all. In order of reverence: Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, and FDR. All of FDR’s top people openly admired Mussolini’s Fascism and voiced their desires to emulate many of his ideas in the USA. But, when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, all changed. Suddenly he was no longer listed as a far left progressive, but a “right wing extremist”. To educated people, on the political scale, far right means absence of government or unrestricted capitalism.

        2. “Woke Left”

          Can you define what “woke” means?

          No? You just flap your ignorant lips and spout nonsense code words for emotions you have but don’t have the intellectual capacity to define.

          That makes me laugh.

          1. Woke means mindlessly identifying with the latest retarded anti-social fads like non-binary screwed up pronoun usage, men can be women if they chose, men can get pregnant (with no mammary glands, XY chromosomes, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, vagina, or labial lips). You make intelligent people laugh, but also feel somewhat sad as to how far a person into indoctrinated ignorance can sink these days.

            People like you gave rise to the Bolsheviks, Fascists and NAZIs. But you can’t see this.

  11. I totally agree with Vendicar. He doesn’t know what year it is. We were supposed to all be dead by 2009 and not 1999. Such an ignorant scumbag.

    1. Liar.. Liar.. Pants on fire.

      No scientist ever claimed that. Why do you feel a need to lie about it?

      1. No SCIENTIST did, but endless leftist propagandists did. Look at the fabricated Global Warming crap. Or the COVID jab prevents COVID and cures it (false, doesn’t stop transmission either according to Pfizer docs) – but the effects of mRNA have killed several hundred thousand people here, mostly those under 40 (sudden death syndrome).

  12. This is all thanks to the stupid old people who run the government. Instead of focusing on well being and happiness they focus on money and power.

  13. The biggest reason is most likely the abuse of high-THC marijuana. There are studies that show that 50% of long term users of high-THC marijuana will develop schizophrenia or other mental illnesses. Today’s marijuana isn’t like it was in the 1970s. There are also more users of it than ever before.

    1. Why are capitalists selling America’s children a drug that damages their minds?

      Isn’t Capitalism and free, unregulated markets beneficial?

      1. Vendicar Decarian: No one is forcing you to live under capitalism. You can move to a socialist/communist paradise like North Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela. What are you waiting for?

        1. “You can move to a socialist/communist paradise like North Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela.”

          Or Norway, Denmark, Canada, France, Germany, or any other first world socialist nation where the quality of life is higher and where IQ’s are much higher than those found in the U.S.

          Did you know that the socialist nation of Singapore has virtually no crime?

          People there don’t commit crimes because they don’t need to.

          Imagine that.

          1. None of those are “socialist”. IQs across the West all fall in the same ranges per race. People in Singapore DO commit crime (especially street theft like purse snatching) , but the penalties there are swift and severe. I have been there. Spit on the sidewalk in view of a cop and expect 30 lashes from a bamboo cane. Imagine that. Germany has serious crime problems and very militarized police. When I was there the airport cops all carried 9mm submachine guns (mostly due to the vicious Muslim attacks against civilized people. The murder rate is the highest of all nations (per capita, that is what rate means) in Finland.

    2. But conservative Libertarians demand the legalization of all drugs, not just marijuana. Heroin, cocaine, PCP, Fentanyl, and everything else.

      The legalization of drug gangs is one of their long long term goals.

  14. They were damaged before Covid. You can blame too much FB, Instagram and Twitter. They made mental disorders contagious, and used the addictive nature of FOMO and nonstop arguing to get rich at the expense of people’s mental health.

    Social Media should come with a warning label and a daily limit. Society should cut people off from the garbage like a bartender cuts the drunk off the bottle.

    1. They were damaged before FB, Instagram and Twitter, but those Capitalist companies certainly have magnified the damage.

      It’s just another example of how Capitalism is destructive to society.

      The world sees how American Capitalism has destroyed America.

      It makes me laugh.

      1. Communism was responsible for over 100 million deaths in the 20th Century, but keep telling yourself that Capitalism is destructive/evil.

        1. America has murdered over 50 million people since it’s founding.

          8 million of so were natives. Very Hitleresque, I’m sure you agree.

          1. There were never 8 million natives. Best estimates were about 1 million total in 1700. About the same for Mexico (maybe 80k Aztecs at most in the 1500’s) and Central America. Most tribes here were small, with dozens or hundreds of people at most. Most tribes fought each other and stole property, women and children from other tribes. So, detail these 50 million you pretend exist. Maybe you are counting game animals and fish because you are a PETA type.

            BTW: Hitler was a Marxist based leftist, like you.

  15. Look at poor parenting. Trauma in childhood is the cause of the great majority of mental illness. In fact, poor parenting is the source of every human-caused problem on Earth. Read “The Emotionally Absent Mother” by Jasmin Cori, if you wonder what’s wrong with our kids.

    1. Parenting is a major problem in AmeriKKKa now that Capitalism demands that both parents work full time jobs in order for a family to survive.

      No time for the parents to raise their children, so they offload that burden to the state school system, which is not designed to act as surrogate parents.

      Capitalism has destroyed the American Family.

      1. Nonsense. People want to work that hard to better themselves and enjoy the fruits of capitalism and freedom which are abundant

        1. “People want to work that hard to better themselves” – Delusional

          No one ever wants to work hard.

          Working hard is what a condition that slave masters impose upon their slaves.

          1. It is true that things of your ilk (maybe you identify as a pink toad) do not want to learn a profession (just give me A’s for attending class) or work (just pay me double minimum wage for showing up when I feel like it). Work and earn – this has been true for many millennia. You spew the inane commie rhetoric quite well. You are a lost soul with zero future. No one is going to pay you just for being alive.

    1. Even more interesting is the number of MAGAt Republicans is nearly identical to the number of Amerians who are mentally ill.

        1. The world is doing fine. It is AmeriKKKa that is intellectually, financially and morally bankrupt.

          The world is laughing at Americans.

      1. Let me guess, you are a Z’er with little valid education, bombarded with nonsense from your mentally ill “liberal” teachers at school, and no experience in the real world where you earn your own living. Your world view is backwards, but it is not likely you can be cured with facts or logic. The most important items in your life are your smartphone, your social media junk, and your pronouns. You fall asleep at night questioning whether you are a male, female, or maybe a frog with feathers. You have no future.

        1. Hey numnutz, male and female refer to sex, not gender. They are different. Did you not take biology in high school? You sound like a moron.

          I’m going to take a wild guess here—all your ‘facts’ and ‘logic’ come from Fox News…

  16. It’s extremely popular to have or to claim to have mental illnesses and issues right now. Go on any high-traffic member site (reddit, imgur…) and you’ll start to think that 100% of the participants have some kind of mental illness. They all have it in their bios, mention it as often as possible, jump on new ones as soon as they hear about them and update their bios to include them, and make up obviously fictional stories about things that happened to them to exacerbate the problems.

    It all just comes down to attention-seeking and trying to follow popular trends. If the popular trend was to be mentally stable and concentrate on working hard, they’d all be doing that (or saying it anyway).

  17. Fifteen percent of liberals are on some kind of medication for mental issues…the scary part is, that means eighty-five percent are running around un-medicated.

        1. Significantly increased racial tensions
          Lost a war in Afghanistan for eight years
          Slow economic growth
          Got re-elected !

          1. Well, we know where you get your news from…

            By ‘increased racial tensions’, do you mean that he shamed racists and racism, and you and your ilk are upset that you can’t be outwardly racist anymore? What a damn shame.

            You’re seriously trying to blame Obama for Afghanistan?? I bet you’re mad he was nowhere to be found during 9/11, huh? Total abdication of duty 🤣 If you subscribe to the narrative, which I personally don’t, but remind me, who took out OBL? Oh, right. It was Obama.

            Slow economic growth? Try again. This isn’t true no matter which way you look at it. Stock market +182%. Nearly 7 million jobs created in his final 3 years alone. Average economic growth of more than 2%. Household debt fell and income rose. All of these numbers are better than Trump, mind you—many by a mile.

            Feel free to state facts and statistics to support your claims, though I won’t hold my breath. I suspect you don’t have any. But you’ll continue to act like you’re informed when the truth is you hate Obama because he’s black. You know, I’d at least respect you and your kind a little more if you were just up-front and honest about it. I wouldn’t respect you by any means, but I would appreciate the honesty.

    1. Liberal countries in Europe, and South America, and Liberal Countries like Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc. don’t have the same mental health issues as does Capitalist/Conservative AmeriKKKa.

      So what is it about Capitalist/Conservative AmeriKKKa that makes it such a pathetic nation of mentally deficient losers?

      1. First of all, Reagan closed the mental institutions and decided to depend upon Big Pharma for the nation’s mental health help. (Funny that half his administration was heavily invested in Big Pharma. The Bushes, Rumsfeld, and many others.) So then, medications that didn’t work and harmed people flooded the market, making the problem much worse. Then all those mentally ill people had babies in an unrestricted fashion. Also, narcissism has been encouraged in America since WWII. And many, many people are very bad parents who inflict traumas upon their children, making them mentally ill. It’s all a tall house of cards slowly crashing. Out-of-control capitalism.

        1. Sorry, the same old leftist foil. 1 – First, mental institutions are state and county operations. They did receive some federal funding. 2 – DEMS passed laws prohibiting non-voluntary institutionalization after a single Hollyweird movie. Most such institutions soon emptied out except for court ordered cases. 3 – Reagan saw no need for federal funding of mostly empty facilities, and to give the bird to the nutty Dems who swooned over a 60% made-up movie, he asked Congress (they who control spending) to delete the line item for this in the annual budget. 4 – Since you are a communist obviously, let me explain how capitalism lifts people out of misery while leftists’ ideologies dig the pit deeper. 5 – So tell us, how many crazies had babies ( and not just by the drug soaked hippies)? Hundreds maybe? 6 – Trauma on children. I agree, that is exactly what leftists parents have been doing for 50 years. And now with the insanity of non-binary gender, make believe trans insanity, and grooming in elementary school and beyond, it is out of control. 6 – How does capitalism (your provide goods or service, get paid and maybe accumulate wealth) – versus state controlled economies – affect mental health? You learn a MARKETABLE profession (very few of the “liberal arts degrees”), have a good work ethic, and put forth the needed effort and you won’t be living with mommy till you are 50. There is no free lunch, not even in commie countries.

          1. Excellent rebuff of the Liberal take on things. First, those who are quick to say, look at other countries, I’m sorry, but things are not quite so blissful as they appear in some of those countries. Canada for one, has likely just as many issues, and the numbers would not be far off this studies findings. Look for them to get worse with the ever increasing usage of legal pot and illegal as far as that goes. But be that as it may, our society is being subject to several destabilizing forces that contribute. May I suggest that the breakdown and disruption of the family is one of the top ones, which is a purposeful thrust of the Marxist /Communist adherents by the way. The speed and sheer quantity of information, and social media (mostly skewed and bad information sources), these impressions all park and are stored in the frontal lobes of growing adolescents brains and are difficult to process and then manifest in all sorts of ways, and all drive toward the further erosion of a mentally stable society. The loss of faith, particularly the Christian faith that was a huge stabilizing force (we are told from other studies that belief in God is on the decrease and the rise of the nones is the trend). Add to this bad drugs, poor actual schooling that is not indoctrination, incessant mass marketing that leads to frenzied spending habits to stay up with the trends, lousy and generally violent video games, pitiful TV shows that further erode any semblance of a moral code, eating ourselves to obesity and Voila! You find yourself with a quickly debilitating society that is showing ever increasing levels of anxiety, depression and general angst. I know we cannot recover the leave it to beaver days, but instead of commiserate, can we not get back to the basics: the classics, the faith, and some sense of family and community to celebrate! Just Sayin!

  18. How in the hell can 20%m of Zoomers afford a therapist?! I’m in my mid 40s, make a six figure income, and *I* can’t afford the $200+/hr for a regular therapist.

    1. All ya have to do is live at home, have Mumsy and Pops pay the bills and have some form of Guberment insurance. A SS disability/welfare/EBT check every month never hurts either. Anxiety is now a disability don’t ya know!

  19. Democrats blame Republicans and Republicans blame Democrats. The rhetoric and fear mongering has been ramped up the last 20 years by both sides. , Throw in a Pandemic and relentless biased reporting of everything that is fearful and what should we think the outcome on young people would be, especially those without good guidance and mentors? Dems and Reps have been in the Whitehouse and in control of Congress for 100+ years. If THEY are our leaders, THEY are to blame. Time for a 3rd Party.

    1. This problem that you refer to has not been ramped up by Republicans. In fact all the Republicans have doing is to say “hold on! Do we really want to go down this road? Does this comport to our constitution?”
      As far as needing a third party —that will never work. The libertarian party has not been and never will be a viable party.
      As with the libertarian party (or Bull Moose Party, or the Independent Party used against G. H. W. Bush in 1992) would only strengthen one party and create two weak ones in opposition. If a fix is in order (and I believe it is) then both parties need to self examine their goals, their methods, their self promotion of their leadership, their philosophies – and fix themselves.

  20. That explains our bizarre election results! Bet all of the mental cases are Dems, because WTH can vote for Dems except people with mental problems?

  21. We need a survey on the percentage of American psychiatrists that diagnose EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEIR PATIENTS with some sort of mental illness. I bet it’s somewhere close to 99%

    1. That seems pointless.

      We need to understand that over the past 40 years we have drastically changed the family unit.

      Essentially children are raised by the state at school and the media through social media.

      Parents play much less of a role in the raising of children since the womens rights movement and the dual income standard.

      What you are stating isn’t even relevant and is more or less a low IQ response. It is like you have a defensive response to this information. You didn’t fail your children society did and society also failed you.. just so you know.

      Also you need to understand that psychiatrists make diagnosis based purely off analysis there is nothing scientific about their diagnosis and it is not actually a medical diagnosis but an opinion.

      Psychiatry is a joke of a field and essentially covers the “Average” mind set. I have a 140iq.. Sorry but a Psychiatrist trying to compare me in anyway shape or form to an average baseline is going to find things different about me. They are because I am not average and I do not think like an Average person and never have.

      I get stressed when others wouldn’t I deal with depression from understanding issues others aren’t intelligent enough to even comprehend.

      Now do I need medication? No.
      Is there Medication to change how I think?Duh there are drugs to do lots of things.
      Should I make myself like an Average person?Helllll no
      Does the government want most people to be like the Average person? Does the government want people to be easy to manipulate and prone to being submissive? Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      I can’t imagine what my life would be like If I was born with an average iq instead of being in the 130-140 range.

      Would I really be a useless little tool like the average person?

  22. What you are saying is that they are 9% off being considered mentally healthy.

    if 9% more had mental illness it would actually mean that it is normal to have the mindset they do and the 41% who have no mental illness are an oddity.

    This really just means we need to start to analyze the changes in society that revolve around youth.

    Pretty much take 1 parent out of the work place so they can raise the child please.

    Forcing both parents to work was a joke..

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