7 in 10 millennials would take pay cut for ability to bring pet to work

SEATTLE — It may be a sign of their love for their best friends, or it might just be that they’re tired of paying a walker. Either way, most millennials agree they would take a pay cut for the ability to bring their pet with them to work, a recent survey finds.

Attitudes about bringing pets to work are changing rapidly, with many office spaces allowing furry friends to accompany their owners to work. Many companies have seen better work results because of this policy, and workers, especially millennials, are all too happy to join this rising trend.

According to the poll of 500 millennial pet owners commissioned earlier this year by online retailer zulily, seven in 10 respondents would be open to a smaller salary for the desirable amenity. In fact, one in five would be willing to sacrifice 20 percent of their income!

The findings reveal the passion and love millennials have for their pets. A whopping 84 percent of the young adult segment find themselves worrying about their pets when leaving them home alone for short periods of time, such as running errands. Sixty-five percent say it would be more stressful to go a week without their pets than their cellphones.

The survey showed plenty of evidence that millennials are more into their pets than ever. Forty-two percent of respondents who are in romantic relationships say they would sometimes rather snuggle their pet than their significant other. Meanwhile, 45 percent of single respondents admit that their pet’s approval of a new potential partner matters more than their family’s approval.

“For millennials, their dog or cat isn’t just a pet – it’s a starter child, and our research shows that in 2018 they want their pet to play an even bigger part of their life – whether its providing approval of their significant other, taking their pet to work or surprising their pet with gifts on a monthly basis,” says zulily Vice President of Merchandising Kerry Gibson-Morris in a statement.

Gibson-Morris isn’t exaggerating on that last point. The survey found half of respondents buy their pets gifts about four times a month on average.

“From Fido-inspired wall art to pet pouch hoodies, we’re seeing the vast extent of their love reflected through our customer’s purchases as this generation of owners is actively looking to surprise their pets by going way beyond the typical leashes and collars,” she says.

The study was conducted on zulily’s behalf between between January 22 and January 25, 2018 by Wakefield Research.

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