Shame On You: 51% Of Americans Have Judged Someone Else For Failing To Social Distance

  • Survey reveals that after the coronavirus pandemic ends, nearly 7 in 10 adults will avoid handshakes and kisses with others.
  • Seventy-two percent of Americans say they now wash their hands after each time they use their mobile phone.

PROVO, Utah — Going outside these days is dangerous business. Americans all over the country have been told to stay indoors and follow social distancing guidelines, but how closely are they adhering to these suggestions? A new survey that polled 1,500 U.S. citizens found that not only are most Americans in agreement with these measures, but many have started looking down on others who are ignoring the rules.

In all, 51% of respondents said they’ve already judged an acquaintance for not following social distancing guidelines.

The vast majority of respondents have become hyper-aware of their cleanliness in the wake of COVID-19; 72% are even washing their hands every single time after using their phone. Another 71% are routinely cleaning and disinfecting their cell phone.

The research, commissioned by PhoneSoap, also noted that nearly one in five (19%) are convinced they’ve already been infected with COVID-19, but never formally diagnosed.

Obviously, maintaining a high level of hygiene is priority number one nowadays. Close to all respondents (97%) believe they’ve taken the proper measures to prevent the spread of germs in their day-to-day life. That includes always washing one’s hands (98%), practicing social distancing (96%), and only going outside if it’s absolutely essential (93%).

When Americans are forced to go outside and visit a public space, 59% said they would never do so with small children, 45% will always wear a face mask, and 38% don’t leave home without a pair of plastic gloves.


So, what activities are definitely not OK to leave home for right now? Most respondents (80%) said it would be wrong to visit a friend’s home, and 77% would not attend a religious service. Other activities survey participants believe should be off-limits include venturing to outdoor spaces (66%), driving by someone’s home to visit (63%), and physically visiting a family member’s home (62%).

For what it’s worth, 71% said they diligently practice what they preach.

Respondents were also asked about President Trump’s daily press briefings, and 90% said that everyone in attendance should also be practicing social distancing. Another 65% feel that Trump himself should be wearing a mask.

What about when this is all over? Even after the pandemic has passed, most Americans still plan on avoiding kisses (68%), handshakes (66%), and hugs (62%). The dating scene sure will be interesting post-coronavirus.

The survey was conducted by Lucid.

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