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LONDON — Do you ever wonder just how clean a bathroom is when visiting a friend’s home? A recent survey shows you may want to treat a loved one’s toilet with as much scrutiny as a public bathroom!

According to a poll of 2,000 adults in the United Kingdom, people typically deep-clean their bathrooms less than once a week, with 14 percent admitting that they sometimes skip using cleaning products altogether. Many respondents reported that they prefer to just rinse surfaces with water and wipe them down with toilet paper instead of using a sponge.

The survey found that people generally spend about 10 minutes on a quick bathroom clean. Nearly half (48%) said they only pay special attention to their bathroom when expecting guests, while 46 percent prefer to delegate the task to someone else in the household.

Common triggers for cleaning the bathroom include a buildup of facial hair around the sink (50%), dirty mirrors (28%), and clogged drains (32%).

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“Even if a bathroom looks clean, it may still harbor grime and other ‘nasties.’ It’s an area where cutting corners is not advisable. Using effective cleaning products regularly can help maintain cleanliness and ease the overall burden,” says a spokesperson for Flash and Viakal, the companies that commissioned the research, in a statement.

Despite a general reluctance to clean, 38 percent of respondents enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a germ-free bathroom. However, only one in 10 said they find the cleaning process enjoyable, and just 34 percent appreciate the sense of accomplishment they feel afterward.

The aspects people dislike most about bathroom cleaning include the residue around the toilet (29%), having to remove hair (25%), and dealing with limescale around the shower (23%). Additionally, 12 percent dislike the smell of cleaning products, and one in three cited lack of time as the main reason for not maintaining a clean bathroom.

According to the data from OnePoll, limescale is often misunderstood. Forty-one percent reported that they’re not concerned about it despite its prevalence in areas with hard water. Eleven percent have had to replace sink taps due to limescale, while 15 percent have changed their shower heads. Surprisingly, 10 percent incorrectly believe that using too much shampoo causes limescale.

“Limescale not only complicates bathroom cleaning but can also impact your energy bills. The Carbon Trust found that a 1mm layer of limescale can increase energy input to a boiler by seven percent. This could result in an extra £200 in annual energy costs for the average household, although regular cleaning with the right products can mitigate this,” the spokesperson adds.

10 Things People Hate Most About Cleaning The Bathroom:

  1. Toilet residue
  2. Time consumption
  3. Removing hair
  4. Sink gunk
  5. Limescale in the shower
  6. Boredom
  7. Dislike cleaning product smells
  8. Physical exertion
  9. Bathroom odors
  10. Difficulty reaching hard-to-clean areas.

South West News Service writer Charlie Bayliss contributed to this report.

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  1. D C M says:

    You mean some people clean it as often as once a week?

  2. Archie1954 says:

    A bathroom requires a cleaning of some sort everyday. In some cases it is simply putting away toothbrushes and hygiene products. In others it is wiping down the sinks and shower, the counters and the toilet surroundings. The floor should be scrubbed once every week and the bathmats put in the clothes washer. Towels and wash cloths should be changed after every using. At least that’s what we do.

  3. Dominick says:

    This is why I don’t like using ANYONES bathroom but my own. I’m neurotic about how clean that room needs to be. Idk how people can tolerate it. And I’m not sorry but every time a guy stands and pees no matter how good their aim is they still get splatter all over. Ever heard of microbiology?? So IDC what people think but I sit to do both. I don’t want to have to clean urine thank you very much. Human beings are just disgusting.