7 Best Android Charging Cases, According To Tech Experts

Android battery charger cases are your pocket-sized power bank. They extend battery life for hours, letting users game all day, stream on the go, or scroll away without anxiety. They’re slim and sleek, protecting your phone from bumps and scrapes. Several of the best Android battery cases even offer Qi-compatible wireless charging, making juicing up a breeze. Whether you’re a power user or a casual scroller, an Android charger case is your ticket to staying connected and worry-free all day long.

Remember, the ideal case is a perfect blend of power, protection, and personal preference. With so many different models available, we combed through nine expert reviews to find the best Android charging cases to keep your phone powered all day. Happy charging! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Someone levitating an Android phone
Someone levitating an Android phone (Photo by Imad Clicks on Pexels)

The List: Best Android Battery Cases, Ranked

1. Newdery

Newdery Battery Case for Galaxy S22
Newdery Battery Case for Galaxy S22 Ultra

Newdery’s Android battery case pumps your phone full of power, extending life for hours. Slim, protective, and with fast charging, it’s your pocket-sized energy boost. Newdery makes cases for a variety of Android models. According to Byte Scout, it protects your phone from scratches and even has built-in safeguards against overcharging and overheating. However, there’s a small drawback: you can’t sync your phone to a computer with the case on because the type-C port doesn’t allow data transfer. Still, Byte Scout says this is a minor inconvenience considering the case’s other features.

As far as for Samsung users, Pocket Now says the Galaxy S22 model comes with a whopping 4,700mAh battery, more than doubling the battery life of the phone itself! It also charges wirelessly and protects the phone from damage.

2. ZeroLemon

Zerolemon Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra
ZeroLemon Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra

Android battery blues? ZeroLemon’s beefy cases pack monster power, keeping you juiced all day. Forget wall plugs, charge on the go, and enjoy endless phone adventures. The Droid Guy loves this ZeroLemon case for the Galaxy S9. It’s thin for a battery case, but still packs a powerful 4,700mAh punch to keep your phone charged on the go. Plus, it offers double protection with a shock-absorbing rubber layer and a tough outer shell. To activate charging, just press the button on the back.

ZeroLemon doesn’t only make cases for the S9, but for almost every model of mobile phone, including iPhones. Rolling Stone raves about this ZeroLemon case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It basically gives you a whole extra charge, keeping your phone juiced up all day long. You can also get super-fast charging when you plug in both the case and phone with a Samsung 25W adapter.

While Android Authority loves the extra features of this ZeroLemon case (like battery level indicator lights and compatibility with Samsung Dex), they warn that it can be bulky. The case for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with a whopping 10,000mAh battery is apparently a real “brick”! So, if you choose a larger capacity case, be prepared for a bigger size.

3. Mophie Juice Pack Connect

Mophie Juice Pack Connect
Mophie Juice Pack Connect

The Mophie Juice Pack Connect works for any phone with wireless capabilities. So, if you are tired of buying a new battery case every time you upgrade your phone, Mophie’s got a solution! IGN raves about it being a battery solution that works with your current phone and potentially even your next one! It also comes in a variety of sizes. Instead of a traditional case, it’s more like a portable battery that connects to your phone.

Android Central says this is perfect if you already have a phone case you love but still want extra battery life. The Mophie Juice Pack Connect is a compact battery pack that sticks right onto the back of your existing case (with the help of an included adapter). Plus, this 3,000mAh pack even has a built-in kickstand for hands-free video watching.

4. RUNSY Battery Case

RUNSY Battery Case
RUNSY Battery Case

Need a battery beast for your phone? Runsy’s got your back (literally!) Runsy charges your Android phone all day, doubling battery life. Quality design, durable protection, and easy wireless charging. Power up, worry less.

While Runsy makes cases for many different smartphones, Cellular News says the Runsy battery case is a powerhouse for your Samsung Galaxy. This 6,000mAh case can more than double your battery life, giving you tons of extra talk time, movie watching, and music playback. It’s perfect for long days, trips, or business ventures. Plus, you can charge your phone without taking the case off, although wireless charging isn’t an option.

Android Central says Runsy makes it so their cases provide significant power without making them too bulky. It even has a built-in USB-A port so you can use the extra juice to charge other devices, like a pair of earbuds.

5. LVFAN Battery Case

LVFAN Battery Case
LVFAN Battery Case

LVFAN’s case doubles your Android’s battery life. Fast charging and drop protection make it a power pal, keeping you juiced and safe on the go. While there are many LVFAN cases compatible with different phones, Pocket Now recommends them for Galaxy S22 models. It packs an impressive 4,700mAh battery, more than enough to double the phone’s battery life. Plus, it gets even better! This case charges wirelessly itself, and can also wirelessly charge your favorite Bluetooth earbuds or smartwatch – talk about convenience!

Android Central agrees that the LVFAN case is a great option. They appreciate the large battery capacity that will keep your phone powered up all day. Plus, the raised bezels around the edges offer extra screen protection, making it a practical and protective case all in one.

Charging Case Buying Guide:

There are so many features to choose from in the sea of battery packs and charging cases. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when picking out a charging case that is right for you:

  • Battery Capacity: Bigger is better! Pick a case that boosts your battery life significantly, matching your usage needs.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the case fits your specific Android phone model like a glove.
  • Charging Speed: Choose a case with fast charging tech to minimize top-up time.
  • Protection: Opt for a case with shockproof and scratch-resistant features to safeguard your precious phone.
  • Additional Perks: Look for wireless charging compatibility, sleek design, or even built-in kickstands for bonus points!


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