Best Android Smartwatches For 2024: Top 5 Products Most Recommended By Experts

Watches have been dramatically upgraded over time. These smartwatches can now track your fitness, answer phone calls, and send text messages. For Android users, which of these devices stand out above the rest? Combing through online experts, StudyFinds has compiled a list of the top five best Android smartwatches on the market today.

Many people use smartwatches to track their health, but researchers are upping it a notch. A smartwatch was recently developed to detect COVID-19 and other illnesses, all through the person’s sweat! The smartwatch, dubbed SWEATSENSER Dx, can discover deadly over-reaction by the immune system. While this technology has not reached the mainstream, it just shows the future of these high-tech devices.

Additionally, another study shows that smartwatches may have the potential to track mental health using AI. By evaluating the body’s stress responses, wearable technology could make waves in helping people identify what they need to calm down. This would be another helpful advancement that smartwatches could implement in the future.

Are you on the hunt for some new arm candy? StudyFinds has listed the top five best Android smartwatches most recommended by experts. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

Person checking heart rate on smartwatch
Smart watch showing heart rate (Photo by Nik on Unsplash)

The List: Best Android Smartwatches, According to Tech Experts

1. Google Pixel Watch

Topping the list of best android smartwatches is the Google Pixel Watch. “Google’s first Pixel Watch wants to tackle the Apple Watch head-on,” notes CNET. “For the most part, it succeeds thanks to a sleek, curved design and a range of health sensors, including an ECG app and blood oxygen tracking. It has a suite of fitness tracking features and analysis through the Fitbit app and accurate heart-rate tracking.”

Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch

“Google’s Pixel Watch is an excellent smartwatch that’s lightweight, fluid and intuitive to use, and has a sleek, classic design,” writes Business Insider.

The Verge recommends the Google Pixel Watch 2, calling it the best android smartwatch for non-Samsung users. “Google Pixel Watch 2 is a significant improvement over the original. The Galaxy Watch 6 lineup will still get you a more polished overall experience, but the Pixel Watch 2 is the better choice for Android users who aren’t on a Samsung smartphone.”

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Coming in second on the list is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. The New York Times says, “The Galaxy Watch6 brings the latest Wear OS software to your wrist, offering speedy performance and ample app support, plus a sleek and comfortable design.”

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

“The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is the best value in current-gen Wear OS watches, offering excellent performance, strong battery life, and a bigger display than the Watch 5 in the same size body,” says Android Police.

Business Insider recommends the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, calling it the best with bezel. “Samsung’s latest smartwatch, the Watch 6 Classic, brings back the rotating bezel from the Watch 4 line, and it makes navigating the excellent Wear OS 4 operating system that much smoother and easier.”

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Another Samsung watch to make the list is the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. “Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the ultimate health companion when it comes to Android smartwatches,” says ZDNet. “With improved sensors from its predecessor, this smartwatch can better track your sleep, body composition, and tough workouts. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is encased in lightweight titanium for a comfortable but durable smartwatch.”

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Android Central calls it a premium pick. “Samsung switched this generation from a Pro design to a Classic design. While we love the Classic for its style and rotating bezel, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro brings something unique to the table for Samsung: a consistent 3-day battery life and titanium build, making it lighter and longer-lasting than the Classic.”

“Samsung bills its Watch 5 Pro as being made for outdoor adventure, and it’s got quite a few features that help with that use case,” writes Android Police. “Its case is made of titanium, a more durable metal than the aluminum or stainless steel many competing watches are made of. You can also load GPX files onto the Watch 5 Pro for custom navigation away from named roads — a useful feature for hikers and trail runners. It’s got the battery life to back it up, too: in normal use, the watch can make it two to three days between charges, so it should be able to handle most runs or hikes mere mortals might attempt. It’s already been updated to the latest, Wear OS 4-based One UI 5 Watch, too.”

4. Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5

The fourth-most popular Android smartwatch, according to experts, is the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5. “Most smartwatches need charging every night, but the TicWatch Pro 5 can last several days longer even with heavy use, and it offers impressive performance thanks to the latest wearable processor,” says The New York Times.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5
Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5

“Mobvoi’s TicWatch lineup has its devoted fans for a reason: super long battery life,” notes The Verge. “It’s got an estimated 80 hours of battery life with standard use, a secondary ultra-low power display, and a massive (for a smartwatch you wear on your wrist, at least) 628mAh battery.”

ZDNet agrees. Why? “From ZDNET’s testing, the TicWatch Pro 5 impresses the most with its endurance. Thanks to the ultra-low-power (ULP) display, which is a monochrome screen that shows essential information like time, date, and steps when you’re not actively using the watch, and a more efficient processor, the TicWatch can last up to 80 hours per charge.”

5. Fitbit Sense 2

Last but not least, “The Fitbit Sense 2 is one the most intuitive smartwatches thanks to a proactive stress-detection feature,” writes Tom’s Guide. “It has robust fitness tracking and a handful of Google apps, even if it’s not a true Wear OS watch.”

Fitbit Sense 2
Fitbit Sense 2

“The Fitbit Sense 2 tracks your heart rate, heart rate variance (HRV), possible atrial fibrillation (AFib), blood oxygen, sleep quality, stress levels, and skin temperature,” explains Android Central. “The last two, in particular, are where the Sense 2 stands apart: the new continuous electrodermal (cEDA) sensor has all-day body response tracking to warn you if you’re overstressed, while the temperature sensor can warn you if you’re possibly unwell and judge if your body temperature is hurting your sleep quality.”

Business Insider calls this model the best of Fitbit watches. “Fitbit’s Sense 2 combines the brand’s advanced health and fitness features with decent smartwatch capability, unique sleep tracking, and a clean design reminiscent of the Apple Watch.”

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