Best Sleep Trackers: Top 5 Wearable Monitors Most Recommended By Experts

Diet and exercise are key to good health, but sleep is also at the top of the list alongside them. Sleep trackers have become much more popular recently, particularly among those interested in improving their sleep. If you struggle with getting enough rest and are looking get a better idea of your sleeping patterns, we’ve gone searching for the best sleep trackers recommended most frequently by experts.

Shuteye is so important to our health that research concludes getting poor sleep actually raises the risk of an early death. Not getting quality rest is linked to a number of harmful health outcomes, from vision loss to weight gain to Alzheimer’s disease. Multiple studies conclude that getting between seven and eight hours of sleep on a nightly basis is ideal for optimal health. But the actual amount of sleep you’re getting may differ from what you may think if you’re just looking at when you got in bed and when you woke up. Do you know how frequently you’re waking up in the middle of the night, even if just for seconds at a time? Do you know how much deep sleep you’re logging?

A recent survey reveals that six in 10 Americans rely on some form of technology to get sound sleep, such as bedtime reminders and screen time-limiting apps. Most respondents didn’t only want to improve sleep, but they wanted more insight on the quality of it. In fact, 87 percent of respondents think that having sleep data would help improve their sleep and 89 percent want a device that can help them decipher that data.

But where do you start in finding the right one for you? StudyFinds set out to find the consensus best sleep trackers, according to the pros, by visiting 10 expert websites to see which ones they recommended the most. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below!

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The List: Best Sleep Trackers, According to Experts


1. Oura Ring 3

This lightweight, wearable ring tracker is a practical choice that has a remarkable ability to collect a wide array of metrics that can help you evaluate your nighttime habits. It’s available in four sleek colors: silver, black, gold, and stealth.

Oura Ring 3
Oura Ring 3 (

“It’s capable of capturing data like sleep duration, recognizing time spent in bed, sleep efficiency, resting heart rate and sleep stages. It will track naps and will have the ability to track blood oxygen when a future software update rolls out,” writes Wareable.

It’s also designed to help you better understand your health during the day as well. “Oura rings are designed to be worn all day long, not just during sleep. They also track your temperature and movement patterns during the day to gauge how your body is performing and how much energy you have to give (which it then shows you in a daily Readiness score). The Gen3 version even uses this data to estimate when you might be getting sick and when women can expect to get their period,” adds Mind Body Green.

If you can’t imagine what more it could offer, the charge can last for up to a week! “The battery lasts for 4 to 7 days, which is an above-average battery life compared to other trackers,” points out Sleep Foundation.

2. Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

For those who don’t want a wearable no matter how small it is, Withings Sleep can track your sleep in a non-invasive way. “The low profile of the Withings Sleep allows it to unobtrusively collect data on your sleep experience from underneath your mattress. Sensors in the device detect heart rate, breathing, and movement. This data is processed to produce reports on your sleep cycle, heart rate, and breathing, with an overall sleep score,” explains Sleep Foundation.

 Withings Sleep Tracking Pad
Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

It also unique features to detect changes that happen in the middle of the night that may be indicative of a more serious health concern. “The device also detects snoring and interruptions in breathing. It is designed to look for some of the signs of sleep apnea. Paired with the app, the Withings Sleep assesses cardiac and thoracic activity that may be indicative of the condition. This could help you identify if this is a potential issue to address with your doctor,” writes Sleep Foundation.

3. FitBit Sense

FitBit is well-known as a watch brand for monitoring health metrics during the day, but it also has several watches that work well for monitoring sleep patterns as well, one being the Sense.

FitBit Sense
FitBit Sense

“Fitbit Sleep Stages ensure that you can get a daily look at your light, deep, REM and awake times, and you can still check in on how your night compares to the last month and other people your age,” says Wareable.

The app that the watch connects to can also analyze your data and provide you with information that you may find useful, along with other features. “The sleep app offers personalized recommendations to improve your sleep quality, and the watch has a smart alarm that wakes you up at the optimal time each morning,” adds Healthline.

4. Kokoon NightBuds

These thin, lightweight, and comfortable earbuds let you play your own music to help you fall asleep. “They’re also impressively comfortable, with a slimline design and squidgy silicone build making them comfy even for side-sleepers,” points out Tech Advisor.

Kokoon NightBuds
Kokoon NightBuds

The unique music selections help suit your preferences and promote high-quality sleep. “A slew of advanced features help the Kokoon Nightbuds stand out from other earbuds and headphones designed for sleeping. For one, the Nightbuds offer both noise-masking and noise-blocking. You can choose from an extensive library of ambient and nature programs, relaxing music, and white noise designed to mask distracting sounds outside of your sleep space. The earbuds also have a tight yet comfortable seal to block noise,” adds Sleep Foundation.

5. FitBit Inspire 3

The Inspire 3 is a solid choice out of the FitBit brand, featuring a sleek design and band that keeps you from being uncomfortable while wearing it to bed. “The Fitbit Inspire 3 appeals more to the casual get-fit user. Users will love the stylish redesign, 1in colour display,  interchangeable wristbands, updated fitness tracking via the new Sp02 monitor, and 10-day battery life,” describes Tech Advisor.

FitBit Inspire 3
FitBit Inspire 3

Compared to the Sense and other wearable trackers, this one is mainly just for following your sleep. “If you’re just looking to keep an eye on your sleep and are less concerned with exercise tracking, this is a great entry point option for you,” mentions Mind Body Green.

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