A mother changing her baby’s diaper

A mother changing her baby's diaper (Photo by wavebreakmedia on Shutterstock)

With countless brands vying for the title of “best” diaper, the criteria has expanded over the years to more than just preventing leaks. New parents now consider things like comfort, eco-friendliness, and skin sensitivity, and companies are responding. But which diapers deliver on their promises? StudyFinds has done the work to find the best baby diapers, so parents don’t have to.

With all the research that comes with being a new parent, we decided to make it a little easier for you with this list. We explored the leading options in the diaper market, and have compiled a list of the top five best baby diaper brands out there according to reviews across nine expert sources. Do you diaper your baby with one you love that’s not on our list? Let us know in the comments below.

A happy baby
A happy baby (Photo by Walaa Khaleel on Unsplash)

The List: Best Baby Diapers, According to Experts

1. Huggies

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers
Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers

Want a diaper that doesn’t leak and (ahem) contains poopy explosions? Huggies ranks as the top pick in both categories by most reviewers. Finding the right diaper can feel like searching for the holy grail – especially for new parents. But fret no more! Forbes put Huggies Little Snugglers (for younger babies) and Huggies Little Movers (for older babies and toddlers) to the test and found them to be top-notch for all kids, ranging from newborns to preschoolers. Forbes says Huggies kept blowouts at bay with nearly 100% success (with just one sneak attack!). No leaks overnight, for either little ones or active toddlers – that’s a win for everyone!

Parents in the What to Expect community rave about the fit of Huggies diapers. They say they hug those little curves perfectly, preventing leaks and blowouts. And because they’re extra stretchy, especially around the legs, they move with your baby, not against them.

Milk Drunk by Bobbie says Huggies are the ultimate diaper for the most active babies. The soft waistband and leg bands won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin, but they’re secure enough to stay put through crawling, scooting, walking, or gym time! Plus, the double-grip velcro closure adds an extra layer of defense against leaks and disasters.

So ditch the diaper drama and give Huggies a try! Your baby will be comfortable and leak-free, and you can finally get some peace of mind (and maybe even some sleep!).

2. Hello Bello

Hello Bello Newborn Diapers
Hello Bello Newborn Diapers

This brand, founded by celeb couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd, is wonderful if your baby has sensitive skin. Finding diapers that are both gentle on your baby’s skin and kind to the planet can feel like a challenge. But fear not! Hello Bello diapers are your perfect match, according to Milk Drunk by Bobbie. Made with plant-powered goodness, they’re free of all the nasties like artificial fragrances, latex, lotions, parabens, and chlorine. This makes them a dream for babies with sensitive skin – many parents say Hello Bello keeps their little one’s bums breakout-free and rash-free, all while feeling as soft and luxurious as pricier brands.

Hello Bello goes beyond gentle – they’re also eco-conscious, as Mom Junction points out. Their diapers are crafted with a plant-based core and sustainably sourced pulp, making them a win for both your baby and the environment. Plus, they take the crown for stretchiest diaper, so active little ones can move and groove without leaks.

Baby Chick says Hello Bello is a crowd-pleaser for a whole other reason: adorable prints! They offer a variety of designs and convenient bundling options, so you can stock up on diapers, wipes, and other Hello Bello goodies all at once. Plus, their user-friendly ordering process makes getting exactly what you need a breeze. 

3. Honest Company

Honest Newborn Diapers
Honest Newborn Diapers

Keeping your little one leak-free can feel like a constant battle. But the Honest Company diapers might be your knight in shining armor! They claim their diapers can hold a whopping 17 times their weight, and according to What to Expect‘s Shelly Gingrich, they deliver on that promise. She says her daughter rarely (if ever!) leaks while wearing Honest diapers, even through the night. Bonus points – they’re gentle on sensitive skin and don’t have that strong diaper odor.

Honest Company diapers are about more than just leak protection, says Baby List. They’re eco-conscious, made with plant-based materials, and free of harsh chemicals like latex, chlorine processing, and fragrances. Plus, they come in the cutest prints – who knew diapers could be stylish? 

Softness, comfort, and adorable designs – that’s the winning trifecta for Honest diapers, according to Baby Chick. Parents love how gentle they are on their little one’s skin, and babies (well, maybe not the babies themselves but definitely the parents!) love the fun prints. Honest Company also offers flexible subscription options, so you can get exactly what you need, delivered right to your door. 

4. Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature Diapers Size 1-2
Kirkland Signature Diapers Size 1-2

Finding a diaper that’s both budget-friendly and effective can feel like finding a unicorn. But look no further than the Kirkland Signature Diapers at Costco! Babygear Lab awards them the title of “Best Overall” disposable diaper, thanks to their impressive absorbency, leak protection, and of course, the unbeatable price tag. While they might not win any eco-conscious awards, your wallet will definitely thank you for their high performance at a lower cost.

What to Expect‘s Associate Commerce Director Leah Rocketto says the quality is on par with name brands like Huggies, but at a fraction of the price. She claims she couldn’t tell the difference between the two in a blind test! She also loves that these diapers are thick, absorbent, and have a stretchier waistband for a comfortable fit.

Parents on Babylist consistently rave about these diapers. They’re fragrance-free and even have a wetness indicator to let you know when it’s time for a change. Plus, you can buy them online without a Costco membership, but be prepared for a higher price tag without a membership – joining Costco might be worth it to score these amazing diapers at the best price!

5. Dyper

Trying to be a good parent and a good citizen of the planet can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to diapers. But Dyper diapers might be your answer to eco-conscious diapering bliss! What to Expect says these diapers are where sustainability meets convenience. They’re made from plant-based materials that are gentle on your baby’s skin and free of lotions, perfumes, and parabens. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic and unprinted, making them perfect for sensitive little tushies.

Dyper doesn’t stop at just being gentle – they’re champions for the environment too. Baby Chick says parents love their commitment to sustainability. The diapers themselves are crafted from bamboo viscose, a naturally renewable resource. But the eco-goodness doesn’t end there. Dyper offers a Redyper program where you can send your dirty diapers back to be professionally composted – how cool is that?

Speaking of cool, Milk Drunk By Bobbie says Dyper diapers are winners in the comfort department. The bamboo viscose interior and exterior are soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, and they’re dermatologist-tested and approved. No fragrance, no prints, just pure comfort for your little one. So ditch the landfill-bound diapers and embrace Dyper – your baby’s bumm, and the planet, will thank you!


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