Best Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream: Top 5 Iconic Flavors Most Loved By Experts

Sometimes you should eat dessert first. Like now. Right now. Because we’ve found a consensus among ice cream experts (yes, they’re a thing) on the very best Ben & Jerry’s flavors. Period. But not end of story … Ben & Jerry’s is beloved for fun and funny combinations that can keep you guessing which to try. That’s why we went on a search for the tastiest spoonfuls you can get. Lucky for you, reviewers (who tested the ice creams and the limits of Lactaid) rated the best from the brand.

And this is kind of a big deal because according to a survey, seven out of 10 Americans admit to having ice cream in their freezers at all times. And 82 percent said that ice cream is their favorite dessert. Even those with lactose intolerance indulge in the sweet treat, swiping up dairy-free alternatives. Ben & Jerry’s has those, too, so if you’re out of Lactaid or you’re a vegan, fear not. We can still all collectively scream for ice cream.

Something Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t have though is melt-free technology. Unless they’ve been keeping that under wraps? But maybe one day they will add it to their formulas because science has already invented it! Ice cream that doesn’t melt quickly on a hot day is possible thanks to a secret ingredient: banana plant waste. Not sure that’s the Chunky Monkey flavor we were looking for … But the pros of this breakthrough are that your ice cream will last longer, be creamier and potentially even healthier. 

But since we’re still in the safe zone before every flavor has a banana waste undertone, you should know the classic flavors still reign as childhood favorites. A poll revealed 32 percent preferred chocolate, 31 percent chose vanilla (you were THIS close to beating chocolate, vanilla), and 29 percent went for strawberry. Fast-forward to now and you’ve got a lot more options, so you may want some help deciphering your next favorite. 

Here’s where the experts come in! We searched 10 websites to find the five best Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors most beloved by the so-called experts. Warning: Your taste buds may never settle for plain chocolate, vanilla or strawberry again. Ready to eat? Grab your spoon, and let’s dig into the list of pints with rave reviews.  

The List: Top 5 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors Recommended By Experts

1. Half Baked

“Year after year, Half Baked reigns supreme over the ice cream aisle. Is it the fudge brownies and cookie dough chunks that bring fans back time after time? Yes, it absolutely is,” according to Ben & Jerry’s themselves. 

Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream

And Parade is willing to fight for this flavor ranking in the top spot, writing, “Half Baked is the best Ben and Jerry’s flavor — fight us on it! But in all seriousness, this is actually relatively factual as two years in a row — 2020 and 2021 — Half Baked has taken home the #1 spot as best-selling Ben and Jerry’s flavor. We don’t know if it’s the gobs of chocolate, cookie dough, or fudge brownie or the fact that this beloved flavor features both chocolate and vanilla ice creams. Whatever it is that keeps this flavor coming in the first place, though, is total ice cream magic.” 

2. The Tonight Dough

Oh, Jimmy Fallon. This may be the best thing you’ve ever done, if you ask Thrillist: “When I tried the (gruesomely punny) Tonight Dough, I realized that the amalgamation of caramel and chocolate ice cream, with chocolate cookie swirls, chocolate chip cookie dough, and peanut butter cookie dough was simply the best of Ben & Jerry’s, in one consolidated pint. This is Ben & Jerry’s, encapsulated. How did the grinning mug of The Tonight Show host get lucky enough to grace this batch of frozen excellence and pure imagination? At any rate, it may be the best thing Jimmy has ever done. And right now, it’s also the best thing Ben & Jerry’s has ever done.” 

Let’s Eat Cake is also all for eating this ice cream, too, saying, “Occasionally, you might have too much of a good thing. This is not one of those cases. With two different flavors of ice cream, a cookie swirl, and two different types of cookie dough, The Tonight Dough went big, went home, and was more entertaining than Jimmy Fallon each time. Cookie dough is usually a welcome addition to ice cream, but leveling it up with peanut butter? Iconic.”

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream The Tonight Dough
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream The Tonight Dough

3. Cherry Garcia 

This flavor is the cherry on top! “The flavor debuted in 1987 and is one of the brand’s top three most popular flavors … and the mix of cherry ice cream, whole cherries, and fudge flakes is available in grocery stores everywhere,” Delish writes. 

Restaurant Clicks recommends it as a snack even: “Named in honor of the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia, this fruity flavor is the perfect snack when you’re looking for something sweet. The creamy cherry ice cream base is made even more delicious with a combination of large cherry pieces and fudge flakes. As one of the most iconic and well-known flavors, Cherry Garcia is worth a try for anyone in the mood for a lighter, fruity option.” 

Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Cherry Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Cherry Ice Cream

4. Americone Dream

Another night show flavor earned a top spot!

YardBarker wasn’t so sure it would be a hit, but was (happily) proved wrong: “When we heard Ben & Jerry’s was releasing a Stephen Colbert-themed ice cream, we were skeptical. When we heard it contained fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl, we were intrigued, but still skeptical of the final product. But the first time we tried it, we were in love. The caramel is thick, and so is the chocolate, which so completely encases the waffle cone pieces that they manage to stay crispy. Colbert is king!” 

UrbanMatter thinks this ice cream is a dream come true: “Fudge-covered waffle cones, caramel swirl, vanilla ice cream, and proceeds going to The Stephen Colbert AmeriCone Dream Fund? I mean, does it get better than this? Americone Dream is the elite of the elite when it comes to Ben & Jerry’s flavors and that will never change.” 

Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream Vanilla Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream Vanilla Ice Cream

5. Phish Food

The popular jam band Phish may be an acquired taste, but this ice cream flavor certainly isn’t. 

“Chocolate ice cream with fudge fish, marshmallow, and caramel mixed in. Holding true to its Vermont roots, Phish Food has been a beloved Ben & Jerry’s flavor since it was launched in collaboration with the eponymous band in 1997. While Ben & Jerry’s has introduced a number of celebrity flavors in recent years to mixed reviews, this classic continues to be a favorite among fans, including our expert,” Finance Buzz writes.

Eat This, Not That! definitely says to eat this one: “Here, gooey marshmallow swirls, caramel swirls, and fudge fish are mixed into chocolate ice cream. One taster said this flavor was their favorite, raving that they are ‘a big fan of the caramel and marshmallow combination.’ Overall, the complexity of tasting caramel and marshmallow together along with the sudden crunch of the little chocolate fish makes for an unforgettable pint. And once you try Phish Food, you’ll understand!” 

Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Chocolate Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food Chocolate Ice Cream

Is there a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor that’s your favorite? Tell us all the ooey gooey details in the comments!


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  1. I love americone dreams ice cream
    It’s my favorite one
    Cheery Garcia ice cream is also my favorite
    Like the brownie fudge ice cream
    I like the minty mint

    Want to try more but some stores don’t have your new ice cream.

  2. This article is sponsored by Ben and Jerry’s and the Insulin Producers of America.

    We have a diabetes epidemic in this country. Promoting ice cream and bagels should be criminal. They might as well be promoting cigarettes and asbestos.

  3. My favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is the fudge brownie and or the fudge brownie core. I absolutely love that even though it’s mixing ice cream to the brownies don’t become smooshy they’re still firm and with the fudge brownie core I like the giant chocolate center almost like chocolate frosting so to speak the only thing I do not like about the core is it has vanilla ice cream and I do not like vanilla ice cream so if they do not have the regular fudge brownie I have to get that one even though I don’t like it as much I just will eat the chocolate and the brownie parts and throw the vanilla away

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