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It can be beyond maddening to wake up in the morning with puffy eyes, especially if you have an important event or meeting later in the day. Under-eye bags can make you look tired, even when you’re full of energy. Common causes of eye puffiness include fluid retention, allergies, and lack of sleep. That’s why beauty experts say you should keep a caffeinated eye cream on hand to take the puffiness away. Caffeine, a natural vasoconstrictor, helps diminish the visibility of dark circles by reducing blood vessel size under the skin. Its diuretic properties aid in decreasing puffiness by expelling excess fluid. Caffeine’s antioxidant properties shield the delicate skin from free radicals, offering protection from environmental stressors. Together, these benefits make caffeine an effective ingredient in rejuvenating and revitalizing the under-eye area. With many different concoctions for sale, which are the best caffeinated eye cream reigns supreme most recommended by beauty experts?

The appearance of bags under the eyes can be a source of insecurity for many. This condition, often associated with fatigue, aging, or genetics, can make people self-conscious. One recent study found more than half of women acknowledged that their skin insecurities prompted them to cover up their bodies (55%). The top skincare concerns that women struggle with are combination skin (31%), dry skin (29%), and wrinkles (28%). That’s why 68 percent try to take preventative care of their skin before experiencing noticeable trauma such as sunburns or stretch marks.

While caffeine in contemporary eye creams might seem like a recent innovation, its roots in skincare trace back to age-old beauty rituals and traditions, underscoring its time-tested benefits. With so many choices on the market, which caffeine-infused eye cream will work the fastest? We’ve curated a selection of the top 7 caffeinated eye creams most recommended across 10 expert lists, standing out for their exceptional results and rave reviews. Is your favorite eye rejuvenation cream missing?  Let us know in the comments below.

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The List: Best Caffeinated Eye Creams, According to Beauty Experts


1. The Inkey List Caffeine Eye Cream

Besides the wallet-friendly price point, Dermatologist Dr. David Kim told Cosmopolitan he loves this caffeine-packed eye cream for its lightweight texture and cooling feel. “The formula is excellent at reducing under-eye bags and puffiness and, thanks to the addition of a peptide called Matrixyl 3000, it can even help minimize fine lines around the eyes too.”

“This relatively new eye cream is quite a bit easier on your wallet and can offer dependable results, especially when paired with your morning skin-care routine,” writes Southern Living. “Caffeine and age-targeting peptides are like two cups of coffee for any under-eye concerns. (Plus, Reese Witherspoon swears by it.)”

The INKEY List Caffeine Eye Cream
The INKEY List Caffeine Eye Cream

Us Weekly states, “This product is a hit with the young and old, targeting both pesky eye circles and long-term eye puffiness with a gentle yet effective blend. This product contains a gentle concentration of caffeine at 0.3%. This makes the product great for repeated use and for people with any caffeine sensitivities.”

2. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Byrdie rates this as the best-caffeinated eye cream for puffiness. “If you want bang for your buck, this clean formula from 100% Pure is your best bet: At one ounce, it’s the largest bottle of eye cream on this list. The three forms of caffeine come from natural ingredients—coffee and green tea extracts—to seriously depuff, while vitamin C helps brighten and rosehip oil works to moisturize and nourish dry skin.”

“100% Pure’s Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream sources its main ingredient from both coffee and green tea, making it extra concentrated,” says Harper’s Bazaar. “Its formula also nicely includes rosehip oil to keep skin supple and nourished.” One satisfied customer wrote, “This has been one of my favorite staple products for so many years. I can’t ever be without it! Love the smell so much and the tightening effect, so it’s amazing how quickly you see firming results. I also love the glowy bright effect it gives while wearing. My favorite thing to use on the go traveling or when my under eyes look puffy with bags. One of the few products I will consistently always repurchase, thank you!!!”

100% PURE Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream Refresh & Hydrate Under Eye Treatment
100% PURE Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream Refresh & Hydrate Under Eye Treatment

Rated best for skin hydration, StyleCraze writes, “This lightweight cream is enriched with Matrixyl 3000, a peptide that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in skin tightening. Caffeine reduces the puffiness around your eyes. This eye cream is suitable for normal, dry, combination, and oily skin types.”

3. Mario Badescu Caffeine Eye Cream

You will have this jar of cream for a while. Harper’s Bazaar says, “You only need to use a small amount of Mario Badescu’s Caffeine Eye Cream each day to seamlessly reduce puffiness and wrinkles. As a bonus, it also contains squalane and jojoba oil to keep dry under-eyes moisturized.”  One customer writes, “I noticed a difference by the 3rd night. I plan on rebuying when I run out but the jar is quite a good size and only a little is needed. So I’ll be good for a while!”

“This product is another great choice for people looking to avoid products with oil as well as satisfying the needs of vegans and people sensitive to parabens and fragrances,” writes Us Weekly. “It’s a hit for under-eye circles and parched skin.”

Mario Badescu Caffeine Eye Cream for All Skin Types
Mario Badescu Caffeine Eye Cream for All Skin Types

Southern Living adds, “A favorite affordable skin-care brand, Mario Badescu recently launched this sister product to its shopper-loved hyaluronic acid eye cream. This one is designed with a little more pick-me-up behind it to rejuvenate and refresh your eye area.”

4. SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex

This product is great for older, drier skin. Dermatologist Dr. Cory Hartman tells Byrdie, “It’s been a hero product for years. It is an intensely moisturizing cream that contains prosylane and blueberry extract to pack an antioxidant punch as it combats puffiness and dryness.”  Hartman also says, “This rich formula almost has a balmy texture, delivering relief from dryness while plumping up fine lines. It also adds a bit of luminosity under the eyes to instantly combat the look of dark circles.”

According to the editor at Who What Wear, “While this SkinCeuticals eye cream is definitely a bit pricier than other options on this list, I can vouch for its effectiveness. It has a thick balm-like texture that improves the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, and crow’s feet typically associated with advanced glycation in the skin. Peptides, Pro-Xylane, blueberry extract, and caffeine add radiance to tired eyes.”

A.G.E. Advanced Eye Cream
A.G.E. Advanced Eye Cream (Credit: Skinceuticals)

“Optical diffusers minimize the appearance of dark circles,” adds Harper’s Bazaar. “Proxylane and blueberry extract support and fortify the skin matrix and restore water to dehydrated under-eye skin to plump and diminish fine lines.”

5. ILIA Bright Start Activated Eye Cream

What if you could feel the eye cream working? That’s exactly what Good Housekeeping beauty editor Fleur Fruzza says, “Aside from the fact that I can both feel and see this light-reflecting cream tightening and brightening my eye area, I love the fact that the application is a two-step process. Some eye creams with incorporated applicators disperse the product directly onto it, which I find can get messy. This one, however, cleverly dispenses the cream from behind the applicator, meaning that when you use the cooling, rounded ceramic side, it isn’t left with residual product on it. A real pleasure to use.”

“As the name suggests, this eye cream adds a touch of brightness to your morning eyes, so you kick off your day looking awake and full of life,” writes Elle. “It’s slightly tinted but dries down clear, and is designed with a cooling tip that helps glide the product under the eyes to keep the pressure controlled.”

ILIA - Plant-Based Bright Start Activated Eye Cream
ILIA – Plant-Based Bright Start Activated Eye Cream

Harper’s Bizarre gave this creme a 2023 Bazaar Skincare Award, stating, “It’s a favorite among editors (myself included) for reducing puffiness and fine lines, and provides the perfect pre-concealer skin prep.”

6. BeautyStat C Eye Perfector Dark Circle Reducing Vitamin C Eye Cream

One tester told Cosmopolitan, “I cannot say enough wonderful things about this product. It sounds cheesy, but it’s changed my life. I’ve been using it twice a day for just over a week. Even during that short time, the difference in the skin in my under eye area is really noticeable.”

“It’s formulated by a long-time cosmetic chemist (you know, the people responsible for making our skincare products actually work), Ron Robinson, the brain behind the now-iconic Universal C Skin Refiner,” states Byrdie. “This iteration for eyes uses 5 percent pure vitamin C to protect against free radical damage while promoting a firmer, smoother eye area. Caffeine is combined with magnolia and hemp oil to wake up and depuff, soothe, and nourish. The formula also features a dose of epigallocatechin gallate, a derivative of green tea.”

BeautyStat Universal C Eye Perfector
BeautyStat Universal C Eye Perfector
Good Housekeeping writes, “If you love BeautyStat’s Universal C Skin Refiner, you’ll also love this eye cream. It contains a patented stable formula of vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties that calm, revitalize, and reduce puffiness.”

7. Sunday Riley Autocorrect Eye Cream

Dermatologist Dr. Brendan Camp told Who What Wear, “Caffeine and other ingredients work to make the skin around the eyes appear brighter and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.”

Byrdie writes, “If you’re looking for something that instantly counteracts dark circles but isn’t glittery, check out this formula from Sunday Riley. It’s got a subtle pearlescence that helps neutralize darkness under the eyes while stimulating circulation with caffeine, ginseng, and horse chestnut.”

Sunday Riley Auto Correct Eye Cream
Sunday Riley Auto Correct Eye Cream

“Leave all your troubles to this handy cream from Sunday Riley,” according to Elle. “Using caffeine and Brazilian ginseng root extract, this cream depuffs, plumps, and brightens dull, dark circles. After a few uses, eyes are reenergized and youthful.”

Why Caffeine Makes Eye Cream More Effective

So what makes caffeine such an important ingredient in eye cream? Earlier, we mentioned how effective it is as a beauty supplement. Let’s break down its benefits:

Reducing puffiness:

  • Vasoconstriction: Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it narrows blood vessels. This can help to reduce puffiness under the eyes by temporarily shrinking swollen blood vessels.
  • Diuretic effect: Caffeine also has a mild diuretic effect, which means it can help to reduce fluid retention. This can further contribute to de-puffing the under-eye area.

Improving circulation:

  • Increased blood flow: Caffeine can stimulate circulation, which can help to improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the delicate skin under the eyes. This can lead to a brighter, more refreshed appearance.

Addressing dark circles:

  • Breakdown of excess pigment: Some studies suggest that caffeine may help to break down excess pigment that can contribute to dark circles.
  • Reduced inflammation: Caffeine has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe the under-eye area and reduce redness and hyperpigmentation.

Overall, the combination of these effects can make eye creams containing caffeine more effective at addressing common under-eye concerns like puffiness, dark circles, and fatigue. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of caffeine in eye creams can vary depending on the individual and the specific formulation of the product. Other ingredients in the eye cream, such as antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, can also play a role in its overall effectiveness.

Be sure to consult your doctor or dermatologist before trying any skin treatments.

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