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Jack Black has a multifaceted career, achieving success in both music and acting. He possesses a wicked sense of humor, endearing qualities, and a charming personality that has made a name for himself in action movies, comedic family films, dramas, and, of course, unforgettable comedies. StudyFinds did the research, consulting eight pop culture and movie review sites to bring you a consensus list of the best Jack Black movies. Our list comprises the seven most frequently listed films. Think we missed one of the actor’s greatest films? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

The List: Best Jack Black Movies, According to Expert Sites

1. “King Kong” (2005)

"King Kong" (2005)
“King Kong” (2005)

Whether you’re “team King Kong” or “team Godzilla,” Peter Jackson’s rendition of the film will stand as the best since the original 1933 version and Jack Black was lucky to be a part of the action. The Manual admits that “Black’s wit and delivery during tense moments of the film helped grant levity to a 3-hour runtime.”

Black plays Carl Denham, an overly ambitious film director who will do whatever it takes to capture footage of King Kong along with the other monsters of Skull Island. The Richest calls Denham fame hungry.

In this performance, Black diverges from his typical comedic style. Still, the film highlights his ability to command the screen in a major blockbuster production. Slash Film tells us that Black was interested because he was dying to work with director Peter Jackson.

2. “School of Rock” (2003)

"School of Rock" (2003)
“School of Rock” (2003)

Finally Black pays a role channeling his real life “rock star.” He plays low life Dewey Finn, who dreams of being a, not so real life, rock star. As a sub teacher, he impressively, and graciously, pulls out the musical capabilities of his students. Miranda Cosgrove and Joan Cusack co-star in this one, according to The Manual.

Dewey’s discovery of their hidden musical talents inspires him to transform them into a pint-sized music group and enter them into a local Battle of the Bands. He was so convincing that it inspired a whole chain of businesses catering to young people who wanted to learn how to be badass musicians. A hilarious crowd-pleaser, according to IGN.

Many say that this film encompasses all of Black’s performing talents, from comedy to music, as he goes from slacker to substitute teacher. Black’s character deceivingly accepts the job, which results in a strong impact on students, and vice versa. Slash Film coins it “one of the finest offerings of Black’s career so far.”

3. “High Fidelity” (2000)

Typically you think of John Cusack in “High Fidelity” as it is a classic movie of his. But Black holds strong as an authentic music lover who is always offering his knowledge. The Manual explains the plot, “Black tries to help Cusack’s character, Rob Gordon, analyze the reasons why he simply can’t maintain a successful relationship with a woman.”

“High Fidelity” is a film with tired expressions of love. The acting and humor follow it through to the end with flying colors! Slash Film points out that as soon as Black enters the scene, air-guitaring his way into Rob’s record store, “his comedic star power is immediately apparent for all to see.”

Following a string of memorable parts in major motion pictures such as “Waterworld,” “The Cable Guy,” “Dead Man Walking,” and even a cameo in “Bio-Dome” for “Tenacious D,” Jack Black saw a surge of recognition for his portrayal of the prickly record shop employee and music snob Barry in Stephen Frears’ film. IGN hails it as a big movie stepping stone.

4. “Kung Fu Panda” (2008)

"Kung Fu Panda" Movie Set
“Kung Fu Panda” Movie Set

With his exuberant range of vocal inflections, Black was born to be the voice in an animated film. And in this one, Black plays the main character, Panda Po. The Manual says it is the “type of film that makes you feel good about family and friends and overcoming all odds to achieve success.”

Po is a giant panda who trains to become the Dragon Warrior. Other actors who voice Po’s friends in the franchise are Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, and Seth Rogan. The film earned nominations for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for “Best Animated Film,” according to The Richest.

Black resonated as Po in this CGI animated film so much that it continued into three sequels. After a couple supporting roles in animated film, finally Black landed a main role. Slash Film calls it a beautifully animated feature film by Dreamworks.

5. “Orange County” (2002)

"Orange County" (2002)
“Orange County” (2002)

Black plays the costar in this comedy as Colin Hank’s character’s brother. He plays the goofball you would imagine him to play, even if it is in his underwear, according to The Manual.

The movie’s star-studded ensemble, which includes John Lithgow, Catherine O’Hara, and Ben Stiller, had some effect on its success too. Another fun fact is that the future creator of “The White Lotus,” Mike White, wrote the movie. Black “pumped his red-hot emerging star status into a small college-set comedy,” according to Slash Film. As Hank’s character seeks a more mature crowd at Stanford University, he is met with the social satire and goofiness of Black. EW coins it his “wild man phase.”

6. “Goosebumps” (2015)

"Goosebumps" 1 + 2 set
“Goosebumps” 1 + 2 set

“Goosebumps” is one of the most popular teen horror series by R.L. Stine. When they decided to put it on the big screen, they cast Black as a fictional Stine who tries to wrangle escaped monsters. The Manual says it is a family movie for those who want a touch of horror mixed in with humor that only Black can serve up.

In this movie, Black doubles his performance as the voice of Slappy, the ventriloquist puppet, furthering proof that he is a “Jack” of all trades. “Each role provides this versatile star with plenty of fuel for his comedy fire,” according to Slash Film.

7. “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (2017)

"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" (2017)
“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (2017)

Who would have thought a reprise of the classic 1995 film could be successful? This one was with the help of Black and his costars Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. This twisted plot has Jack Black playing a teenage girl who is stuck in a middle-aged man’s body. Talk about acting! The Manual says Black is equally funny in the sequel, “Jumanji: The Next Level.”

Like the original, the characters are transported into a fantastical game, but this time it is a video game. The Richest says it was a “resounding box office success,” earning $995 million worldwide at the box office.

Jack Black’s Career Outside of Acting:


  • Tenacious D: This is arguably Jack Black’s most well-known musical project. Formed in 1994 with Kyle Gass, Tenacious D is a comedic rock duo known for their energetic live performances and humorous songs. They’ve released four albums, including the critically acclaimed “The Pick of Destiny” (2006).
  • Other Musical Endeavors: Black has also contributed his musical talents to various projects. He’s been a guest vocalist for other bands, appeared in music videos, and even voiced characters in animated musicals like “Kung Fu Panda” (2008).

His Awards and Recognition:

  • Emmy Award: Won for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on “Kohan with Sacha Baron Cohen” (2006)
  • Grammy Award: Won for Best Metal Performance with Tenacious D for the song “The Pick of Destiny” (2007)
  • Golden Globe Nominations: Three nominations, including Best Actor for “School of Rock” (2004)


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