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You don’t have to waste money at your local coffee house to get a great chai tea. Many store-bought varieties taste the same, if not better. While you will have to work to simmer the tea and spices, add the milk, and then sweeten it, you don’t have to leave the house, and it’s easier on your wallet. Chai tea originates from India and has become a popular base for various tea beverages, especially in Western countries, where the “chai latte” was born. To achieve a delicious cup at home, some of the best chai tea will do the trick from your favorite grocery store.

Drinking tea can do wonders for your overall health, but you’ll have to indulge often. According to new research, people who drink at least four mugs of black, green, or oolong varieties can help reduce the development of diabetes by 17 percent. Experts point out that while these benefits are significant, they should be part of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, make sure you’re not drinking four cups loaded with cream and sugar.

But, wait, there’s more! Drinking tea can also slash your risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure, help you live longer, and much more. So, if you start your day with a warm cup of tea, you may thank yourself later. Cheers!

In a typical grocery store, you’ll find various types of chai tea, including traditional tea bags, latte concentrate, loose leaf, and organic varieties. There’s also an instant mix that can be stirred into hot water or milk. But which make for the best chai tea? We ranked the top products you can find while food shopping. Did we miss a favorite? Let us know in the comments below.
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The List: Best Chai Tea Most Recommended by Experts


1. Stash Chai

“If you like anything cinnamon, this is definitely your cup of tea,” writes Steeped Dreams. “And it’s no wonder cinnamon is the dominant flavor, seeing that the ingredient list has cinnamon as the second main ingredient with ‘cinnamon flavor’ appearing again further down.”

Stash Chai
Stash Chai Tea Varieties

Taste of Home agrees, “‘This is a chai for cinnamon lovers, that’s for sure!’ says Test Kitchen’s Sarah Farmer. ‘A cup of this deep golden tea has a cinnamon-forward aroma and pleasant cinnamon flavor that lingers after each sip.'”

According to Mashed, “Many reviewers love this tea’s pleasantly spicy, cinnamon-heavy flavor and recommend enjoying it as-is. However, some customers feel that the spice blend is a little unbalanced and may not be best for those who aren’t cinnamon aficionados.”

2. The Chai Box All Chai’d Up

This once landed on Oprah’s Favorite Things! According to Full Coffee Roast, “If you are going to add milk, I recommend using soy or oat to heighten the malty and creamy texture! Adding a ginger slice or two can also do wonders for the spiciness of the drink.”

The Chai Box All Chai'd Up
The Chai Box All Chai’d Up

The Spruce Eats writes “The Chai Box ‘All Chai’d Up’ loose tea makes an inviting cup that is both tea-forward but still redolent with spices of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and clove with a touch of fennel sweetness and warm buff color using the stovetop method. You’ll keep coming back for more.”

According to The Cup of Life, “It’s a powerful, flavour-packed masala chai that is delicious whether you prepare it with the stovetop method or just steep in a cup.”

3. Blue Lotus

All you have to do is “add one-fourths of a teaspoon of hot water and milk and the powder will quickly dissolve, no tea infuser needed,” according to The Spruce Eats. “Every tin even comes with a small bamboo scoop to help you measure.”

Blue Lotus
Blue Lotus Traditional Masala Chai Tea

Mashed loves this powered version saying, “Powdered teas can sometimes be questionable in terms of quality, but Blue Lotus Chai offers options that are as delicious as they are convenient. This Oregon-based company has specialized in chai tea since 2010 and provides a limited selection of flavored blends, including mint, star anise, and even matcha chai. The teas come packaged in reusable three-ounce tins, each of which makes 100 cups of chai.”

According to Full Coffee Roast, “If ever you need a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day, Blue Lotus Chai’s Mint Masala provides an authentic masala chai that gives an electrifying cuppa. The tea is in powder form and consists of a combination of the usual organic spices plus nutmeg for an additional woody and nutty hint, black pepper for an extra spicy punch, and peppermint extract for a twist.”

4. Rishi Organic Masala Chai

If you like a punch of spicy chai, these sachets are for you! Rishi offers chai tea in both loose leaf and tea bag varieties. Taste of Home writes, “This cup of tea had the most kick of any brand we tried. According to our Test Kitchen’s Sarah Fischer, ‘This cup has a nice amount of spice.'”

Rishi Organic Masala Chai
Rishi Organic Masala Chai Loose Leaf Tea

“Rishi’s Organic Masala Chai comes in plastic-free, plant-based pyramid sachets, which are the best type of tea bag to maximize steeping and extract the full range of flavor from tea leaves,” according to Steeped Dreams. “The chai blend is more on the mellow end of the spice spectrum, giving a very earthy and almost-basil taste possibly due to the black pepper in the ingredient list. Steeped in a cup following the instructions, you can very much still taste the black tea, which isn’t overpowered by the spice.”

Mashed adds, “The brand’s Spicy Masala Chai is a certified organic loose-leaf tea with a bold combination of spices, including cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. However, this tea also includes dried chili flakes, which gives it an intense heat most other chai blends can’t match.”

5. Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Latte Mix

Taste of Home writes, “If you prefer chai that tastes a bit more like dessert than black tea, snag a box of Trader Joe’s Spiced Chai. This tea doesn’t deliver strong, spicy flavors. Instead, you’ll notice more subtle spices that harmonize with the dessert-like qualities. So put on the kettle and relax with a cup of this tea on a cold day. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a good book.”

Trader Joe's Spicy Chai Latte Mix
Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Latte Mix

According to Steeped Dreams, “This powder mix is heavier on the caramel, milky flavors and less intense on the spice. It’s a good chai latte powder to make a decadent, creamy treat, but less tantalizing for those looking for more spice than sweet. A bonus of chai powder mixes is that the milk is already included, so you just need to add water.”

Full Coffee Roast says, “Trader Joe’s Spiced Chai’s masterful blend of black tea and spices makes for a warm and savory cuppa that is best enjoyed iced, although serving it hot on a cold day will give you a comforting feeling.”

6. Tazo Classic Chai Latte

Steeped Dreams says this is a “wonderful stand-in for a chai latte direct from a coffee shop, with satisfying amounts of sweet and spice that are all consistently portioned for each cup…Our taste test found this to be the second sweetest chai latte with a nice tea-to-spice balance.”

Tazo Classic Chai Latte
Tazo Classic Chai Latte

According to Mashed, “When it comes to easily accessible chai tea, Tazo is a solid option. This brand offers several ways for customers to enjoy their favorite spiced tea, including bagged tea blends and pre-mixed concentrates for lattes. Although the concentrates are available in multiple flavors (including the ever-popular pumpkin spice), the Classic Chai Latte concentrate is the most versatile.”

Shelf Guide adds, “You can’t go wrong with this classic chai tea from Tazo. The flavor and smell are robust.”

7. The Original Concentrate by Oregon Chai

Mashed writes, “The Original Concentrate by Oregon Chai is a great grocery store find. It’s made from organic ingredients, is gently spiced, and includes a hint of vanilla for smoothness. Since it is pre-sweetened, tea lovers can add this concentrate to their favorite milk for an easy latte. Its mildly warm flavor makes it equally delicious hot or iced.”

The Original Concentrate by Oregon Chai
The Original Concentrate by Oregon Chai

“With this liquid chai, all you have to do is mix equal parts concentrate and milk for a quick and delicious drink,” according to The Spruce Eats. “It’s already sweetened with cane sugar syrup, vanilla extract, and honey, but you can always add more or less milk to adjust the flavor to your preference.”

According to Find This Best, “Customers love the sweet and mildly spiced flavor and appreciate the convenience of the concentrate.”

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